16 Ways to Benefit from Relaxation Music
Ideas for Living Balanced, Healthy and Stress-Free

Zap Stress with Deep Breathing



Sky-Blue Healing
Blue-Light Guided Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Simple Serenity
Navel Meditation

Finding Your Own Inner Power

Learn to Meditate in 10 Minutes

What is Meditation?

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation on the Go
Finding Time to Meditate When You Donít Have Time

Micro Meditations for Busy Days
Transforming Interruptions into Mindfulness

Waves of Healing
Ocean Meditation

Full Release
Water Meditation

Spiritual Journey
Music for Reiki and Meditation Vol 5


insomnia and sleep

16 Tips for Getting Good Sleep

10 Tips for Falling Asleep



The History of the Chakra System

Manifesting and Grounding

Healthy Chakras in Children

Healthy Chakras in Children, Part 2


zen mindfulness

Zen Commute
Discovering Ourselves In Traffic

Heights of Awareness
Highly Sensitive People

Fluid Like a River
Living Like Water



The Secret of Reiki



Fixing a Bad Day
Rescue Toolbox For Coping

Let Youself Be Carried
The Flow Of The Universe

The Words We Choose

The Healing Force of Trust

Suffering is Optional

Drunk with Wonder

Creating the Life You Want
Postive Thoughts and The Law of Attraction

Freedom from Within
Conquering Fear of the Unknown and Embracing Change


drumming and drum circles

Why I Go to Phoenix Fire

Stress Relief Through Shamanic Drumming



People Who Don't Get It
Compassion For All

Finding the Gift
Bad Days

The Healing Power of Inner Solitude

What is Energy Healing?

Feeling is Healing

Good Vibrations
Sound Healing



The Tarot in a Nutshell


global awakening

The Grand Synthesis

Greasing Our Way to the Future
Oil as an Adolescent Growth Hormone

The Curtain Rises
Excerpt from Waking the Global Heart - Humanity's Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love

What if Peace Broke Out

Bridge to the Future
Seven Principles for Personal and Planetary Healing


tantra and sacred sexuality

Tantric Harmonics
The Frequencies of Love

Shiva and Shakti - A Tantric Wedding


Spirituality and philosophy

The Nature of Knowing

We Are Pure Energy

The Evolution of Consciousness

The Harmony of Disharmony
Finding Peace Within Conflict

The 7 Steps of Prayer

Miraculous Journey
Connecting with Heaven and Earth


Shamanism and Shamanic Journeys

How to Take a Shamanic Journey

Shamanism: Seeing in the Dark

Shamanism - The Wisdom Way

A Soulful Cure
Working with a Shaman


Magickal Arts

Intent Focuses Energy



Understanding the Different Types of Yoga

How Yoga Helps Us


Sound Healing

Harmonizing with the Universe
The Benefits of Singing


New Age Music

New Age Music Relaxes the Mind

Emerging Forms of New Age Music
Pulse Magazine, July 1988