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Can you change your life by watching a meditation DVD? When you comnbine music and visuals in a nature DVD or a relaxation DVD, the result can be be a very powerful experiece, a whole new form of guided meditation. Sequoia DVDs combine music and visuals with the intention of creating relaxation and inner peace. These DVDs can be used as visual meditation, entertainment or for ambient visual art. You can see video samples of each of these DVDs by clicking on the one you are interested in below. When you get them home and watch them on your larger screen however, you can really experience the full effect. These multi-media DVDs are truly 21-century life-change programming. Check out the video samples on the links below to see for yourself. Sequoia will be expanding it's DVD selections soon - stay tuned for more.

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A visionary voyage into your innner world - This 28-minute, open-eyed meditation is a multi-sensory journey into the transformative beauty of the inner world. Follow Kundalini... Read More