Tantric Harmonics

The Frequencies of Love

by Sophia

Sound is a powerful vehicle for raising our vibrational frequency. Apparently, the vibrational frequency of our planet is increasing at a dramatic rate, as our solar system and galaxy are moving into a sector of higher light density. There is scientific validation for this statement, which goes beyond the scope of this article. However, if you will give this concept the benefit of the doubt, we can move into the topic of using sound to help us "ride the waves" of this increased energy.

I use the phrase Tantric Hamonics to encompass techniques of using sound to connect with a partner, and create a spiraling vortex of energy that increases love, healing and enlightenment. Tantra, in a simplified definition, is a path that integrates spirituality, sensuality, sexuality and love activating body, emotion, mind and spirit. That is saying a lot! I love Tantra as a philosophy because it honors all aspects of our being, including those that have been denied for too many years of our patriarchal history. The female body, the source of life and great pleasure, has been cast into scorn and darkness for too long. Tantra is here for us to redeem what has been suppressed and lost.

Of the many techniques of Tantric Harmonics I like to share with my students, here is one that is simple and deeply, joyfully effective. This one is particularly for a male and female to practice. Sitting in what is called a Yab-Yum position, where the man sits cross-legged, the woman astride him with her legs around his body, and, if possible, her feet touching behind him. If this is uncomfortable, one or both partners can sit on pillows facing each other, so that their spines are erect, with chakras (energy centers) aligned. Once in a comfortable position, it is traditional to put hands together in prayer position in front of the chest and bow the head, saying Namaste - the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you, and then join in an Om, considered to be the sound of the universe. Relaxing into a gentle hug, allow that sound to permeate your bodies.

Then, with heart centers, connected, begin reciprocal breathing, one partner breathing in as the other breathes out. You are working with the natural polarities between the male and female, increasing this spiral of energy. When this technique has become easy for you, you will begin to use sound with the breath. As the male partner breathes out, he focuses on his second chakra, what is called the Lingam or Wand ofLight, envisioning sending his energy of love and healing into the female's second chakra, her Yoni, or Sacred Space. He uses the sound "Ooo." At the same time, she is breathing in through her Yoni, and pulling that breath up to her heart chakra, where we like to say she has a "heart on." On her outbreath, she uses the sound "Ahh," and sends the sound along with her loving and healing vibration into the heart center of her male partner. He simultaneously breathes in and allows the sound and breath to reach back down into his sexual center. He then breathes out through the lingam with the sound Ooo as she breathes that in and up to her heart center and then out again with the sound Ahh. We are intensifying the natural circuit of polarity between male and female, and connecting our sexual energies with the heart.

A more advanced technique can be added after several minutes. Here we engage the 6th Chakra, or Third Eye center, with the sound Om - connecting the area between and above the eyes. Still using the reciprocal breathing, send the sound and energy of light, enlightenment, back and forth into the Third Eye. When, during this process, we decide to join our intentions to create a certain reality, this is known as Sex Magic.

When you both feel complete with these practices, feel free to lie down together, face to face, chakras aligned, and enjoy being close, kissing and caressing as you wish. Enjoy!

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