What People Are Saying

"This is the most peaceful music I have ever heard!" — Dora M. Hernandez

"I would like to say keep up the good work with your music. There has never been such an awesome sound and beat with New Age Music as I've heard from you two. I want to say thank you for bringing forth the sound and quality that you carry." — Elizabeth Ann Mladenka

"The most perfect music I have heard in my life!" — Denise Dvorak

"I am so happy to have found your fabulous series. I play them constantly. I have been playing them for well over one year and I just can't stop. You all have done a fantastic job." — Jim Russell

"I am sure that you get these messages a lot, but I just wanted to let you know that your music is truly speaks to my spirit and has really helped bring me back in touch with my ancestral roots, and strengthen my bond with the earth. Thank you for making beautiful music that touches minds, hearts, and souls of people. All of your CD's are a journey and have been apart of my life’s journey. Don't stop doing what your doing, keep on pushing. Your music has touched my life, as I am sure that it has touched others lives. May great peace and blessings be upon you." — Ahmad Lewis

"I really enjoy this music! It is gorgeous and never ceases to uplift my spirits!" — Ashleigh Morse

"This music really helps me to keep going." — Gene Yohannan

"Greatest music ever!" — Cole Burnsworth

"I was first exposed to your wonderful music at a Yogafit teacher training several years ago. I have purchased much of your music through Yogafit and use it daily in my classes. Thank you for creating such beautiful relaxing music." — Christine DeAmicis

"The world needs more of this music!" — Luna Gallery

"I am a clinical esthetician and my patients love your CD." — Pat Kaufman

"I can't tell you enough, how this music allows me to relax at work." - David Davis

"At last! I have been searching for your music since I purchased Sacred Earth Drums at the end of 1994. I wanted you to know how much it helped while I was in childbirth in August last year. My midwife said it was a pure joy to watch and made her realize just why it was she became a midwife, to be present during the delivery of a beautiful new soul into the world. I can't wait to purchase the rest of your material. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with the world." — Kia Ora, New Zealand

"I am a student at Columbia University in New York City. The music you guys put out is AMAZING and life changing!" — David Feidler, New York, NY

"Great music to study and work by — keep up the journey!" — John Latiolais

"Excellent! Where have you been all my life?" — Walter H. Wilbanks

"I have been an insomniac who dreaded going to bed all my life. I'm still an insomniac. But now I don't dread going to bed because I slip one of your CDs in my walkman and enjoy where it takes me until I feel sleepy (which can be a whole CD). The songs stay with me all day and become mantras that make each day fall into order and have helped me build my spiritual self-esteem. Thank you for your gift of music. It makes a big difference in my life." — Rebecca in Montana

"I LOVE this kind of music. I have had some many CD's that were kind of like this and so many song clips that gave just a moment of it, but the music that you guys have at Sequoia Records is the substance of the music that I love and that touches me most deeply. Thanks for being there." — Name withheld by request

"This music is truly captivating!" — Julia R. Redifer

"The music really clears your thoughts and opens the mind. It is very relaxing, but moving as well." — Tracie Vacula

"You guys are wonderful, and a blessing to have in the music world. I can't say enough what your CDs have done for our meditation group and my own meditative and stress reduction practices. Thank You." — Name withheld by request

"I was introduced to Garden of Serenity by a co-worker years ago and I loved it! I wore out two cassette tapes and when I found it on CD I was ecstatic. I'm your typical, mid-income, married, college educated woman in my 30's and I recommend this CD to most everyone who complains of being stressed out as there is something in the music and sounds that cannot help but relax you. Of course since then, I've gone on to buy a few other CD's by David & Steve Gordon (as well as Gary Stadler), but Garden of Serenity will always be my favorite. I just wanted to express my thanks to you, the artists, for creating such beauty that anyone can enjoy!" — Shanan

"This is some of the most soul-moving music I have ever listened to. It's the kind of music that can put my mind at ease no matter what state I'm in." — Theresa

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