Quantum Theta Waves: Binaural Beats Music for Meditation, Deep Relaxation & Healing Quantum Theta Waves
David & Steve Gordon

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Enter the Theta brainwaves state where your mind is at peace and your body is relaxed. Discover the key to effortless meditation, deep restorative sleep and total relaxation. David & Steve Gordon teamed up with top sound healing researcher Richard Merrill to create the most advanced Binaural Beats music download available. Using melodies from their most relaxing albums, they embedded Theta brainwave tones into the music in a new way that does not distract from the music. And for the first time in Binaural Beats music headphones are not required!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Relaxing Before Sleep - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 3:44
2. Serene & Effortless Meditation - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 4:54
3. Deeply Relaxed & Peaceful - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 2:44
4. Anxiety Calming & Soothing - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 3:07
5. Letting Go Into Tranquility - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 4:23
6. Falling Asleep With Ease - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 3:56
7. Waves of Relaxation - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 4:44
8. Shamanic Power Meditation - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 4:31
9. Relaxed & Quiet Mind - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 4:34
10. Free Flow of Ideas & Creativity - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 4:04
11. Meditation for Soothing Sleep - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 5:32
12. Drifting Into Deep Peace - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 5:23
13. Totally Relaxed & Calm - 6.1 Hz Theta Frequency 4:56
14. Inner Stillness & Tranquility - 6.8 Hz Theta Frequency 4:30

Release date: April 3, 2020

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