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Applying Binaural Beats and Tones to the Music
By Richard Merrill,

The goal of this project was to incorporate binaural beats and tones with music tracks created by David & Steve Gordon's Binaural Beats Research.

The beats and tones are designed to match different brainwave bands for different potential effects for the listener, depending on the nature of the music and the brainwave frequencies involved. We use Hz to stand for one vibration or cycle per second.

When we follow a musical rhythm or a beat with our attentions, our brain creates what’s called an auditory evoked potential, which can be measured over most of the brain. These evoked potentials, repeated in rhythm, create what we know as brainwaves. Click to read article


How Binaural Beats Music Works
By Richard Merrill,

Binaural Beats: you may have seen them and heard them, but nowhere have you experienced binaural beats as they are presented in these new recordings.

Hours of ambient music: rich, calm, energetic, created with the deep musicality of David & Steve Gordon's Binaural Beats Research, this music has been infused with binaural beats and isochronic tones that are mathematically and musically aligned with the music. The final result is a unique and incredible experience for your musical brain. Click to read article


New Brainwave Music series from David & Steve Gordon's
Binaural Beats Research

After 2 years of research and production, David & Steve Gordon's new Binaural Beats series of music is now available to stream on all major music services.

The Gordon's collaborated with Richard Merrill, research director of Songrest, one of the leading experts in the field of brainwave research. They teamed up to create the most advanced and effective binaural beats music possible.

Each Binaural Beats album has music, nature sounds, binaural beats and isochronic tones. Click to read article



Amo la Musica is a very popular web magazine in Italy. Their Facebook page has over 700,000 fans from around the world. They cover all genres of music from pop to rock to ambient. We were pleased to hear they wanted to... Click to read article


New Age Music World Interview
By John P. Olsen

John P. Olsen of the New Age Music World website, featured David & Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records. Click to read article


Music Design In Review Spotlight
Interview with Steve Gordon about the Chill Out Electronica Sub-Label, Sequoia Groove


The Changing Face of New Age
An Interview with Steve Gordon by Robert Phoenix for his 2009 article.


Jaya Lakshmi Music Design Spotlight

Jaya Lakshmi is featured in a spotlight of the magazine Music Design In Review. Learn about her background and development as she has become the leading female kirtan leaders today... Click to read article


Awareness Magazine Interview
Richard Shulman Interviews Steve Gordon

In November 2009, Richard Shulman writing for Awareness Magazine interviewed Sequoia Records recording artist, producer and co-founder, Steve Gordon, about about the intention behind their music, the Gordon's latest album Meditation Drum and about their new still developing acoustic Celtic folk project. Read the full interview with Steve Gordon here.


Where Drumming and Serenity Meet
Music Design In Review Interviews Steve Gordon

In August 2009, Dan Cowan from Music Design In Review interviewed Sequoia Records recording artist, producer and co-founder, Steve Gordon, about Meditation Drum, about the latest album from David & Steve Gordon, their interest in drumming and where Sequoia Records is heading next. Read the full interview with Steve Gordon here.


Sequoia Wins Big at the COVR Visionary Music Awards!

The COVR Visionary Music Awards were recently held on June 24th, 2009, and Sequoia Records
won four major awards —

• 2008 Record of the Year

Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon
Celtic Lounge III by Sequoia Artists

• 2008 Best World Album

Earth Drum`by David & Steve Gordon
Celtic Lounge III by Sequoia Artists

We are very proud of our winners! Click on the album titles above to sample songs from these excellent releases.

Sequoia Groove & the Chillout Phenomenon
Music Design In Review Interviews Steve Gordon

Music Design In Review recently interviewed Sequoia Records recording artist, producer and co-founder, Steve Gordon, about the new direction and continually expanding vision of Sequoia Records and Sequoia’s sub-label, Sequoia Groove, in addition to the label’s popular Buddha Lounge series and the emergence, growth and direction of downtempo/chill-out/lounge music. Here’s what Steve had to say……


David & Steve Gordon at # 4 on Top-20 Most Popular Artists in New Age Stores
According to New Age Retailer Magazine National Survey

New Age Retailer Magazine listed David & Steve Gordon as # 4 on the top-20 most popular recording artists among New Age music fans in their 2005 national survey, which also gives them the distinction of being the # 1 male artists in the New Age genre.


Music to Lull you to Sleep

Pillow Music: Natural Deep Sleep by David & Steve Gordon is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article "Music to Lull you to Sleep." It explores how music can help you sleep and some of the research that has been done. Check out the complete article.


Aura Magazine Interview - March 2008
Aura Magazine profiles Sequoia Records
Read the full interview here

Composition from the Heart: Music for Healing and Serenity
Science of Mind Magazine 2008

Healers around the world have always known that sound has the power to affect the body as well as the spirit. In ancient Greece, Apollo was the god of both music and medicine. Pythagoras taught his students that certain musical chords and melodies produce definite responses within the human body. In Egypt, healing with sound was more

Chants of a Lifetime
Interview with Sophia - Music Design In Review

Interview with Sophia in Music Design In Review Magazine. Musician and sound healer Sophia cements her role as one of today's most vibrant singers with SPIRIT HEALING CHANTS. Sophia has been making exquisite music dedicated toward peace and healing for over 40 years. Her sweet, pure voice is a natural fit for the illuminating material she sings, and the soft, multi-cultural rhythms she employs add a very appealing earthy sensibility to her music. She recently spoke with Music Design about her exciting new album SPIRIT HEALING CHANTS, and reflected on the breadth of her career. Read the full interview with Sophia here.

Into the Heart of Music - Sequoia Records Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Music to Balance Your Life - A Conversation with Steve Gordon

Brothers David and Steve Gordon spent a lot of time together playing music and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. They combined their love of music and reverence for the environment in creating a new kind of ambient music when one day they decided to record the natural sounds of the wilderness. In 1982 they founded Sequoia Records and have since earned a reputation as two of the most successful producers of albums in the new age music genre. Read the full interview here: Music to Balance Your Life... A Conversation with Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records

From the Roots of a Redwood
Sequoia Records co-founder Steve Gordon takes a looks back, and forth, in a silver-anniversary interview with New Age Retailer Magazine.

You’re hiking up a fern-lined trail alongside a sparkling mountain brook. The moss-cushioned top of an ancient tree stump invites you to sit — a perfect place to rest. Your brother settles on a flat, round rock at the brook’s edge, and the two of you naturally inhale and release one deep breath after another. The sweet air, bubbling waters, and birdcalls from the forest canopy lull you into an Eastern meditation. The frenetic city feels a million miles away. You’re both keenly aware of the embedded tempo, melodies, and percussive patterns in nature’s surround-sound symphony. It sounds like an improv jam: distant thunder are timpani drums, the birds’ songs are muted trumpet and vocal melodies, the splashing brook is rolling cymbal fill... read the full New Age Retailer interview with Steve Gordon here

Sequoia Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Their beginnings were simple. Fueled by a love for nature and a belief in the transformational power of music, brothers David and Steve Gordon began Sequoia Records 20 years ago with the release of Misty Forest Morning. Pioneering the use of environmental... Read the full interview article here.


Musical Healing with David and Steve Gordon

"Since the beginning of time, there have been Shamen (Medicine Men and Women) who journeyed into the spirit worlds in search of healing. ..."
Thus begins the liner notes of Sacred Earth Drums, the 1994 album by David and Steve Gordon. That album, and its 1996 sequel Sacred Spirit Drums, tell the story of a mythical shaman who undertakes a spirit-world journey to find healing - not only for his people, but for the entire earth. The story Read the full interview with Steve Gordon here.


Sequoia 20th Anniversary Interview in New Age Voice Magazine

What do you get when you take two musically talented brothers, place them into an environment filled with the healing and meditative sounds of nature, throw in a few drums for good measure, expand the vision to include several other talented musicians, and capture it all on recordings? Why, you get...Click to read article


Interview with David and Steve Gordon in New Leaves 2003
by Jenise Morgan of New Leaf

JM: Let's start from the beginning. In reading about your background, I discovered that you both took an early interest in music. Where did that musical influence come from? Did you grow up thinking of it as a career path, a spiritual path or some combination of both?...Click to read article


Expanding the Boundaries
New Leaf Interview with Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records, Spring 2004

The brother duo David and Steve Gordon founded Sequoia Records in 1982. Growing up in southern California, they took an early interest in music, studied classical music at UCLA, and often hung out in the peaceful surroundings of Sequoia National Forest. During these regular retreats into nature, they began to record the natural sounds around them and then integrated the...Click to read article


Mickey Hart Interviewed by David & Steve Gordon
New Age Retailer Jan/Feb 1997

"This is not just a fringe, faddish kind of music that is cropping up. People are getting into it. They're dancing to it, and it's the beat of the future, the groove of the future. - Mickey Hart...Click to read article


Achillea Music Design In Review Spotlight

Listen to any of Jens Gad's productions, from his co-production work with multiplatinum selling group Enigma to his ambient-tinged solo efforts, and you'll instantly know that you're in the presence... Click to read article