Sequoia Celebrates 20 Years of Success

by NAPRA Review Magazine


Their beginnings were simple. Fueled by a love for nature and a belief in the transformational power of music, brothers David and Steve Gordon began Sequoia Records 20 years ago with the release of Misty Forest Morning. Pioneering the use of environmental nature sounds in ambient relaxation music, the Gordon's followed this first release with the popular healing music classic Garden of Serenity.

"From the beginning we believed in the power of music to heal and empower. Now in early 2002, we believe in that power more than ever, and hope that our music can be a force of love, healing, and peace in the world," said the brothers in a prepared statement.

From its humble origins, Sequoia Records has grown to become the largest and most successful independent label in New Age Music. Their 1994 recording Sacred Earth Drums has sold over 375,000 copies and remains at the top of distributors sales charts to this day, eight years later. And this is just one example of their many successes.

"It's hard to believe that it really has been 20 years since we started on this musical journey," the brothers confess. "It feels good to look back down the road we have traveled and see how far we have come. We would like to thank you for traveling with us, and invite you to continue to join us as we explore the ever-evolving universe of musical alchemy."

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