Gliding Azure
Yoga Planet
The Gordon Brothers
Yoga Planet by David & Steve Gordon Get in the flow - Experience a serene space where you can let go of stress, feel serene and rejuvenate your body and soul. This mellow set of deeply gratifying global chill/lounge grooves by award-winning sound visionaries the Gordon brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Earth Drum) creates a relaxed yet energized ambiance that will enhance and deepen your yoga or create the perfect mood for chilling out. The Gordons have successfully combined the multi-cultural beats, ... Read more.

Amore Parte 1 [Achillea featuring Helene Horlyk]
Buddha-Lounge 6
Sequoia Groove Presents
Buddha Lounge 6 mixed by David & Steve Gordon Return to the renowned place to chill - Get in the mood with the latest from the award-winning European series featuring the most gratifying chill/lounge tracks from around the planet. Groundbreaking DJs the Gordon Brothers once again demonstrate their unrivalled track selection and exceptional mixing with this entrancing set that blends unique global sounds, entrancing vocals and sensuous electronica. Enjoy the impeccably cool grooves of favorite artists such as Jens Gad, Artemisia, The Moontrane Conductors, Jaya Lakshmi, The Gordon Brothers, and Achillea, plus hot new artists 7and5, Zayin and PXR8. Read more.

Lines in the Sand [David Gordon]
Perfect Balance: Musical Healing, Vol. 2
David & Steve Gordon with Sequoia Artists
Perfect Balance: Musical Healing 2 by David & Steve Gordon & Sequoia Artists Renew, reflect and relax into perfect balance - Transform your entire being with this exquisitely tranquil musical retreat for your body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in this superbly crafted collection of sonic treasures featuring the most blissful musical gems from some of today's foremost masters of healing music including David & Steve Gordon, Sophia, Gary Stadler, Ashron, Everstar, Shajan and Bernd Scholl - including many brand new songs from your favorite artists. You'll discover Read more.

Dancing for a Vision
Earth Drum: The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 1
David & Steve Gordon
 Earth Drum: 25th Anniversary Collection Vol. 1 by David & Steve Gordon Feel the rhythms of the earth - Drums from around the globe mix with spellbinding Native-American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, guitars, ancient chants, sacred atmospheres and sounds of nature. Ground-breaking "sound-explorers" the Gordon Brothers, have chosen their favorite drumming songs from their award-winning career for this 25th Anniversary collection. The Gordon's bestselling blend of world instruments and natural sounds is sought after for yoga, dancing, massage and the healing arts. They are Read more.