Miraculous Journey

Connecting with Heaven and Earth

by Anodea Judith

Now is the time. The Body is the vehicle. Consciousness, the driver. The Chakras are the map. Yoga is the way. Miracles are possible.

Our awakening is miraculous. The divine is miraculous. To create a miracle, open to the divine.

Miraculous Journey

To open to divinity and to have the capacity to embrace its incredible splendour, push into the sacred ground of Mother earth to focus the energy. Honor that ground as holy, our common ground, the place of our beginnings. Humble yourself to receive.

Pushing into earth begins the movement upward. Draw into your core, draw the energy all the way up to the crown.

Feel your way, breathe, move. Do yoga. Ask for help from spirit. Accept help from spirit.

Open the crown, establish connection between heaven and earth through your core. Intensify by pushing into earth, up the spine, opening like lotus petals to the heavens. Experience the infinite nature of the divine.

Expand that full connection through the core outward through the heart, using the breath to soften, relax, let go, surrender. Feel it happen through you, but without you, releasing the self and ego.

Join with others doing the same.

Repeat, as is necessary.

Here are two albums with chakra music for chakra meditations:

Chakra Healing Chants

Chakra Healing Zone

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