Fixing a Bad Day

Rescue Toolbox For Coping

by Madisyn Taylor
Excerpt from the book titled Daily Om: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day

When times are tough and you are experiencing stress, it is nice to have some tools you can use to help get through a rough patch and use on an ongoing basis to make your life a little easier. Perhaps you are trying to quit smoking or suffering from a broken heart. You might be having trouble at work or school, the traffic is bad, your children are misbehaving-sometimes the whole world seems to be against you. These are issues that most of us are dealing with on a regular basis. It is best to remember that you are not alone even though sometimes you feel like nobody understands you. Below is a Rescue Toolbox for Coping. When you are at the end of your rope, open your toolbox, take a breath, and take care of yourself. Call a friend.

Talk about it.

Calling a friend that will listen willingly and openly can make all of the difference. Sometimes we feel like we do not want to "dump" on people, but wouldn't you want your friends to call you when they need a friend?

Write about it.

Journal. Get it out of your head and on to paper. This technique can help alleviate stress by getting your thoughts out of your head. You don't even need to save what you have written. In fact, ripping the paper into tiny pieces and throwing it away may help you feel better.

Take a bath.

Make yourself a bath with sea salt to release and renew. This bath will help cleanse your energy field, which is just as important as getting the clutter out of your head. While you are in your bath, imagine all bad thoughts and bad energy going down the drain to Mother Earth.

Walk around the block.

Physical exercise is very important in helping to relieve stress, but many of us do not have a regular routine at the gym or yoga studio. Everybody can make the time for a quick walk, such as during a break or lunchtime. A walk makes a world of difference.


Whatever this means to you. Meditation does not always have to be sitting in a lotus position or chanting. Sometimes the act of folding the laundry can be a meditation, as can gardening, knitting, or cooking. It is important to relieve your mind of daily complications and give yourself quiet time to be still.

Commune with nature.

Getting out into nature in some way is very rejuvenating. This can take any form you like including gardening, walking in the park, riding a horse, watching a sunset, swimming in a lake, or taking an leisurely stroll through a field. Enjoy nature on a regular basis. It is very grounding and your soul will sing.

Thank your body.

Thank every cell, organ, muscle, and bone in your body for doing such a great job in supporting you. Imagine how your body feels every time you make a negative comment or put your body down. Thank your body and see what an amazing difference it makes in your day and in your life.

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