Creating the Life You Want

Postive Thoughts and The Law of Attraction

by David & Steve Gordon
Co-Founders of Sequoia Records, Composers and Producers of Award-Winning Meditation Music

Creating the Life You Want

If there are things about your current situation that you would like to change, there are many actions you will need to take. But while you are taking those actions, consider the power of your thoughts.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So if your thoughts are focused on the problems you are facing and how difficult it is for you then you could be creating more of the same.

If instead you keep your thoughts on what you appreciate about your life and the things you enjoy, then you could find that those things start to increase.

By paying attention to what you do enjoy you are bringing yourself into a state of joy. This state of joy is a reflection of the limitless source energy at the core of all life. By aligning yourself with source you are tapping into the ultimate power to create the life you want.

Keeping your thoughts on things that bring your joy will have another positive effect as well, which is that you will feel happier. Everyone you speak to will feel your positive energy. They will naturally be more attracted to you, so opportunities will tend to come your way.

In addition, by keeping your thoughts focused on the positive things in your life you will be in a much more resourceful state of consciousness. You will be more creative and ideas will flow. By staying in a resourceful state, you will have the ideas you need to create the success and changes in your life that you seek.

Your increased creativity will be a source of solutions for problems and you might find that you start to develop a feeling of momentum in the direction you are trying to go.

If you are finding it hard to stay positive sometimes, try this exercise. If you notice you are feeling discouraged or unhappy, pay attention to your thoughts. Chances are you have been focusing on things that are not going the way you want them to.

This is an indication you are not aligned with source. Shift your focus to something in your current environment that gives you pleasure. It can be something as simple as breathing the fresh air, looking at a tree or feeling the comfort of the chair you might be sitting in. Feel appreciation for what you are experiencing. Keep your focus on what you enjoy as the day goes on.

Every time you find yourself feeling unhappy, remember to use the awareness of the unhappy feeling to trigger you to shift your focus to something pleasurable. As you do this more and more you will start to see a change in your general state of mind.

This technique works well to shift from chronic negative thinking. However if your feeling unhappy due to something deeper that needs to be resolved, then you will need to explore those feelings in a way that is safe for you.

But for keeping your thoughts away from habitual patterns of negativity and victim-based thinking, you'll find this technique really effective.

After a while you'll feel so good that you'll start to see many positive changes in your life and it will be easy to continue keeping your thoughts focused on what's good in each moment.

Here are is some music we have created that can help to create a positive outlook:

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