Stress Relief Through Shamanic Drumming

by Steve Gordon
Co-Founder of Sequoia Records, Composer and Producer of Award-Winning Meditation Music

Stress Relief Through Shamanic Drumming by Steve Gordon

Shamanic Drumming has been used since ancient times for healing including releasing anger. It is also great way to to release stress and frustration. You can do this by combining drumming, yogic breathing and some vocalizing.

The next time you come home from work feeling stressed out or angry try this shamanic drumming meditation. You'll need some kind of frame drum, hand drum and mallet or if you don't have a drum you can just use you hands on your thighs while in a seated position. Go someplace you will be undisturbed for about 10 to 15 minutes.

1. Play a steady 4/4 beat on the drum at a medium tempo.

2. Next start doing yogic breathing in the following way - take a breath into your belly so you belly rises and then push the air up into your chest so your chest expands.

3. Then exhale your breath out and let your belly relax and become soft. Breathe fully and slowly.

4. Start to time your breaths with the rhythm you are playing on the drum. If you are doing the drum beat at a medium tempo it should feel comfortable to use four beats for the inhale and about 6 for the exhale. Adjust your breathing and your breath until both the drumming and the breathing feel natural to you. You might find it works better for you with 6 or 8 beats for the inhale and 8 to 10 beats for exhale. If you find it is more comfortable for make the exhale the same time as the inhales that's fine but if you can make the exhales longer you will find this to be more relaxing.

5. After a few minutes change your exhale so that you are saying the word "HO" with the exhale. Time it with one of the drum hits. After you say the word HO keep breathing out until the number of beats for the exhale you have chosen in completed and then start the inhale. When you say the word HO say it forcibly so the breath is expelled as you say the word.

Make sure to time the breaths so you can exhale completely. If you feel lightheaded then change the timing of the beats so that you have plenty of time to get all the air out of your lungs before you inhale.

6. As you breathe in imagine you are breathing in healing life force energy and as you breath out imagine all of your stress, frustration and anger coming out.

7. After you are done spend a few moments with your eyes closed breathing normally and enjoy a serene feeling of inner peace.

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