How to Take a Shamanic Journey

by David & Steve Gordon
Co-Founders of Sequoia Records and Award-Winning Recording Artists

For thousands of years there have been Shamans who have journeyed into the sprit world in search of healing for themselves or their people, or for wisdom and guidance. This technique can easily be done by anyone by following a simple set of steps. Through the method of the Shamanic journey, you can find answers for problems or choices in your life, uncover the key to your own path of growth, connect with your inner peace and discover your place in the universe.

To begin, find a quite place where you will be undisturbed for the length of the music album you will be listening to. Turn off the lights and either sit comfortably or lie down on your back. Close your eyes, feel the earth supporting you, let your breathing slow and turn on some drum music. Let the sounds lead you into a deep state of relaxation.

Drums and rattles are powerful tools for entering into a relaxed theta brain state which is the entry to the consciousness of the spirit worlds. The rhythms made by the drums and rattles which are authentic rhythms from ancient Shamanic cultures from around the world are best such as these recordings: drum music. These rhythms will carry you into a timeless place and can also as a connection if your mind wanders.

First, imagine you have found a hole in the earth where you can send your dream body into the spirit world, sometimes referred to as ‘the lower world”. In the second, you will receive wisdom and understanding with spirit teachers, and allies, sometimes in the form of power animals.

Next, you will connect with the abundance and blessings of life in balance where all living things are interconnected though you. Finally you can journey to what Native peoples call “the upper world” which is a place where advanced guides will assist you in finding your vision and path.

If your mind wanders, simply return to the sound of the drums. Don’t try too hard to imagine anything, just let your mind quite and see what happens. Sometimes you may experience a vision-filled journey and in another just deep relaxation. Whatever happens you will experience the benefits.

When the music of the final song ends, offer your gratitude to the spirits who have assisted you and open your eyes.

We created an album specially for Shamanic journeying and Shamanic meditation called Shaman's Vision Journey. It consists of four 17 minute songs which invoke each of the four directions and four elements. You can also find drum music for Shamanic journeys by clicking on David & Steve Gordon.

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