Micro Meditations for Busy Days

Transforming Interruptions into Mindfulness

by David & Steve Gordon

Micro Meditations for Busy Days
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You have probably heard about or experienced some of the many benefits of meditation such as stress relief, better concentration, more self confidence, improved health, more happiness, more peace of mind, smoother relationships, increased creativity, stronger intuition and inner certainty, etc.

With the busy lives many of us lead these days, it can be hard to always find the time to do a traditional sitting meditation as much as we might want.

You can use very short interruptions in your day as a sort of micro meditation. For example, let's say you get put on hold for long time. This can be very upsetting, especially if you are busy. Next time this happens to you, try using that time to meditate while you wait. Just take some slow deep breaths and let your mind focus only on your breathing. Once you resume your call, you'll feel much better.

After a while you can get good at finding little moments you can meditate such as standing in line at the bank, waiting for a doctor's appointment or waiting to make a purchase at a department store. It doesn't matter whether the time window is a minute or two or much longer. No matter how short or long the time you are stuck not being able to proceed with your work or chosen activity, you can use those times to get a little meditation in.

The nice thing about this is that you find that often the times you find available for these micro meditations, are during times you would normally be frustrated or upset at having to wait. Once you transform those times from being stressed out to meditating you'll find you sometimes even come to appreciate them when they happen since they give you another chance to do some meditation.

You'll notice another benefit of incorporating meditation into your day is that you will start to feel an increased sense of happiness and contentment. The things that might have been bothering you before just don't seem as important. You also might notice that you find solutions to problems with greater ease and seem to go with the flow more.

All the meditation moments throughout your day begin to combine into an overall sense of inner peace and happiness. Then when you do have time for a longer sitting meditation, you'll notice that it takes you much less time to clear your mind of thoughts and enter a deep meditative state. You'll then get more out of your longer meditations since you have already been practicing meditation at various times throughout your day.

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