The Harmony of Disharmony

Finding Peace Within Conflict

by Steve Gordon
Co-Founder of Sequoia Records, Composer and Producer of Award-Winning Meditation Music

When something happens in your day that reveals a conflict with another person or a situation that causes you pain it is always best to seek out the response to it that will solve the problem. By solving the problem you are able to transform the disharmony to harmony. But when we have the belief that this can always be accomplished if only we were conscious enough, aware enough, clever enough, creative enough or non-reactive enough, this is not always the case. If you have empathy and leave you ego at the door, you can make it through most situations that have conflict by dis-arming the conflict and transforming it into at the very least an only uncomfortable experience instead of an actual conflict.

Harmony of Disharmony

But part of the truth of life is that sometimes there is no harmonious path. Sometimes there is no choice that will result in harmony. When it comes to other people and situations that you can't control, it's important to remember to accept what is without judgment. For reasons that we may not understand, life does sometimes contain conflicts that we can't always transform.

Accepting that truth, does transform ourselves though because when we accept the world and everyone in it as it is, we are able to fully inhabit the present moment and feel the perfection of the world as it is evolving in this moment without needing it to be different. This unconditional love for the world and everyone in it is in fact the harmony we seek.

Once you are feeling that acceptance, then go ahead and seek out the most harmonious path. When you approach it without lust of result you may find that you are able to transform it and if not it will not be a source of your own disharmony.

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