What if Peace Broke Out

by Steve Ryals

I want to share a wonderful website I recently discovered, Global MindShift. One of the many potent questions raised on this site involves creating a New Story, one that embraces all of the scientific wisdom we've uncovered the past few decades, while still allowing room for wonder. I present some of my thoughts on this critically important subject in hopes it will engender additional conversation on this vital topic. Please take a look at the Global MindShiftsite for superb videos by Brian Swimme and others to see the New Story articulated with great beauty and power.

I think it's important to realize that there are compelling reasons so many people are firmly ensconced in their comfort zones and reluctant (to say the least) to even think about, let alone embrace, a powerful new worldview ... "baby, it's cold outside."

Embracing the new means letting go of the past, and even when that past no longer serves us, it's often terrifying to jump off the cliff of our fears. How can we be compassionate with those so lost in fear? How do we come from a place that allows their voices to be heard in such a way that allows us to create a zone of safety around this vital issue of adopting a new story? The answers are critical to the future of our world.

It seems to me that few people pay attention to the new story because so many are desperately trying to make the old one make sense enough so that they can put food on the table, keep from getting shot at, find clean drinking water and so forth. My point is that we not only must come up with an irresistible way to tell the new story, but also why people might want to adopt it. That's where emotion comes in. We must create stories that have a context people can relate to in their daily lives, and that will make such a positive difference that they will become passionate advocates for the evolution of consciousness.

Meanwhile, we still live in a world where some governments seem hell-bent on creating a new generation of jihadists, and a culture that celebrates warrior consciousness. How do we start a global conversation around creating a world culture that would allow us to disband our standing armies? People who are desperately hungry, or watching a child die of malnutrition, or torn to pieces in an ethnic cleansing blood bath simply can't hear us. Until we deal with these issues, it probably won't matter how compelling the new story is.

I urge you to contact your congressperson and your senators to vote for establishing a Department of Peace. If we're ever going to live in peace, we must practice peace. That does not mean that we must allow ourselves to be conquered, it simply means that we do not run around the globe starting wars. Bring the troops home now, before even more are senselessly slaughtered. It was a horrible mistake to start the war; it cannot be a mistake to end it. And just so you know, I love this country. I just love our sacred Mother Earth even more (along with all of the people of the world). Check out columnist Anna Qunidlen's article "The Last Word" essay in Newsweek titled Tomorrow, Tomorrow for more on this perspective, which I know is shared by millions of thoughtful global citizens.

Now, how do we create a space to invite those with a vested interest in the status quo to engage in meaningful dialogue? If we leave them out, they will come back to bite us. I look forward to your thoughts.


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