Finding Your Own Inner Power

by Colleen Deatsman
Author of Seeing in the Dark: Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age

Did you know that inside of yourself you have a hidden reservoir of limitless energy and power so strong that it can make miracles commonplace and be harnessed for health, energy, vitality, and dynamic living? Well, you do, and I will show you how to access this extraordinary power.

Within your energy field right now is all the power you need to create the vigor and vitality to live your life fully. Your personal energy field is a dynamic display of dancing energy vibrations that when stimulated will bring you vibrant health and plenty of energy to do anything you desire. This internal force when balanced and flowing strongly will make you look younger, feel better, boost your immune system, help you sleep better at night, and feel calm and balanced emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Connecting with your personal energy is a powerful way to prevent fatigue and illness and is a must to revitalize an already fatigued, ill or weakened energy field.

This may sound unusual or seem difficult to understand, but there is nothing more natural. Science and modern medicine have demonstrated through meticulous research that our bodies have been naturally equipped with the tools needed to prevent and fight most diseases. We have powerful, intricate systems whose purpose is to repair damage, generate new cells, and fight off foreign invaders. In an environment where our body is able to operate in harmony and balance, these systems function properly and perfect health abounds. Vital cells proliferate; bacteria, viruses and our own mutated cells that could become cancer are recognized and destroyed before they can multiply; cell injury is mended; and we are filled with dynamic energy.

And then life enters the picture. We are bombarded with constant stress, busyness, and a lack of motivated self-care and know-how. In our valiant effort to "keep on keeping on", we push too hard and lose balance and harmony. As we continue to overload ourselves over time, we begin to lose self-connection and our world "runs" us. We no longer make time to nurture our body, mind, emotions, and soul. Through this disconnection, neglect, mistreatment, and overuse, our defenses become depleted and sometimes rendered totally ineffective, causing illness or disease. Our natural systems become less efficient and are no longer able to repair, regenerate or defend, and this system failure creates further imbalance, and an increase in symptoms.

Drawn into the external tug and pull, we forget to nurture and listen to our body. We disconnect from the energy of our inner spirit causing serious spiritual illness. Through my studies and experiences in self-healing, I have come to know that when our soul comes into a physical body in this world it brings with it certain universal and self-truths. Our souls bring learning, wisdom, insights, purpose, missions, destiny and dreams. We may remember these as children but often forget our soul's agenda as we get caught up in our lives. The pressures of societal conditioning, academic learning, fitting into society, making a living, raising children, etc. capture our attention and we focus on the external aspects of making our lives happen. When we become separated from this most important part of our own nature we inadvertently lose connection with our soul's essence, goals, passions, and personal energy. It creeps in quietly, slowly, and so subtly that we don't realize it until it has happened. The assumed and unwritten expectations and responsibilities of existing inside of our societal box rob us of our life force. This detached imbalance is an energetic causal factor that creates a spiritual illness that can quickly lead to physical illness.

Not only are we made up of energy, but our physical world is also comprised of an essence, a force commonly referred to as universal energy. Without knowing how to reconnect to our soul-self to replenish our depleted energy, we unconsciously make matters worse by erecting impermeable shields around our self for survival. This shielding is an unconscious attempt to block the incoming "attacks" and stresses from the outside world. Unfortunately, nurturing universal energy is also inadvertently cut off. Not only have we disconnected from our self, we have also disconnected from the universal life force energy that replenishes us. It is not wrong that we utilize this coping mechanism. In fact, it is quite natural and necessary. These powerful, innate survival instincts allow us to endure the most difficult of circumstances. The shortcoming with this coping mechanism is that most of us are not aware that we are closing our self off to the natural flow, the give and take, between the energies of the world and our self. As the energy imbalance perpetuates we begin to experience symptoms such as fatigue, pain, depression, or illness.

In order to stop this downward cycle and promote recovery it is important to re-establish an internal environment of harmony and balance that enables your body to function according to its natural design. Because vital health is the outward expression of healing that is generated naturally, internally, and unconsciously, your mission is to re-create and maintain a harmonious internal environment for yourself. Your body will do the rest. In this way, you can purposefully and consciously facilitate your body's return to its natural ability to self-heal. Unbeknownst to the busy "doing" part of your mind, you have a wealth of energy within you, in your soul-self, that when tapped and utilized brings you into balance and harmony. My book Inner Power is filled with techniques designed to help you do just that. By self-applying these powerful healing techniques you create harmony and balance everyday in your own time and space.

The first step toward creating harmony and balance, and ultimately health, is to connect with the natural healing abilities of your personal energy. Your personal energy, experienced as your aura, is the life force energy that moves through and around you. The core of this life force essence within you is your soul-self. Your soul-self is the authentic essence of you. It is the Spirit of you that came into this body when you were born and will live on after this physical body dies. It is the energy source that makes up your energy field and your true being. It is your connection point to universal energy, to the divine, to God, Goddess and Spirit. It is the God-like, Goddess-like, Christ-like, Buddha-like divine part of you. Being in touch with this part of you gives you a sense of solidness in your center and is the source of your creative and infinite power to design your world. It is your gut feelings, your senses, your intuition, your inner knowing, and your wisdom. It lies underneath your daily doings and the chatter of your mind. It is free from emotion and attachment to worldly aspirations. Your soul-self, without the chains of the world, feels wild and free like when you were a child. And though it is childlike, it is not childish. It is excitement and passion. It is primal and authentic. It is dynamic and empowering. When you are aware of, and connected with, this powerhouse within you, you are creating harmony and balance, and therefore self-healing.

To re-awaken this powerful aspect of yourself you must open to your deepest, most inner core. You must take the time to sit still, to just "Be", and to quiet down your mind and the "doings" that distract you from knowing your authentic self. It is as simple as paying attention to and becoming aware of what is happening inside of yourself using mental focus and intention.. The following techniques will help you create a direct connection, relationship and dialog with your inner soul-self through relaxation, mind focus, awareness, quiet contemplation, and inner stillness. Centering is a powerful energizing technique that brings you into balance quickly. Often our energies are scattered causing us to feel anxious and out of balance. When we stay "uncentered" for too long we leak energy and begin to feel tired. "Centering" brings all of your personal energy back home into your energy field and body.

Take in a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax your mind and body. Begin with your arms down beside your legs. Extend your arms out at your sides, palms facing up. Slowly sweep them up while using the powerful intention of your mind to gather in your energy and thoughts from everywhere around you, calling your energy back home to your energy field and your body. See, sense and feel your energy coming back from the outer world into your energy field and into your body as your hands and arms come up over your head. Draw your hands and arms down over your head in front of your face and down the front of your body, bringing your hands to rest on your solar plexus. Using all of your senses, really feel the energy coming into your head, neck, shoulders, chest and center. Once you feel your energy settled in your solar plexus, pull it down further into your body with your hands and intention, anchoring it deep in your root chakra. Repeat three times.

The Grounding Tree exercise connects your inner power with the energies of the Earth and Sky, or Heaven. It is especially powerful to practice outdoors if you can, but equally effective indoors. Stand with your feet hip distance apart, arms down at your sides. Relax. Feel the soles of your feet opening to the Earth. Imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet going deep into the Earth. Breathe deeply of the Earth energy. Bring this energy up through your feet and legs into your torso, imagining it to be the trunk of your tree. Feel the Earth energy mingle with your inner power. Now raise your hands, palms up to the Sky. Imagine your arms to be branches gathering in the energy of the universe. Feel that energy come down into your trunk and mingle and mix with your inner power and Earth energy. Breathe deeply, feel deeply. Honor the connection.

The Internal Rainbow Fountain of Energy exercise is a dynamic exercise that efficiently removes blockages while stimulating your personal energy and fortifying your energetic boundaries. It entails consciously awakening your personal life force energy and moving it through your body and energy field creating a fountain of flowing energy. This exercise will leave you feeling whole, centered and energized.

Begin by standing with your feet hip distance apart, arms down at your sides. Close your eyes and take in a deep breath. Keep breathing deeply throughout the exercise using the breath and your intention to open and move the energy. Allow yourself to relax. Place your attention on the soles of your feet and the crown of your head. Take in a deep breath and notice how you feel. Do a mental scan of your body noticing any places where there may be pain, tightness or tension signaling a blockage. After a few moments focus your consciousness on your feet chakras located in the arches of both feet. See and sense the chakras ignite with a soft brownish maroon energy. See that brownish maroon ball of energy grow and expand, becoming a radiant source of glowing, crimson light which begins to saturate all of the tissues in your body. See and feel this light soaking into your abdomen, chest, head, and out your arms, bathing organs, muscle, blood and bone until your entire body becomes a great neon beacon of this light. After a few moments, allow that crimson energy to recede once again back to its home in your feet chakras, where it continues to glow and spin brightly. After a few moments focus your consciousness on your root chakra located at the base of your torso where your legs meet your body. See and sense the chakra ignite with a deep vibrant red energy. See that red ball of energy grow and expand, becoming a radiant source of glowing, ruby red light which begins to saturate all of the tissues in your body. See and feel this light soaking into your abdomen, chest, head, and out your arms, bathing organs, muscle, blood and bone until your entire body becomes a great neon beacon of this light. After a few moments, allow that ruby energy to recede once again back to its home in your base chakra, where it continues to glow and spin brightly.

After a few moments take in another deep breath and focus your consciousness on your sacral chakra. See and sense it spinning and glowing with a bright orange light. As before, stir this energy and expand it throughout your body, saturating every cell with this orange, regenerative light. Once again, after a few moments, shrink the light back to its home in your second chakra where it continues to spin and glow a brilliant orange.

Use this same technique for the deep gold energy of your solar plexus chakra, for the emerald green of your heart chakra, for the gold in the palms of your hands, for the azure blue of your throat chakra, for the deep indigo of your third eye chakra, for the pale violet of your crown chakra, and the crystalline translucence of your universal chakras. Each time, stimulate and spin the chakra energy wheel using your intention and your breath to create the characteristic spectral light of each chakra. Take the time to permeate your entire being with each of the energies before moving on to the next.

When all chakras have been energized, continue to see and feel them spinning and glowing in each of their homes, washing and penetrating all of your tissues. On your next inhalation, draw this rainbow energy up from your feet, through your center, and out the top of your head like a fountain. As the energy exits your head, see and feel it as rainbow droplets that cascade out to the limits of your aura and down again to your feet. As these rainbow droplets mist through your auric field, see your aura cleansed and refreshed by the movement of this energy. Continue this until the limits of the luminous egg that is your energy field has been completely energized, and keep this rainbow fountain flowing as long as you need to by maintaining the focus of your attention on the energy movement. There is no need to shut down the circulating energies around and through you. When you are finished, take a deep breath and open your eyes, feeling cleansed and energy-filled. Energy in motion tends to stay in motion, so the benefits of this exercise continue long after you have finished it. With practice you will find that your Inner Power is a mountain of strength and the fire of your soul that when stoked and tended, re-ignites vitality, well-being, enthusiasm and passion for life.

Colleen Deatsman is the author of Seeing in the Dark: Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age (Red Wheel Weiser 2009), Energy for Life: Connect with the Source (Llewellyn 2006) and Inner Power: Six Techniques for Increased Energy and Self-Healing (Llewellyn 2005), is a Masters Degreed Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Social Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Alternative Healing Consultant at Circle of Life Counseling and Healing Services in Mason, Michigan.

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