The Benefits of Meditation

by David & Steve Gordon
Co-Founders of Sequoia Records, Composers and Producers of Award-Winning Meditation Music

We have both been meditating in various ways for over 30 years. Whether it is traditional sitting meditation or mindfulness meditation such as walking or running meditation, we continue to enjoy numerous benefits. There are far more benefits to meditation than can be covered here, but these are some of the main benefits.

Studies have shown that meditation lowers stress hormones which means that all health problems associated with stress are improved including heart health. It can improve brain functioning, creativity, academic performance, concentration and can help with anxiety and depression.

The Benefits of Meditation by Steve Gordon

For ourselves personally it helps us to stay centered and not get stressed out while running our record company and it helps us to be more creative in the recording studio. We find that there is an endless flow of good ideas and we never second guess them it is clear when they are coming from our connection with the source within.

Meditation has also helped us in our working relationship with each other and with our families and friends. By going within on a regular basis, we are happier and more content. This helps us to communicate and listen to others with more openness and compassion.

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Experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. Music can really help. Listen to sound samples of our music for meditation. We recently completed a new album of music specifically designed for meditation. To order or hear sound samples go to Music for Meditation — Inner Stillness

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