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Lodestone Resonator is an experimental electronic music project from the prolific team of David & Steve Gordon, known for their Billboard-charting Buddha Lounge series of chill out electronica and their worldbeat fusion and ambient music albums. Unique and intriguing, the sound of Lodestone Resonator is akin to an exploratory escape pod hurling into deep space, sailing relentlessly to destinations unknown.

Inspired by groups such as The Orb, Shpongle, Aphex Twin and Siogur Ros, they have created their own brand of downtempo trance grooves by combining both electronic and acoustic elements into mind-boggling and deeply satisfying patterns, beats and grooves that seem to have a life all their own. At times driving hypnotic beats propel you forward peaking into psychedelic trance and at others have you floating in a gently pulsating sea of electronic ambience that washes you upon the shores of the unfathomable. This is music for true pychonauts; those who would dare to explore the depths of their own consciousness. For those who would take the journey beyond time and space, the rewards are great when Lodestone Resonator provides the soundtrack for your travels.