Nirvana Groove by David and Steve Gordon Nirvana Groove
David & Steve Gordon

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Discover a blissful escape - Unwind with the perfect soundtrack for relaxing, yoga or intimate parties from The Gordon Brothers masters of the chill out lounge mood and creators of the legendary bestselling series Buddha Lounge. On Nirvana Groove, they have teamed up with three of the most creative producers/engineers in electronica - Alex Alcyone, Bobby Cochran and Noah Alexander, to create their most sensuous and hypnotic set yet. Each perfectly mixed track features an elegant sound palette of piano, guitar, exotic vocals, and ethnic world instruments. The Gordons have continued their successful sound started on their recent release, Yoga Planet where they combine the multi-cultural beats, sensuous chill out lounge grooves, guitar and piano flavors and occasional vocals of their legendary Buddha-Lounge series with the world percussion of their renowned drumming albums and the soothing textures of their healing and meditation music. The result is the next generation of ambient lounge music for the enjoyment of the modern yogi. Relax and drift away...


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 Track Title Time 
1. Silver Sun 6:48
2. Chill Out Room 4:12
3. Organic Electronic 7:01
4. Ibiza Drift 4:29
5. Creme de la Trance 6:47
6. Ultra Lounge 7:50
7. Trip Hop Cafe 6:32
8. Yoga de Sensualite 8:01
9. Ambient Spa 5:47
10. Downtempo Glide 6:53

Release date: April 1, 2009

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
The Gordon brothers are at their mixing board again, joined by top flight electronica wizards Alex Alcyone, Noah Alexander, and Bobby Cochran for Nirvana Groove, their latest trip into a landscape of smooth contemporary electronics, spicy worldmusic influences, and infectious, percolating cyber-beats. As on YOGA PLANET, the Gordons reveal themselves to be tuned in to state-of-the-art chill-out and down-tempo music, designed to subtly infuse your environment with just enough energy to serve as a backdrop for activities such as yoga or light impact aerobics. Featuring an abundance of acoustic instruments, such as drums, flutes, and guitar, and the usual Sequoia sterling production values, the music on Nirvana Groove is so addictive that it should have a warning label on the cover!
   — Bill Binkleman

Steve Ryals - Nationally Syndicated Music Columnist
Nirvana has several definitions, among them joy, ecstasy and bliss. I can certainly attest that listening to Nirvana Groove is a delightfully ecstatic experience. Trance inducing beats drive sensual vocals and swirling rhythms, inviting the listener to get up and dance. Imagine a scorching, parched evening on the North African coast, perhaps in the outskirts of Morocco. Shimmering keyboards, piano, bass and world beat percussion drift languidly in the still air. You spot a building across the dusty square, people streaming in as though drawn by a mysterious force. Slipping through a heavily beaded curtain, you step into the cool, shadowy interior to find a light show playing across the heavily stuccoed walls. Within moments you're on the dance floor, swaying gently to the tantalizing beats, the button-down world of financial panics only a distant memory.

Such is the enchanting world of Nirvana Groove, at least in my admittedly fertile imagination. As usual, the Gordon Brothers have co-created an intriguing, seductive CD. Joined by three young artists and producers, Alex Alcyone, Noah Alexander and Bobby Cochran, with Nirvana Groove the Gordon's have outdone themselves. All five artists contribute percussion and programming. David adds piano and keyboards, Steve contributes electric and acoustic guitars, Alex plays bass, keyboards, mandolin and piano, while Noah and Bobby supply additional bass and keyboards. The intoxicating result is a CD perfect for an intimate party or a late night rendezvous with your sweetie.

Filled with exotic beats, down tempo grooves and lush vocals, Nirvana Groove will get your groove on big time. Favorite tracks include "Creme de la Trance," "Trip Hop Cafe" and "Yoga de Sensuality," though every song is well worth repeated encounters. Be sure to check out Nirvana Groove, one of the best chill-out groove CDs of the year.

Daily OM
Nirvana is the state of arrival into true bliss, outside the distractions of ego and the limitations of space and time. Sometimes it's like feeling your soul become eclipsed in reverse; all the darkness melts away until you stand completely free and blissful, though "you" is not really the proper word. One could say nirvana experiences itself through those who are enlightened fully to its grace. So simple it's beyond rational understanding, but the composer, brothers David and Steve Gordon of Sequoia Records understand, translating what cannot be adequately put into words via music, rhythm, and movement. Pulsing rhythm, in fact, and sensual slow-groove abandon, as on "Silver Sun," the slinky opening track. Keeping the beats chilled, the ambiance warm and hypnotic, and the tonalities healing and relaxing, the Gordons make Nirvana Groove into a culmination of the most effective sounds and flows.

A sensual, earthy hour-plus of solid movement-inspiring, feeling good, sacral-chakra igniting music, the Gordons' album is perfect for slow dances, tantric movement, lovemaking, or just letting the hairs of your neck stand up in kundalini rapture as a note hits you just right in the sacral chakra. The electronic pulses and multilevel chimes of "Organic Electronic," for example, work a mysterious mojo on the nerves. As the tracks go on, ambiance and vocal samples wind their way in, as with "Yoga de Sensualite." A backwards shuffle beat keeps "Ambient Spa" moving motionless in space and time like a shimmering phantom, with strums of guitar and pulsing synths and drums creeping in like the night of a big party that makes your palms sweat in anticipation. Tracks connect and overlap so there's nothing to distract you from your purpose.

Nirvana Groove was coproduced by acclaimed sound designers Bobby Cochran, Noah Alexander, and Alex Alcyone, who help keep it all straight and canyon-esque so you can pinpoint every instrument in your mental space. Try and concentrate on each interwoven sound and let the hemispheres of your brain sync up in beautiful ways. Nirvana Groove even brings its own pink first light of dawn, teasing the third eye open until the full eclipse of ego sets you free into a space of pure bliss.

Music Design In Review
Anyone who has heard one of the "Buddha-Lounge" albums knows that David and Steve Gordon have an ear for quality electronica. Their 2008 album YOGA PLANET proved that they also are very skilled at creating and recording chill music that will send you into a state of bliss. The Gordons don their composer hats once again with the lush NIRVANA GROOVE, which marries chilled rhythms with euphoric melodies amidst an atmosphere that is rich in lounge ambience. It has a trendy, sophisticated sound that captures the essence of hanging out a swanky nightspot, yet with enough of an introspective vibe to make it well suited for home relaxation rituals. Close your eyes and drift away to the serene sounds of guitar and piano mixed with vocal sounds, ethnic music samples and mellow beats.

Awareness Magazine
Readers of Awareness Magazine may well be familiar with the southern California-based brothers David and Steve Gordon who have been operating Sequoia Records since 1982 and producing classics in new age music for meditation and yoga, as well as Native drumming, Celtic, Worldbeat, and more. In 2002, they expanded their concept and created the Sequoia Groove label focused on down-tempo electronica, a style that evolved out of the chill rooms and dance clubs of Europe. Their Buddha Lounge series of CD's has been hugely successful and has practically created it's own genre.

On "Nirvana Groove" they collaborate with three top producers of this musical niche: Alex Alcyone, Noah Alexander, and Bobby Cochran. The Gordon brothers both bring their skills on native flutes, world drums, percussion, and programming, while David focuses on piano and keyboard with Steve on electric and acoustic guitars.

One of the most interesting things about this music is that it is both relaxing and energizing at the same time. The soothing ambience mellows you right out, while the exotic grooves keep your foot tapping and head nodding to the rhythm - a delightful yin/yang experience that might be described as "chilling but still willing". World music influences add further spice to this enchanting mix - another winner from David and Steve Gordon.

   — Michael Diamond

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

I am a big Fan of the Buddha Lounge, but this is really to the limit of sensuality. especially Silver Sun. When I first heard it I was totally struck and had to have this CD. —  Magsny Poughkeepsie, NY, US

Hands down worth every penny…
I've been listening all the time, I even started doing my Pilates to it. I love it!! The nuances and underling sounds combine to create an amazing album. I start feeling almost like my subtle stretches and motions are a dance of sorts. It feels very powerful. I plan on giving this to several people as gifts. — Laura Diaz Mendocino, CA, us

The Gordon brothers deliver again
I don't have all of their music but I have quite a bit and I am absolutely never disappointed. I have my favorites but they are each very cool. Nirvana Groove is my newest and I haven't stopped listening since I got it. Definitely recommended. — Carolyn Joyce Detroit, MI, usa

Very happy with my purchase.
The songs on this CD are really cool. Every track is full of so many different sounds, instruments and rhythms. There really aren't that many vocals and I think it would be too much for this. The music is balanced and really interesting to listen to. Ibiza Drift is I think my favorite track - it's so subtly island. — Brian Remiere Seattle, WA, USA

Keep up the good work Sequoia Records!
I have a few of the Buddha Lounge CDs and love them - I was looking for more lounge, electronica music and discovered this. I'm so impressed by the consistent quality of the music. Every song is unique and gets to me in a totally different way, but they create a perfectly cohesive album. I'm never jolted into a different type of music as is sometimes true with other "lounge" music. I've been impressed with Sequoia Records so far and will continue to be a loyal listener. — Geneva M. New Britain, CT, USA

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