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Find Inner Balance - Discover a mellow spot where you can unwind, feel centered and renew your body, mind and spirit. This serene set of richly satisfying chill/lounge grooves has been carefully handpicked by renowned yoga-instructor trainer Beth Shaw and exclusively mixed by the Gordon brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara). Together they have created a transcendent soundtrack for yoga sessions and chilling out, featuring an incomparable line up of leading global electronica artists such as Jens Gad, The Moontrane Conductors, Achillea, Hands Upon Black Earth, Peter Mergener and Althea W. These sensuous beats from Europe create a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy anytime. This soothing set of hypnotic rhythms, blissful vocals and ethereal atmospheres is the elegant alternative for everything from yoga to dinner with friends, unwinding after work or just cocooning at home. Set the mood & enhance your groove - the perfect tone for yoga practice" - Beth Shaw Founder, YogaFit

• 2006 New Age Retailer Lifestyle Music Award - First Runner Up
• 2007 New Age Retailer Lifestyle Music Award - Finalist

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Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Aureole [Jens Gad Presents] 5:42
2. Swan [Althea W.] 4:11
3. Staraja Ladoga [Achillea] 4:47
4. Cape Porcupine [Achillea] 4:28
5. Odin's Hill [Achillea] 7:02
6. Casino Lounge [Peter Mergener ] 6:52
7. In For The Night (Buddha Edit) [The Moontrane Conductors] 4:11
8. The Orbiting Suns [Jens Gad Presents] 4:28
9. Bhajya Sahita [Hands Upon Black Earth] 5:37
10. Silver Sands [Jens Gad Presents] 4:03
11. Les Eaux Verts [Jens Gad Presents] 6:00
12. Chanson Pour Une Femme [Althea W.] 5:45
13. Zen Garden, Part 1 (Savasana Edit) [David & Steve Gordon] 7:43

Release date: October 1, 2006

Published Reviews
"YogaFit" instructor Beth Shaw has been bringing yoga to millions through her emphasis on movement and fitness; she selected the tracks on "Yoga Moods" from the most chilled and soothing down-tempo lounge music from Europe, sequenced to fit perfectly into a yoga session. The music was then re-mixed by the Gordon Brothers on their Sequoia label and the result is a sure bet to lead one effortlessly deeper either into their yoga trance or couch-centric relaxation. Suitable for Beth's "Three Mountain format" series of poses, this is also just a solid set of mellow grooves suitable for nearly any relaxation purpose, a grand flowing sound experience.

Three tracks from Ibiza outfit Achillea help kick things off, setting and centering the listener-practitioner in the pose of deep relaxation, with Helen Horlyck's operatic female vocal swoons, drifting "mountaintop" electric guitar and choppy synthesizer chords infusing grandeur into the moment, helping yoga practitioners release the hidden emotions in their muscles and stretch out. The group Moontrane Conductors contributes an edit from their "In for the Night," a drowsy track that energizes in its quiet way with a sense of passing landmarks through the train car windows, a funky backbeat and some jazz vibe and horn side track flourishes from off the main line.

After a nice mellow ride through light jazz and breezy ambient territories, brothers Steve and David Gordon take the helm for the final track, "Zen Garden" which is just what it sounds like: water bubbling low and cool over rocks as temperate flutes and misty harps spring forth naturally from the rocky fissures like naturally occurring steam in the morning meditation meadow. The melody when it comes is a bit sad in that sweet, lilting Celtic tradition. For when you leave that yoga session renewed and relaxed, there may be just a trace of the old husk of egoic self left behind. With "Yoga Moods" though you will be able to move through that into some new kind of blue horizon, one where the sun never sets. Yoga Moods is good that way and one day peace of mind, may be yours.

Music Design in Review
The title YOGA MOODS sums up the two defining characteristics of this compilation of mellow gems: it would make a wonderful companion for yoga practice and it has a powerful, entrancing sense of mood. The tracks of the album were chosen and sequenced by Beth Shaw, founder and president of YogaFit Inc, to ensure that the music would maintain the proper flow to inform a yoga session. It does that and more, starting with slower, ambient tracks by artists like Jens Gad and Althea W., increasing the tempo in the mid-section around the point where your momentum would be growing and finishing on a dreamy note. David and Steve Gordon, on mixing duties, make certain that the set is a seamless affair, with superior sound mixing throughout. The contemporary, electronic-based sound of the album makes it ideal for those looking for yoga music that has a trendier, lounge-oriented flair.

BSC Music
We find a mellow production in "Yoga Moods," compiled by the well-known American Yoga teacher Bert Shaw. She carefully and suitably selected thirteen titles in the Downbeat tempo. Enigma Co-producer Jens Gad, whose unfailing feeling for pleasant Chill Out rhythms and smoothing sounds is positively noticeable. Songs from the Gordon Brothers, Achillea, Peter Mergener and others round off this over seventy minutes compilation. A more sensual mix of hypnotic rhythms, fantastic voices and relaxed atmosphere invites you to listen, not only for Yoga!

Compiled by renowned yoga trainer Beth Shaw and mixed by Sequoia's Steve Gordon and David Gordon, Yoga Moods is a serenely relaxing and uplifting 71-minute mix of 13 downtempo/global electronica chill tracks released over the past five years from six of the label's top-selling artists. At times it's difficult to discern where one artist's track ends and the next begins - the sign of Shaw's and the Gordons' expertise in choosing perfectly mated music consistent with the needs of yoga, Pilates, or other movement practitioners. Achillea's "Staraja Ladoga" (The Nine Worlds) reflects Jens Gad's cutting-edge electronica roots as co-founder of Enigma, with lush synth pads and bird sounds playfully weaving beneath the song's slow downtempo drums, soulful electric guitar, and resonant filtered synth melodies. Renee Petry's lofty vocals float above the intro to "Bhajya Sahita" by Hands Upon Black Earth, then sit back as the song's haunting breaks and subharmonic bass lines slow and then lift the track back into its very electronic groove and spoken-word passage. With a consistently entertaining song list from like-minded chill/lounge artists, Yoga Moods fits the bill for yoga, headphone listening, or simply relaxing after dinner.

Music & More
This sampler was compiled by Yoga-trainer Beth Shaw from the works of Jens Gad Presents, Althea W., Achillea, Peter Mergener, The Moontrane Conductors, Hands Upon Black Earth, and David & Steve Gordon presumably for Yoga work, though the liner notes include entertaining friends and relaxation among its uses. Mixed so that one track melts into the next, the cuts have a definite beat/rhythm, which make it more suitable to the physical/active styles of Yoga, as well as Pilates work.
   — Mark Maxwell Abushad

Steve Ryals, Nationally Syndicated Music Columnist
David and Steve Gordon, the heart and soul of Sequoia Records, asked renowned yoga teacher Beth Shaw to compile a CD of contemporary chill/lounge grooves. The happy result is Yoga Moods, nearly 71 minutes of laid-back tracks focused on enhancing the sublime experience of dynamic yoga or other forms of active meditation. Suitable for entrancing dancing as well, Yoga Moods is so versatile it can even make for a delightful background to celebrate life with friends.

Yoga Moods features tracks from several great Sequoia Groove (part of the Sequoia Records family) releases, including Le Spa Sonique and The Nine Worlds, the second of which I have reviewed in this space. Truly a superb compilation, Yoga Moods offers the willing listener a sensuous window into the musical world of leading European electronica artists. I love Yoga Moods so much I often play it twice in a row. Highly recommended.

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