Soles on Earth by Zingaia Soles on Earth

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Find Yourself in the Rhythm - Let go into the sacred groove as Zingaia's world trance-dance music empowers you to find your own dance of life. Sensual African, Middle-Eastern and Indian rhythms, ecstatic global instruments and exotic voices come together in an irresistibly cool techno-tribal sound that will get your your feet moving and your spirit soaring. Musical mastermind Michael Breene has returned with an earthy, invigorating world groove tour-de-force. By combining ethnic instruments and voices with modern dance beats Zingaia has defined the leading edge of the global trance-dance sound. Put your body in motion and free your soul!

• 2005 COVR Visionary Award - Best World Album

COVR 2005 Best World Album, Zingaia, Soles on Earth.

Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Soles on Earth 4:39
2. Bone Dance 5:16
3. Dancing with Ganesh 5:37
4. Nomad's Land 5:09
5. In the Between 5:19
6. In the Center 2:36
7. Portal of Water 5:30
8. Shamantic 5:44
9. Sahaja 5:36
10. Sky Dancer 5:47

Release date: September 1, 2004

Published Reviews

Music Design In Review
SOLES ON EARTH totally rocks! Trance-dance / world beat music at its finest. If someone can't groove to this CD, I would suggest they check their pulse! Every time I put it on I can't stop moving.An adventurous mosaic of multi-cultural rhythms, tribal influences and contemporary electronic elements, SOLES ON EARTH proves that worldbeat duo Zingaia (Michael and Katlyn Breene) is still as inspired as ever. This powerful album of trance-dance grooves darts all over the globe, incorporating sounds from Africa, India, the Middle East and plenty of other exotic locales into a swirling synthesis of cultural colors and driving beats. Included are percussive textures, flutes, vocal samples, nature/jungle sounds and ethnic instruments wrapped in a blanket of synthesizer ambience and keyboard effects. The title SOLES OF EARTH appears to be an allusion to dancing, an activity that this album is very well suited for.

All Music Guide
Zingaias music falls into the exotic/sacred/trance/dance/worldbeat category gently funky electronic music that sounds like it must come from Africa or India .there's lots of pleasure to be had here, in the nicely harmonized vocals and dark, loping bass on "Soles on Earth", the dubbed-up and sexy vocals on "Sahaja, and the exotically funky "Bone Dance".the grooves are all perfectly serviceable and the textures are rich and pleasing. Recommended.
   — Rick Anderson

The Pagan Review
SOLES ON EARTH is tribal meets modern music with rhythms to get you up and keep you, moving. This music is sexy, stimulating and pleasurable and you can feel yourself getting lost in the beat. A terrific CD for a summer night dance around the bonfire.

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