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Enter a sensuous world of exotic world rhythms, female vocals and smooth global trance grooves. This long anticipated follow-up to "Beneath the Veil" from music/art wizards Michael and Katlyn Breene (Zingaia), also features the captivating vocals of newest member, Abbi Spinner. "Dancers of Twilight" continues to explore the union of the erotic and the sacred, in a breathtaking mixture of ethnic instruments, electronica, silky vocals and world dance rhythms. Zingaia explores musical paths in the tradition of Enigma and Delerium, but they have a unique sound all their own. Discover the sacred pleasure within... celebrate the eternal dance of life and love.

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Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Ondine 5:52
2. Divine Flame 4:56
3. Wild As You 6:29
4. At The Window 5:27
5. Shape Shifter 4:11
6. Life After Life 5:54
7. Magus 4:34
8. Dark Eros 6:13
9. Vine Of The Soul 5:18
10. Dancers Of Twilight 6:31

Release date: September 7, 2000

Published Reviews

Napra ReView
With the common thread of love songs to the soul, this collection of global, world beat sounds acknowledges every level and every chakra in unabashed celebration. Sensuous, earthy, and heavenly, in a breathtaking mood of wonder and awe, these love-based pieces resonate deeply through body and mind, kissing the soul with unapologetic affection. I was surprised at the wide range of moods. Rich with bass tones and interwoven percussion alongside astounding vocals, this album will find a variety of uses, from wooing a potential mate to comfort in times of distress to energetic housecleaning. It conveys a feeling of knowing the listener to a depth that can be disconcerting, and is sure to be popular with both young and _ well, those not quite so young.
   — Triana J. Elan,

Dancers of Twilight by Zingaia is inspiring music that stirs the emotions, the intellect and body all at once: Emotionally with soothing joy; intellectually with lyrics that challenge leaps of logic like a Rumi poem; bodily with ancient global rhythms and popular dance grooves that call the body to natural movement This album CD is innovative, imaginative and adventuresome. It's creative combinations of forms and styles include temple chanting, New Age ambient, South American jazz, and European Techno. It is filled with beautiful melodies supported by complex, layered weavings of arpeggios and rhythms, so that everywhere one listens there is something interesting and sometimes unusual to be heard.
   — Lee Stone

Backroads Music
The 2nd Zingaia release offers more in the way of pulsing global rhythms, sensual female vocals & smooth/trance/dance grooves. The music is by Michael Breene, with lyrics and vocals by Abbi Spinner. The mix of elements and inspiration is rather dazzling, yet understated in ways that allow the whole to unfold in often surprising ways. Hypnotic keyboard portions give way to neo-Celtic marches, percussive drum breaks and layers of sensuous, soaring vocal tracks that take the listener on a magic carpet ride of wonder and discovery. The space between light and shadows, sun and moon, and the place where mystery and passion meet -- this is where Zingaia is found. Exotic sounds from around the world imbued with the passionate sensuality of the Goddess ignite inner fires... -

Steve Ryals, a nationally syndicated reviewer
Music wizard Michael Breene, along with lyricist and illustrator Katlyn Breene, form the heart of Zingaia. On their sophomore set Dancers of Twilight, sultry singer Abbi Spinner joins them as they journey into realms of dance-happy rhythms and deliciously exotic vocals. Michael composed all of the music, using his extensive knowledge of synthesizers; samples and programming to create the sensuously juicy delight that is Dancers of Twilight. Most of the tracks include at least some vocals, although some are brief and spoken, as on the lush, tropical "Vine of the Soul." Thunderstorm energy transports the listener to a South American rainforest, while the mid-tempo dance groove calls in the shaman. More than a touch of Tantric Eros is heard on several tracks. "Wild As You" includes jungle sounds and a feisty dance beat, celebrating the untamed passion for life that lives deep in our hearts. "Dark Eros" features Spinner's sexy voice breathing, speaking softly and singing about ecstasy in love and life. The jungle-beat groove almost demands that the listener get up and shake their booty.

Daily OM
Musically rich, soothing to the soul, and extremely seductive, Zingaia is a duo consisting of lyricist/artist (and former stage magiciain) Kaitlyn Breene and her renowned jazz pianist Michael. Their name is a combination of Zingari (a tribe of gypsy troubadours from ancient Greece) and Gaia, goddess of earth. Put together it's a combination of the mytho-poetically spiritual with sensual surrender and Dionysian dancing abandon of their world music beats and samples. Under the guiding tutelage of producers David and Steve Gordon and with new group member, vocalist and percussionist Abbi Spinner, Dancers of Twilight emerges as a bold work that transcends the boundaries of much "world groove" music to take on its own uniquely personal stamp, an alternative pop ballad-flavor stemming from Breene's popular musical roots (he's toured with acts like Sarah Vaughn and Freddie Hubbard, and done everything from funk to rock to country). That mix of deep spiritual center with musical adventurousness and irresistible sensuality makes Dancers of Twilight hard to resist on any level.

"At the Window" starts on a slow groove that slowly opens up into a warm, pulsing rhythm of chimes, bass and synths, with Spinner's seductive, disembodied vocal seeming to emanate from a ghostly cabaret or 1990s David Lynch film; it's eerie yet comforting, like finding you childhood bedroom--just as you remember it, all lit up with an orange glow--in the middle of a dark, deserted mountain castle. "Wild as You" bumps it up a notch with spirited vocal samples, bold percussion, and yowling animal sounds while the title track moves into a much more pop direction with Kaitlyn crooning, softly: "Holy communion / sacred reunion / come and make / bread and wine," accompanied by chimes, maraca beats, and funky fretless bass.

Mixing a lot of styles and flavors can sometimes make a musical stew that sounds kind of, well, world-music generic, but Zingaia does it all amazingly right, due in part to Michael Breene's stylistic range and newcomer Spinner's intensely sensual singing, which takes the erotic flow of Zingaia's first album (on which Spinner did not appear) even deeper into a spellbinding realms of tantric-romantic reverie. Thus Dancers of Twilight becomes a can't-miss choice for hanging out on the couch with a potential lover on the all-important third date, or a romantic anniversary weekend; if Zingaia doesn't enhance and/or jump-start your love nest twig-gathering, then they're either not the right person, or you're both just too busy dancing.

Latex Records
Zingaia will most likely appeal to fans of Enigma, Deep Forest and Delerium, especially the latter. The name Zingaia comes from a combination of Zingari, a tribe of gypsies and troubadours in ancient Greece and Gaia, the Goddess of Earth.

This is a nice mix of ethnic/world rhythms and grooves mixed with layers of textured synthesizer ambience and atmospheres and female vocals. An exotic, and at times erotic, body rhythm which is not devoid of thought. Lyrically infused with mythical imagery and wisdom, "Ancient secrets, mystic rhymes".

Much like the feel of Delerium but with a vision. Zingaia is filled with hope, life and divine passion. "At The Window" is filled with eroticism while "Life After Life" is a celebration of life in the knowledge and wisdom of the eternal. "We so bound yet so free, We are wedded to wonder, We so filled with desire, We are fused by the fire, Step out of time".

It's nice to see dance music with a vision. Music you can just as easily enjoy dancing late at night or relaxing during the day. An album with lots of positive synergy!

   — TG Mondalf

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