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Enter now a secret chamber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where God and Goddess join in the Divine Dance, ancient rhythms draw you in, Beneath the Veil, where the sensuous and the sacred, the Spirit and the Body unite. Awaken the Sacred Fire, come Beneath the Veil.

• NAV Music Awards - Finalist

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 Track Title Time 
1. She Beckons 2:19
2. Invocation 7:38
3. Sirens of the Moonlit Tide 9:03
4. Veil of Inanna 8:39
5. Ast Usari 8:27
6. Beneath the Veil 9:29
7. Breath of Passion 8:46

Release date: August 26, 1997

Published Reviews

Autumn Sage Woman
A blend of exquisite music, song, and spoken invocation, evoking the power of women and goddesses. "Beneath the Veil" celebrates the body, the senses, and all the earthy pleasures of erotic satisfaction. You'll soon lose yourself in the sweeping rhythms and throaty vocals. Most of the tracks run long, averaging eight minutes, which makes for a smoother experience if you want to use this material for more than easy listening. My favorites include "Invocation" (with lines like "be the key, open me"), "Sirens of the Moonlit Tide" (with "I am the Evening Star, rising from the twilight sea"), and "Veil of Inanna" (with "The Ruby altar awaits my Love, the boat of heaven is filled with joy"). This music has a definite Middle Eastern sound, with sensual drumming and shimmering synthesizer effects. This recording makes an ideal soundtrack sacred dance, or for rituals devoted to any of the featured goddesses. Awaken the Divine Feminine within yourself and come explore the wonders that await "Beneath the Veil".
   — Elizabeth Barrette

New Age Voice
All music for this album was composed and performed by Michael Breene, with vocals by Veronica Fabre and Breene's wife, Katlyn. Beneath the Veil broils with the passionate sensuality of the Goddess. Layers of Middle Eastern percussion, heady organ tones, galaxies of space music effects, and seductive vocals invite you to park your rational mind at the door. The introduction to "Sirens of the Moonlit Tide" is almost an undertow; surf curls around your ankles while the wails of the sirens eddy intoxicatingly. "Veil of Inanna" also delves deep; darker vibrations and drones seem to pull the lover-searching goddess into the underworld. The title track swirls paisley tones of space music drones, bells, gongs, organ tones, flutes, and voices. The two female vocalists offer everything one would want in a goddess: sensuality, range, emotion, and presence. Here, the goddesses's spoken proclamations declare "I am the first breath of crystalline space . . .a paradise of deep wilderness. . .the heart that rejoices.." The final track, "Breath of Passion," uses throaty breathing and organ drones to great effect. Overall, this feast for the ears took me on many exotic and sultry adventures.

New Age Retailer
David and Steve Gordon are arguably two of the best-known names in New Age Music. Over the years they have released numerous best-selling titles, including Garden of Serenity I and II, Sacred Earth Drums and Sacred Spirit Drums. In 1996, the Sequoia records label released Fairy of the Woods by Gary Stadler. This was the first album by someone other than David and Steve Gordon and I lauded their courage in branching out. Now, with Beneath the Veil, they have branched out even further. This eminently danceable, exotically sensuous album is unlike anything you've heard from Sequoia and once again I commend the Gordons' for their courage.

Zingaia is composed of Michael Breene and his wife Katlyn. Breene is credited with composing and performing all the music, while Katlyn wrote the lyrics and along with Veronica Fabre, performed the scrumptiously evocative vocals. Billed as "an ecstatic trance...a Goddess dance." Beneath the Veil is a deliciously delightful romp through a garden of Tantric Goddess consciousness. Chants, invocations and songs weave their enchanting, mysterious magic as we are gently drawn beneath the veil of Goddesses of love and life. Here is where "the sensuous and the Sacred, the Spirit and the body unite." A basic Tantric precept is that the body is a sacred temple and when two temples unite in love the Sacred Goddess is invoked in all Her glory.

Strongly percussive melodies lovingly entice the listener to reveal the secret passions of the heart, making Beneath the Veil particularly suited for lovers of all kinds. Breene is a musician to be reckoned with, as his mastery of multiple instruments is obvious. Keyboards, synthesizers and lively, Middle Eastern-based percussion flavor the tracks, as in the opening "She Beckons," that melts quickly into "The Invocation," with Katlyn chanting names of the Goddess while a hot percussive dance groove cooks and bubbles underneath.

The seven tracks of Beneath the Veil comprise nearly an hour of music, each cue neatly segueing into the next to create a highly cohesive whole. Beneath the Veil is a rare gift.

Wind and Wire
An album of music for "sacred lovers" where each track is a call to the Eternal Divine Feminine.... as Western sounds mix with Far Eastern melodies and rhythms. It's the eroticism of "Veil of Inanna" (based on the myth of the Dance of the Seven Veils) that lifts this album. You can smell the incense, heat and passion as she dances for the release of her lover.... full of lust of a more basic nature. Above all, this is a very personal album... worth looking into by those with an open, inquiring mind.

The Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women's Mysteries
An excellent tantric accompaniment... swaying and rhythmic sounds of drums, voice and enchantment. Enter a secret chamber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where the Goddess and God join in the Divine Dance. Ancient rhythms draw you in, where the sensuous and the sacred, the spirit and the body unite. Awaken the sacred fire: Come Beneath the Veil.

New Music of the World
Zingaia is created by Michael Breene as composer and producer, even though in this last facet David and Steve Gordon also intervened, making them asidious collaborators in this Californian cache. Also collaborating on this disk is the singer Katlyn. Beneath the Veil is a work of passion, conceived and born in the love of these creators, like a hymn of goodness. Each song is a call to the divine and eternal Femininity, a call to the act of dancing, inspired by the heart. This is the music of Shakti, the mysterious force of life given to love, exotic rhythms, poetic invocations; to the magical voice of this woman that transports us to a new music: mysterious, cultured, and bewitching. Zingaia is a name that comes from a dream. It is associated with the name Zingari, that comes from a tribe of Greek gypsies and Gaia, of the Great Mother Earth.

All of the themes of the album reflect a passionate and mysterious sensibility, today difficult to qualify. Beginning with the song that opens this disk, She Beckens is like a reflection of moonlight when she sings at the entrance of the enterior to the temple; or Invocation, an inspiration to the call of love and life. Sirens of the Moonlit Tide evokes a deeply profound voice, that reamerges as a waterfall to arrive at the Veil of Innana, an evocation toward the underlying power of the Divine, like the next theme, Ast Usari, an honoring toward the God Osiris.

With Beneath the Veil, it takes us a little bit closer to the self-taught World music par excellance, like that of such beautiful and far away countries as India, Egypt, Persia and those countries that the Occidental world will continue to depend on for their magic and splendour in all that they bring to us.

The closing of the disk with Breath of Passion, supposes for us a complete hymn to life, a breath of passion to the union of people and the concept of compassion, things that today are not apparent in the actual world that surrounds us. Without a doubt, a celebratory album, of whose authors we anxiously await their next work.

An ecstatic trance".a Goddess dance". Katlyn Breene, luminary of the Goddess tradition, and her instrumentalist husband Michael collaborate on this evocative and lovely 1997 debut release. "It was conceived and born in the love of its creators as a hymn to the Goddess. Each song is a call to the Eternal Divine Feminine, a call to the Dance, which inspires the heart. It is the music of Shakti, the mysterious force of Life Giving Love." On tracks like She Beckons, Veil of Inanna, and Sirens of the Moonlit Tide, they artfully weave together exotic rhythms and percussion, Katlyn's poetic spoken-word invocations, tribal and ambient sounds, and modern magick to create a new music of the ancient mysteries. Especially recommended for Middle Eastern-oriented creative dance!

Music Design In Review
BENEATH THE VEIL by Zingaia is produced by Michael Breene and David and Steve Gordon. All the music is composed and performed by Michael Breene, while the lyrics are written by his wife Katlyn. Each song on BENEATH THE VEIL is a call to the Eternal Divine Feminine. "Invocation" gives the names of the Goddess in a haunting voice accompanied by gentle yet energizing percussion. "Sirens of the Moonlit Tide" sends a call to "EA" (God of Water, Wisdom and Magic), "Binah" (Lady of Understanding, the Dark Mother of the Great Sea), and "Ge" (the Great Earth Mother). The music, filled with synthesizers and sounds of Shakuhachi flute and percussion, swirls around the words. This truly sensual trance dance music is made to inspire the heart through celebrating and honoring the Goddess.

NAPRA Review
Zingaia was coined by combining the word Zingari, a tribe of Greek gypsies, and the name of Gaia, the great mother Earth, which tells you a great deal about this music. One could call it goddess music because each seductively swaying song with its whispery singing and spoken word vocals evokes images of ancient goddesses. While recognizably a pawn of Enigma or Deep Forest and using stylistic elements of world music and ambient trance, this album has a distinctively original sound that is electronically modern and ancient tribal percussive at he same time. Its quality of direct-to-the-hear spirituality is not unlike Sacred Spirit Drums, and it's easy to recognize the influence of David and Steve Gordon as co-producers with Michael Breene, a member of the two-musician group. While it may not be possible for any album to be as popular as Sacred Spirit Drums, this one has a real good shot at becoming a classic in its own right.

Angel's Kiss
Beneath the Veil is dedicated to sacred lovers and to the eternal divine feminine, in her many forms and guises. This album is captivating and addictive, getting into your blood, lighting a flame deep within your heart. Beneath the Veil takes you into a different realm, creating an atmosphere of mystery, mysticism and magic. It is an intoxicating blend of tribal percussion, keyboard, ethereal and haunting voices, repetitious hand drumming, giggles, chants and exotic melodies. Some songs contain a drone-like quality, adding to the already rich hypnotic textures.

The music paints a picture of fantasy lands afar. Visions of gypsies belly dancing, incense, smoke, ritual and lovers' union dance within the mind's gaze, pulling you deeper into the music. Some songs take you to the sea; others to the sand. You can hear elements from all over the world, combined to create a unique sound and style.Zingaia does not try to fit into any one genre of music, but paves a way for its own sound.

The lyrics are a mysterious blend of goddess invocation, poetic expression of the divine feminine and the alchemy of merging polarities creating a sacred union. The album begins with an invitation as "She Beckons," the first track, initiates you into the erotic, mysterious world of Zingaia. The journey moves forward and we are instructed to "Be the key to open something greater and hidden" in track two, "Invocation of the Goddess." The haunting, seductive vocals of Katlyn Breene and guest vocalist, Veronic Fabre, are alluring and enchanting; exciting yet relaxing.

Track three, "Sirens of the Moonlit Tide," my favorite track on the album, awakens your senses, if you are not up and dancing already. Moving forward, the sixth track, "Beneath The Veil," reveals the alluded secret. The album then continues on with one more track, the seventh and final piece of the composition.

The album, as a whole, has a feel of both excitement and relaxation, keeping you engaged, yet distant, creating a heightened alertness and a calm focus at the same time. This is another example of the unification or polar opposites, as earth and sky and male and female energies unite. The album is uplifting, meditative and easy to dance to. People of many different tastes can easily find an appreciation of this work. The aesthetics of the album are also impressive, the artist being the talented Katlyn Breene. Although the music speaks for itself, the art is a nice compliment to Zingaia's enchanting world.

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Sensual & Exotic~
The sensuality of the Goddess is alive in Beneath the Veil. —  Emilee Carr Sugar Land, TX, USA

Zingaia is an amazing team!
Zingaia creates the best electronica ever! And it's made up of the most brilliant team members. It is so clear that they read eachother as though twin spirits. — Hazel Wright Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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