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Your destination for rejuvenation... An exceptional spot. In the Buddha-Lounge, the inviting atmosphere transports you to a dreamworld where DJs spin smooth healing beats which beckon you to relax. This unique album is a sensation in Europe and features a perfectly sequenced set of songs from international new-music favorites Roedelius, Alquimia, Opera To Relax, Drum'n'Space, Delago, Peter Mergener, Althea W.as well as Sequoia's own David & Steve Gordon, Zingaia and Gary Stadler with Stephannie.. Just sit back and enjoy the journey through the magical universe as you discover the multi-cultural grooves, intriguing vocals, and world-trance rhythms. Great for yoga! The Buddha Lounge is a place which makes you feel good.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Poetry [Roedelius] 3:58
2. Dona Cre Tun [Gary Stadler & Stephannie] 5:12
3. Abo Daylight [Althea W. ] 3:42
4. From Life 2 Life [Opera to Relax] 6:13
5. The Audience [Drum N Space] 4:32
6. Reverence [David & Steve Gordon] 6:40
7. In the Move [Svensson] 4:40
8. What is Right [Marcator] 3:16
9. Second Day [Delago] 4:30
10. Divine Flame [Zingaia] 4:56
11. Night of the Alebrijes [Alquimia] 15:46
12. Glass from Jasper [Roedelius] 4:53
13. Rain in Australia [Peter Mergener] 6:27

Release date: April 5, 2002

Published Reviews

Innerchange Publishing Co.
Buddha-Lounge is a fun, playful, and eclectic collection of moderate to up-tempo songs reflecting many different cultures and languages. It is a combination of musical styles including New Age, World Pop, Club Dance, Jazz, and even monks singing Gregorian Chants accompanied by percussion. All of these songs are well done and worth a listen. My personal favorite is track seven, titled "In The Move" by Svensson. It is a kind of mellow, jazzy dance club number with 80s synthesizer bass rhythms and clarinet and oboe leads that carries the listener from soulful to joyful with a very sweet melody. Buddha-Lounge would be great music to start your morning with, up-tempo enough to help you get going but mellow enough to be non-intrusive.
   —  Lee Stone

Backroads Music
This superb collection of tracks, mostly from Europe, really plays well. It is surprising that it comes from the Sequoia Label, and includes tracks by label artists Zingaia, Dave & Steve Gordon and Gary Stadler with Stephannie. Additionally, there are choice cuts from Peter Mergener, Roedelius, Alquimia, Drum N Space, Althea W., Opera to Relax and more. Punchy ambient rhythms and dream worlds of textured beats make for a winning blend of healing grooves to hang with.
   — Lloyd Barde

New Witch Magazine
Buddha-Lounge, a best selling record in Europe, uses multi-cultural rhythms to create an intriguing album from various international new-age artists. At the beginning it was difficult to tell one song from the other because the rhythms appeared to be the same. Towards the middle of the album it really picked up, and I found that the best songs on were found here. "Dona crei tun" is a very calming melody, sung ever so softly and purely, perfect for meditation work as well as soothing relaxation. Stephannie is the voice behind this moving song. This was by far my personal favorite of all the songs featured. "Divine Flame" included brilliant drumming to entice the listener into getting onto the floor and perform a stomping dance. Performed by Alquimia, "Night of the Alebrijes" was outstanding with its subtle tones and perfectly in-sync vocals to create an enchanting, healing experience. I also enjoyed the track "Glass from Jasper," which I found useful for inducing trance. Overall this record was enjoyable. The good tracks definitely outweighed the average ones; it's worth a listen. A portion of all proceeds go to the Rainforest Action Network and the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Fund.
   —  Aurielle Silvermoone

This artfully arranged sequence of slow trance and multicultural beats creates a special atmosphere that claims its "Buddha" appellation by virtue of creating a "magical universe" that transcends ordinary time and space. Featured artists include Roedelius, Gary Stadler and Stephannie, Zingaia, Alquimia, and Peter Mergener There are striking contrasts -the melodic Old World folk sound of "Dona Crei Tun" followed by the Down Under world sound of "Abo Daylight," for example -but an underlying continuity of beat holds it all together. The DJs of this virtual lounge eschew the raucous rhythms and machine-noise type of techno beat which characterize some lounge music; their atmosphere is more in favor of relaxation and "smooth" moves. Modern, hip-yet-mellow -a "destination for rejuvenation.
   — Kaya Jacoley

New Age Retailer
A strong seller in Europe, Buddha-Lounge has been repackaged, remastered and remixed by Sequoia Records for release in the United States. The fantasy of Buddha-Lounge is that of a dance club lost in the realm of universal dreams. Eclectic world-beat rhythms gently soothe and entrance creating an atmosphere conducive to movement, including yoga. Multicultural voices create fascinating vocal stylings, affording listeners a welcome respite from the cares of the day. This soothing and nurturing album is a destination resort for the soul.

Three of the generous 13 tracks providing more than 70 minutes of music - are by Sequoia Records Artists, including founders David and Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler and Stephannie, and Zingaia. Other artists include Roedelius, Drum N Space, Mergener and more. Synthesizers, wicked-cool percussion, guitars, bass, drums, and vocals are featured. For those customers who are interested in what's hot in Europe or who are simply into fresh music, Buddha-Lounge is the place to visit.

Global Rhythm Magazine
Sequoia Records celebrates 20 years of drums, gardens, fairies, serenity and sanctuary with Buddha Lounge. Gary Stadler and Stephannie offer Celtic crooning with sitar. There is Native American rhythm, trippy synth swirls, the potent vocals of Althea W., touches-o-funk and spare percussion. The relaxing Buddha Lounge is a meditative collection of Sequoia's own. A portion of the proceeds are earmarked for the Rainforest Action Network.
   — Stacy Meyn

Common Ground Magazine
This superb collection of tracks, mostly from Europe, really plays well. It is surprising that it comes from the Sequoia label, and includes tracks by label artists Zingaia, Dave & Steve Gordon and Gary Stadler with Stephannie. Additionally, there are choice cuts from Peter Mergener, Roedelius, Alquimia, Drum'n Space, Althea W., Opera to Relax and more. Punchy ambient rhythms and dream worlds of textured beats make for a winning blend of healing grooves to hang with.

Music Design In Review
Welcome to the Buddha Lounge - your destination for rejuvenation! Imagine hypnotic beats effortlessly blended into ethnic textures, chants that soothe the soul and irresistible rhythms guaranteed to make you move. Throw in a group of artists that includes Gary Stadler & Stephanie, David & Steve Gordon, Drum N Space, Roedelius and Alquimia and you have a chill-out sensation like no other. This non-stop mix features over 70 minutes of downtempo trance-dance bliss that will free your mind and lift your spirits to the heavens above.

Yes sir. Yes madam. I understand completely, the previous nights drink and dance have left you feeling the need to refresh. It is understandable. Come, sit in a comfortable lotus position, as the rays of the sun bask and bathe your battered body and mind. You have entered the Buddha Lounge. It is a place of physical and spiritual rejuvenation. The exotic beach resort place for the soul. Would you like some refreshments? Orange Juice or Jasmine tea is highly recommended on the menu. And now for your relaxation pleasure and to take you into your dreamworld of sleepy mitigation here are the sounds of the Buddha Lounge.

The Buddha Lounge is not boring healing music. It is cool. This record is a hit sensation in Europe and features a perfectly sequenced list of songs from international and world beats new-music favorites. Just relax and soon your mind and body will be awash with multi-cultural grooves, vocals, and world-trance rhythms. The Buddha Lounge is the happening place that makes you feel so good. And once you have the album, admission is free.

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

One Word - LOVE
Simply stunning... I have almost the complete set of Buddha Lounge and I can't get enough. The work of the Gordon Brothers is pure genius. I am simply in awe by your awesomeness. In this CD, my personal favorite is In the Move by Svensson. This version is a masterpiece. The body, mind and spirit can't help but move and cry and soar to greater heights. — ~ Liza Toronto, Ontario, CA

Thank You!!
This CD helped ‘wean’ me from buying music from major labels! — Nan Cota

Clients love BL!
My massage clients love Buddha Lounge!! — Paula Hamlik

Great rhythm for running
I’ve been using Buddha Lounge to run with. It’s the perfect combo of steady beat and soaring melody. — Natalie de Cuba

Five Stars
Very spiritual and uplifting. — Susan Inouye

Very versitile
I love that I can meditate and do Yoga with this beautiful music! — Erica M. Frade

Life Enriching
I discovered Buddha Lounge last year. What a discovery! Your choice of world music is fascinating. You can't even imagine how this cd touches my soul and enhances my life. Where have you found such artists?! My favorite piece is Reverence. What a mind-blowing piece. — Dena

Very Relaxing
I can't tell you enough, how this music allows me to relax at work. — David Davis

Buddha-Lounge is beautiful music, uplifting and spiritual! — Ewa Gajdlinska

The Buddha Lounge is spellbinding! — Jefferey P. Young

A great blend of music
Buddha Lounge has all cool tracks, new age, relaxing, some jazzy and all with a cultural harmony. — Maureen Dutton

I might have to get a new copy!
Buddha Lounge gets played all of the time; in my car, home and at work. Its Fabulous! — T. Rorschach

5-Stars! - 2-thumbs up! —  Patrick Keagan

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