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Psychedelic Trance

Embark on a virtual vision quest to uncharted realms of the mind. You could also call this experimental music because it is music that is beyond any established forms or definitions. Sometimes called psybient, ambient psy, psychill, ambient trance, psy-trance, goa trance, left field, IDM (intellegent dance music,) suomisaundi, ambient trance or just ambient electronic music or ambient techno music, this truly is the music of consciousness. Unlike chill out electronica or trip hop music, which is designed to relax and unwind to, psychedelic trance might do that sometimes, but at other times it could also stimulate your mind and challenge your conceptions and ideas. It's music that expands the mind and can take you deep inside of yourself or send you off into furthest space.

Psychedelic trance music can have much in common with other forms of electronic music such as hypnpotic patterns and loops along with dance rhythms and shifting textures and grooves but the goal is not just chilling out. Inspired by electronic music groups such as Hallucinogen, Psychonauts, The Orb, Aphex Twin, Shpongle, Entheogenic, Shulman, Ott and Third Ear Audio, psychedelic trance music has no set rules other than the essential psycho-active effect of the music itself. Musicians are free to create completely unique sounds, samples and songs that incorportate styles taken from many other genres of music as they are combined in totally new ways.

In some ways is it similar to Shamanic music that anicent Shamans would use during their medicine journeys because those journeys were not always completely comfortable for the seeker, but they always led to the truth. But at the same time, psychedelic trance music is always enjoyable because it's created in the spirit or pure entertainment for the soul. It will take you into a colorful universe beyond time and space where you can contemplate the unknowable. Since there are mysteries that are unfathomable, it's only fitting that there should be some music to accompany you on that journey.