Drum Medicine by David and Steve Gordon Drum Medicine
David & Steve Gordon

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Tribal drums from all over the planet, soaring native flutes, guitars, shamanic atmospheres, spirit rattles and wilderness sounds awaken you to the dance of life. David & Steve Gordon, creators of the #1 best seller, Sacred Earth Drums, take you on their greatly anticipated new musical journey. With their world instruments and studio artistry, the Gordons have the power to entrance and summon the sacred dance. The healing power of the drum moves you... to dance, to dream, to live!

• 2017 COVR Icon Award
• 2000 COVR Best Album of the Year
• 2000 COVR Best World Music Album
• 2000 NAV Best Native Heart Album
• 2000 NAV Best Album
• Charted on Billboard's New Age Top 20 for 4 weeks

Extended length logo for world music mp3 album Drum Medicine by David and Steve Gordon.Billboard logo for world music mp3 album Drum Medicine by David & Steve Gordon.COVR 2008 Visionary Music Award for Earth Drum, Best World AlbumCOVR 2008 Visionary Award for Earth Drum, Record of the Year.

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 Track Title Time 
1. Enter The Sacred 7:42
2. Empowered 6:40
3. Eagle Dance 6:04
4. Ancient Way 8:03
5. Thunder Dreamer 7:29
6. Reverence 6:40
7. Spiritwalk 6:47
8. Four Direction Wind 5:30
9. Enter The Sacred Part II 3:37

Release date: May 26, 1999

Published Reviews

NAPRA Review
Another sure-to-be-best-selling Native-inspired drum and flute release by the pioneering brothers of New Age environmental sound, this album takes a small but definite step away from typical "New Age" toward the contemporary instrumental in composition and arrangement. A few tracks we are treated to David or Steve's gentle vocals. On one work, male and female voices alternate with each other in delivering their traditional chants, one Nez Perce Indian and one in Sanskrit. As with Sacred Earth Drums and Sacred Spirit Drums, Drum Medicine may be recommended as appropriate for relaxation or for New Age shamanic ritual.

The New Times
Anyone who has enjoyed the Gordons' Sacred Earth Drums or Sacred Spirit Drums can move on confidently to the even more enjoyable Drum Medicine. The spirit of the earth and the energy of the wind are captured by various drums and flutes, occasionally joined by keyboards, guitars, and Native voices. The lyrics are sometimes presented in Lakota, sometimes English, sometimes Sanskrit.

David and Steve Gordon made nature recordings during their meditations in the Sequoia National Forest, which set the mood for, and were blended with, their music. They have created music for the soul and the body, music for dreaming, dancing, and healing, or "music to move your body and spirit," as their label accurately calls it.

Whole Life Times
The beat can make you better. In the spirit of Sacred Earth Drums, Sacred Spirit Drums and Ancient Power (a collaboration with Deborah Martin), the brothers Gordon add another sacred sound journey to their 15-plus years of composition and channeling. Retreating to the Sequoia National Forest when they need to recharge, David and Steve speak for the trees. Not too much of a departure from their earlier drum-based Shamanic excursions, Drum Medicine has more melody and variety to soothe your senses. Worldwide tribal drums, native flutes, guitars, rattles and wolf, eagle and coyote sounds mesh with Lakota songs, with encouraging themes such as "Enter the Sacred," "Empowered," "Reverence," "Spiritwalk," and other feel-good grooves.

Wind and Wire
I think that Native American fusion music is probably one of the most difficult subgenres to perform well. When you look at artists who have fared poorly (from the disastrous attempt by European synth band Cusco to the earnest but unfocused effort from Jonn Serrie), you wonder why anyone would try to operate in this field at all. But, some artists can make it work, such as Andrew Vasquez, Gary Stroutsos, Douglas Spotted Eagle and John Huling. Added to that list, based on this album at least, are the Gordon brothers, David and Steve. Drum Medicine, their third "drum" recording, is far and away their best of the lot. It expertly blends well-played and incredibly well-recorded Native drums and percussion with evocative wooden flutes, atmospheric synths, minimal vocals and even instruments like electric and slide guitar. That's quite an accomplishment.

While I normally prefer the quieter pieces in this genre, I must admit that the multiple layers of drums and hand percussion on Drum Medicine won me over. With heavily-echoed flutes playing against polyrhythms and undercurrents of synth washes, this recording is designed for louder volume playback to achieve the best results. The album has a dense mix, but never sounds busy (quite a feat, in my opinion). Take "Eagle Dance" with layers of rhythms, flute, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and rattles - all seamlessly sewed together. Other highlights of this well-done album include the mysterious "Ancient Way" and "Spiritwalk" which throws some pan-African percussion into the mix.

The flutes on Drum Medicine may remind some listeners of Coyote Oldman to some degree, but the layers of drums and other instruments instantly set this apart from the pioneering flute duo. What impressed me the most with this recording is how David and Steve could be this respectful and yet never resort to fake solemnity or ponderous heavy-handed cliche. In the end, Drum Medicine is quite accessible, yet it does not co-opt Native American music or ideology to achieve its success. At least not to my way of thinking.

New Age Retailer
Drum Medicine is the long-anticipated sequel to David and Steve Gordon's Sacred Earth Drums and Drum Medicine. Both titles continue to do very well, though I expect Drum Medicine will eventually surpass these titles in sales. The reason is simple. The Gordons have simply outdone themselves. While keeping with the spirit of their earlier drum-based shamanic music, they have crafted a more melodic, accessible album featuring a global-fusion sound. Steve plays some hot guitar riffs in addition to flute, drums, rattles and more. David handles piano, vocals, keyboards, and assorted percussion. You'll also hear American Indian voices and Sanskrit chanting as well as nature sounds such as birdcalls. Perfect for all kinds of movement, dance or inner journeying, Drum Medicine will likely prove to be the Gordon's most popular work to date.
   — Steve Ryals

Drum Medicine is an unqualified success, as it combines tribal drums, native flutes, guitars, shamanic atmospheres, spirit rattles and nature sounds in a meaningful celebration of sacred dance. Together the Gordon's guide you on a moving journey into the healing power of the drum, drawing heavily from Native tradition with a tastefulness and reverence that allows for the liberal incorporating of western elements and sensibility. Steve and David deliver all the way with their array of log drums, rattles, djembes, etc. in tandem with the melodies which range from haunting to dynamic, digging into the earth, soaring across the sky, flowing through the water or stoking the spirit fires. Highly recommended.
   — Lloyd Barde,

By combining the New Instrumental Music with the essence of the Folklore of the Native Americans, David and Steve Gordon have created a series of themes based on percussive rhythms with tribal traits, ethereal environments sustained by synthesizers, and melodies that combine a classical romanticism with the mysticism of Indian traditions. All this, together with subtle touches of Jazz and Pop, besides some almost subliminal brush-strokes of Ambient.
   —  Marcella Cirignola

New Age Voice Magazine
The album opens with a respectful entry into sacred space, an invitation evoked by layered instrumentation, dominated by the Gordons' impeccable native flutes and hand drums. Subsequent pieces call forth various aspects of the spiritual journey. While some are sung in Lakota,the rhythms hearken to the larger world. As in their previous albums,technical competency and ease with synthesizers and modern recording studio capabilities add a contemporary dimension to timeless sounds. A perfect sequel to Sacred Earth Drums, the medicine involved has more to do with global vision than individual concerns. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network and the U.N. Center for human Rights to aid the world's indigenous people.
   — Antoinette Botsford

Space Junkies Magazine
The incredible sounds of the tribal drumming, native flutes, acoustic guitar and spirit rattles are combined with authentic tribal chanting and nature's sounds and creatures to create an atmosphere that promotes healing through music. "Drum Medicine" soothes the soul, the mind and the spirit.
   — Michele Palulis

Customer Comments

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I love Steve and David Gordon music❤
I want to say thank you for your beautiful music. I have most all of the drum medicine downloads and native american downloads also(Love every one of the cds and downloads). My mother passed away on May 18,2018 from pancreatic cancer. We listened to Steve and David Gordon music together especially drum medicine. I have found a lot of comfort having your music to listen to. The music helps keep me close to my mother. Thank you for helping me keep my mother's memory in in my heart everyday. With much appreciation and love, Gina Nelson — Gina Nelson Jonesboro, La, United States

I waited a year to find this CD...
Mostly because I have no idea where to get Drum beat only cds. I am elated, thank you so very much. Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore Customer - ATL Gia — gia santiago marietta, GA, US

Medicine Indeed
This drum series never fails to deliver. This was my introduction to the Gordon Brother's music. Soothing, Calming, Relaxing... it does it all while bringing me into the heartbeat of the Great Mother. A good rest is guaranteed with this album. — Brandon Fayetteville, NC, United States

Cats, Reiki and Drum Medicine
I am a Reiki Master and have 3 cats, two of whom always join in our Reiki shares when I have them in my home. Terra will actually lay on whom ever we are doing a reiki session on. We always put on Drum Medicine to start our reiki share with and there is always at least 1 cat enjoying the drum and Reiki!!! — Wendy Jerosky Downers Grove, IL, USA

I enjoy this CD so much that I bought a couple more to give as gifts. I use in conjunction with meditation, reiki or just to help me find a calm before bedtime after a busy day. I highly recommend this for anyone with post tramatic stress or anxiety/stress. —  Suzanne T

Soar above the mundane
As a member of the Unami Tribe of the Lenni Lenape, I have a great appreciation for all things Native American. I have found that the drums and accompanying sounds on this album make it very easy for me to call upon my animal guide when in a meditative state. Drum Medicine allows me to project myself and soar above the banalities of everyday life. — Dave Scarpello, hip-hop and R&B specialist for CDNOW US

Great CD!!
What a great CD!!! I play Drum Medicine twice a day!! —  Lynne Brown

~~Drum Medicine~~
I love this Drum Medicine. Its very healing! — Richard Vechi

So Sacred...
I love the spiritual peace that Drum Medicine leaves me in. — Mary D. Reyna

Oh Yeah!
Excellent! Where have you been all my life? — Walter H. Wilbanks

A GREAT album.
Drum Medicine is great music to study and work by - keep up the journey! — John Latiolais

Drum Medicine is a great album! I love all material from David and Steve Gordon. — Annie Pepper

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