Fairy Lullabies by Gary Stadler Fairy Lullabies
Gary Stadler

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Embark on a sweetly relaxing journey into the enchanting world of Fairies that will touch your heart with its innocent beauty. Award-winning composer Gary Stadler has responded to requests from his fans and created new instrumental lullaby versions of some of his most loved melodies plus one new song. The result is serenely enchanting music that will soothe both children and parents alike. Gary's soulfully beautiful melodies will guide you into a mystical world of dreams where you touch gently down into the heart of the Fairy realm. Fairy Lullabies is perfect for calming kids for naptime or tucking them into bed for the night. More than just lullaby music for children, Gary's tender piano, keyboard orchestrations and Enya-esque vocals along with special guest Lisa Lynne's Celtic harp create a peaceful atmosphere in the home - also ideal for yoga, massage and meditation. Lay back, close your eyes and drift away...


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 Track Title Time 
1. Piano Lullaby #2 3:46
2. Elphame Lullaby 7:03
3. Garden Lullaby 3:56
4. Piano Lullaby 3:43
5. Sa Brooke Lullaby 5:40
6. Spark in the Night Lullaby 7:25
7. Spinneee Lullaby 6:07
8. Deenaby 6:04
9. Fly Away Lullaby 5:42
10. Sweet Lullaby 3:55
11. For Tammi 4:24

Release date: August 1, 2006

Published Reviews

Music Design In Review
Gary Stadlers whimsical dreamscapes have been capturing listeners imaginations for nearly a decade, and have included such delights as the singing of Stephanie, Wendy Rule and Singh Kaur. With FAIRY LULLABIES, Stadler heeded the urging of his fanbase, who requested an album of instrumental renditions of his songs. The first thing youll notice about this album is how well the songs work in a lullaby format the music is unbelievably soft, dreamy and sweet. Stadlers piano melodies cascade amongst gentle synth ambience, twinkly keyboard tones and Lisa Lynnes well-placed harp its hard not to be enchanted by the music. This voyage into the land of the faeries is certainly not limited to nightly slumber, the musics quiet nature makes it ideal for any sort of relaxation endeavor. Includes one new Stadler composition.

Play List
Celtic composer Gary Stadler's Fairy Lullabies is a stripped-down instrumental version of his best, most beloved songs every fairy fan already knows by heart. Included with original vocals from Stephannie (Fairy Heart Magic) and Singh Kaur (This Universe, Fairy Night Songs) on many of the 11 tracks is "Piano Lullaby," a heartfelt new solo piano composition.

Taking to heart Stadler's childhood memory (included in the liner notes) of falling asleep to a small crystal radio under the covers, I looped Fairy Lullabies for an all-nighter and triggered dreams of light-emanating fairies and pulsating orbs atop oak-lined terraces of emerald moss and fern. Lisa Lynne's pristine Celtic harps on "Elphame Lullaby," which she also composed, and "Spinneee Lullaby" sound as if they were recorded in that same mossy forest alongside the thoughtful acoustic guitar of Bill Lawrence and Stadler's self- described "instrumental Enya music." All tracks are presented on a backdrop of piano and harp melodies interwoven with soft synthesized strings, fairy choirs, and oboes.

An ideal pick for yoga, massage, and meditation, or simply to lull an imaginative child - or adult - into REM. Fairy Lullabies is like melatonin for the soul, playable at any time but best prescribed for afternoon daydreaming, evening dinners, and sleep.

In "Fairy Lullabies", the artist offers us his mastery at creating a work full of beauty and mystery, with themes that in some occasions tend to be of a melodic romanticism, while in other instances they have an enigmatic air. Listening to this album is traveling throughout musical tales whose landscapes are set in the world of fairies and other lands of a supernatural character. The music is bright, full of emotions. One of the most impressive pieces in the album is, in my opinion, "Garden Lullaby".
   — Sarah Tomblin

Daily OM
Contemporary New Age composer Gary Stadler makes music both electronic and organic, both spiritual and worldly. His unique sense of focus and direction puts him a notch above many of his New Age peers: His atmospheric compositions always course forward with intent and establish themselves as distinct, and affecting, works of art. Inspired by the mythical Celtic realm of faeries, Stadler uses music to evoke this timeless fantasy world. In the ambient swells of his music, he captures its fleeting and captivating spirit. Fairy Lullabies, his sixth studio album, is his most profoundly peaceful to date, a cycle of dreamy compositions to soundtrack that blissful middle ground between sleeping and waking, between Earth and faerie. His approach takes in Celtic, symphonic, and worldbeat influences, but the blend is seamless and natural, like the stirring together of specks in the breeze.

The CD opens with the free-floating fantasy sounds of “Piano Lullaby #2.” Soft, rounded piano plays out a melody that cycles slowly round and round, embellished by bells and electronic sparkles. The sound is soft and sonorous, the rich, enveloping music that should right waft through the air in every child’s bedchamber. “Garden Lullaby” rises in from a low hum before bells ring out an easy, emotionally affecting melody that seems derived from Pachelbel’s Canon. Fairy voices waft distantly like a far-off choir, before a voice emerges more clearly, countered by short shots of strings. The track’s movement rolls like the Earth’s own—slow, natural, and inevitable—a celestial wash of heavenly sound.

Toward the album’s end, its tracks settle into a somber and graceful reverie. “Sweet Lullaby,” the penultimate track, centers on a low piano, rolling out a melody over the far reaches of its keys. Stadler splashes spare, gentle chimes, and a fragile mass of voices rises briefly, like light lifting over the trees. The lead melody is calm and easy on the ears, but a close listen reveals unusual melodic choices. Even when Stadler’s music is at its calmest, its most magical and atmospheric, it retains a great clarity and sense of purpose. Stadler’s role is to imagine the music that plays through the air in a storied, more spiritual land—and he does so with both the wonder of a child and the ability of a consummate musician.

Customer Comments

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My Favorite
This is my favorite fairy music. It gets well played. It's very relaxing and peaceful. —  mim Australia

Sweet & Graceful
As sweet and graceful as a baby’s sigh, but playful and spontaneous as well. This is a wonderful CD. Fairy NightSongs has quickly become another favorite of mine. — Maria Escobar Portland, OR, USA

Gary Stadler creates wonderful Fairy music!
This is sweet and lovely not to mention as free as a Sprite. I have an affinity for Gary Stadler and his commitment to create amazing fairy music like this, this is one of many. — Sue Mayor Woodland, CA, usa

A true favorite
Fairy Lullabies quickly has become a favorite among my daughters and I. — Chris Peterson

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