Sacred Drum Visions by David and Steve Gordon Sacred Drum Visions: The 20th Anniversary Collection
David & Steve Gordon

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Feel the peaceful power of Tribal Drums and the serene beauty of Native Flutes, as they join with Incan Pan Pipes, acoustic guitars, Lakota and Sanskrit chants, world-trance grooves, and sounds of nature (with eagle and wolf). This 20th anniversary collection from award-winning artists David and Steve Gordon features the very best tracks from their #1 selling world music releases, plus three gorgeous new songs. Healing Shaman rhythms and ancient sounds center your body and mind, connecting you with the Earth's wisdom.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Faithkeeper Part 1 7:41
2. Sunrise RitualDeep Earth Mix 5:30
3. Empowered 6:40
4. Path With A Heart 5:52
5. Light Of The Canyon 7:23
6. Flowering Tree 4:39
7. Guardian Spirit 8:50
8. Spiritwalk 6:47
9. The Return Journey 7:00
10. Faithkeeper Part 2 4:30

Release date: March 1, 2002

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
I must admit I was a bit taken aback when I received Sacred Drum Visions in the mail, as it announced the 20th anniversary of Sequoia Records. The Sequoia album Music of the Tarot was one of the very first titles I ever reviewed for New Age Retailer, and that was going on nine years ago. My, how times have changed. Thankfully, the one thing that hasn't changed at all is the Gordon brothers' ability to create wildly evocative music. Sacred Drum Visions contains seven "best of" selections from their three previous drumming titles. Sacred Earth Drums, Sacred Spirit Drums and Drum Medicine. Three new tracks, "Faithkeeper, Part 1", "Faithkeeper, Part 2", and "Light of the Canyon" also grace the album with delightful beauty.Among their many talents, the Gordons are amazing multi-instrumentalists. David plays a wide assortment of percussion, as well as piano, native flutes, and keyboards. Steve also plays percussion, in addition to acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and more. They both contribute vocals, loops and programming to the tracks on Sacred Drum Visions. Even though the album is drumming-based, it is perfectly suited to assisting with various healing modalities. Sacred Drum Visions offers truly gorgeous melodies and intriguing nature sounds. All together, between a variety of instruments, sounds, and tracks old and new, the Gordons have created an album of music filled with magic and heart.
   — Steve Ryals

All Music Guide
Sacred Drum Visions celebrates David and Steve Gordon's two decade-long career by compiling some of their best work from the '90s along with some new material. Pieces like "Sunrise Ritual (Deep Earth Mix)," "Spiritwalk," and "Return Journey" work as well in this context as they did on their original albums, proving that the Gordon's musical vision is as cohesive as it is expansive. The fluid rhythms, gentle flutes, and nature sounds that comprise their style sound as fresh and soothing as ever on new compositions like "Faithkeeper" and "Light of the Canyon," and the more subtle mix of synthesizers in their arrangements makes them sound more contemporary as well. Though this isn't a definitive retrospective of the Gordon's entire body of work, or even their '90s output, Sacred Drum Visions does trace their ever-developing sound in a few key tracks.
   — Heather Phares

General Cinema Magazine
Since 1982, David and Steve Gordon have led the revolution of New Age music through such chart-topping successes as Garden of Serenity and Sacred Earth Drums. With Sacred Drum Visions, they have assembled a masterwork of songs celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Combining tribal drums, flutes, pipes, chants, animal calls and more, Sacred Drum Visions is a journey into the inner realm of the soul reflected by the cultures and environments around the world. Containing three new tracks to top this CD off, Sacred Drum Visions is a must for collectors of fine music.
   — Jon Keeyes

NAPRA Review
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sequoia Records, this release commemorates some of the Gordon brothers' best recordings, plus three brand new tracks. Since their first release in 1982, David and Steve have been at the forefront of New Age/ambient/world fusion, combining electronic musicality, environmental sounds, and live instruments into soothing soundscapes. Never sappy or overdone, this release (with some proceeds going to Rainforest Action Network) offers a reverential synthesis of Native flutes, panpipes, guitars, Lakota and Sanskrit chants, and percussion amidst birdcalls, wolf howls, waterfall chatter, and other ambient touches. Incorporating diverse drum rhythms and techniques, including the steady shamanic "heartbeat" drum, these ten tracks echo an older time - and create a channel to get there. This music could be classified New Age, Ambient, or Relaxation, but most selections clearly evince a Native foundation. Taken as an entire aural journey, or enjoyed track-by-track for meditative purposes, the award-winning Gordon signature style promotes relaxation and contemplation.

Awareness Magazine
The essence of soul and the evolving journey of Spirit are often very personal experiences. In our hearts we reach for the unlimited prowess of divine guidance and insight, seeking that moment of clarity that illuminates our fears and doubts. In "Sacred Drum Visions" the Gordon brothers have compiled a list of their greatest hits, put together solely to define their experiences and to gage their journey.

Percussive instruments have always related a primal, somewhat elemental instinct that resides in our consciousness. The undulating rhythms reflect the pulse and heartbeat of unseen, yet felt, realms of consciousness. Into this realm David and Steve Gordon look to share their vision quest. The music is distinctly indigenous, relying on Native American flutes, rattles and drums to establish a grounded link to Mother Earth. Expounding this connection further, the Gordon's have added nature sounds, synthesizer samples, etheric chanting, and moody, expressive flourishes of acoustic and electric guitars.

An interesting highlight of their music is the sensitivity and sensuality the Gordon brothers have instilled into it. Their hearts trembled in the haunting refrains of a Native American flute, quivering with the intensity of relating delicate moments, fragile in their own imaginations, fleeting in the transitions of the known with the unknown. This is music of feeling, vibrations of soul and Spirit allowing us into the personal worlds of David and Steve Gordon. Very interesting.

   — Chuck Diliberto
This twentieth anniversary album is a collection of top tracks from their previous releases, plus three new songs. For those of you already familiar with the soulful music of David and Steve Gordon this is a fine selection of favorites; for everyone else, it’s a great introduction.

Rich vocals present Lakota and Sanskrit chants. Featured instruments include acoustic and electric guitars, rattles, rainstick, keyboards, Native American flutes, Incan panpipes, mandolin, and drums. Some tracks are further enhanced with nature sounds. My favorite songs include Faithkeeper – Part 1 (7:41), Path with a Heart (5: 52), and Spiritwalk (6:47). The others are Sunrise Ritual – Deep Earth Mix (5:30), Empowered (6:40), Light of the Canyon (7:23), Flowering Tree (4:39), Guardian Spirit (8:50), Return Journey (7:00), and Faithkeeper – Part 2 (4:30).

This is deep, flowing music as subtle and complex as an ecosystem. Sacred Drum Visions is ideal for use in ritual or meditation, or as background music for relaxation or bodywork. Highly recommended.

Customer Comments

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Sacred Prayers
I love music with percussion, the Gordon brothers are masters. Thank you for your beautiful music and your talent. — Huguette David Sainte_Thérèse, Québec, Canada

Sweet sounds to clear the head
This music really clears your thoughts and opens the mind. It is very relaxing, but moving as well. — Tracie Vacula Norman, OK,

So peaceful
Sacred Drum Visions is soothing as well as moving with beautiful rhythms. — Pat Toth Arvada, CO,

Don't let the songs end!
On Sacred Drum Visions the songs are too short, I like them so much. Each one should be a whole CD length by itself! — Miqui Sweigart

Conecting with the Earth
My spirit is one with the ancients and I am sister to the world. When I hear Sacred Drum Visons, I live in the oneness of it all. — Sharron Ward West Jordon, UT,

Good music to keep you company
I’m a lonely soul among many, and playing Sacred Drum Visions over and over has really helped! I am very grateful to David & Steve Gordon. — M. Chapin PA,

Great Rhythms!
I really like the way the music was composed, the instruments used and the great rhythmic beat. — Kathryn A. Wright Palm Bay, FL,

Big Drumming Fan
I love the drums on Sacred Drum Visions. They touch my soul. — CL

Nature+Drumes=Beautiful Music!
I like the nature sounds in the background; especially the wolf sounds. The whole CD is good with great drum power & rhythm! — Claudia Lambert Ontario, CA, United States

Miraculous Music
I have two very miraculous stories regarding the healing capabilities of Sacred Spirit Drums. I had been a cancer patient for 2 years and 2 months and had ordered this CD. After 3-4 days of listening to your CD, I went into remission after conventional medicine had turned its back and told me if I stopped chemotherapy I would be dead. I passed this information on to a friend that had been fighting breast cancer for a year. In a strange twist of events, she had received Sacred Spirit Drums as a gift two days later. Her metastasized cancer of the spine was reduced to so small it could not be measured. we both feel if it was not for the pure feelings and emotions portrayed and put into the gordon brothers music, we would not be here to share this revelation with you. — Barbara Yodice

Take it from me…
Being I am of Native American ancestry (Algonquin Nation), I can truly say Sacred Drum Visions album is very enjoyable! — Donna Johnson

5 star music
I love the music of the Gordon Brothers (Sacred Drum Visions). It is very spiritual! — Linda Merryman McHenry, IL,

Thank you!
Your music fills a need. Keep the Earth music coming! — James Gibbs

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