Deep Within a Faerie Forest by Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule Deep Within a Faerie Forest
Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule

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Rediscover the magic - Become filled with exquisite beauty as you journey into a mystical land of dreams. This new collaboration from Gary Stadler (Fairy HeartMagic) and Australian vocalist Wendy Rule leads you through landscapes of forest, deep into the enchanted heart of nature. Those who are familiar with Gary's previous albums will recognize the soulful beauty of his piano based soundscapes. Add to that the magical voice and gentle guitar of Australian singer/songwriter Wendy Rule and the lovely harp of Lisa Lynne, and the result is breathtaking as images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more.

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• In iTunes Top 10 Best New Age Album of 2004

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 Track Title Time 
1. Invocation 6:26
2. FlyAway 5:49
3. Dance of the Wild Faeries 4:06
4. Are you coming with us? 2:55
5. Uyll 4:42
6. Lus y Vaaish 1:58
7. Midwinter 8:09
8. The Lake Isle of Innisfree 5:14
9. The Infinite Shore 5:39
10. Deep Within the Forest 4:45

Release date: September 1, 2004

Published Reviews

New Age Journal
Gary's musical arrangement coupled with the seductive, enchanting vocals of Wendy Rule are a magical combination taking you back to the days of olde, images of Camelot and Merlin dance through your head as you float away to the magical faerie forest and dance among the faeries.
   — Laura Wandrie

Music Design In Review
With his fifth album for Sequoia Records, Gary Stadler pays another visit to the magical realm of the fairies... and what a splendid visit it is! This time around Australian vocalist Wendy Rule provides the album's vocals; she has a light, playful voice with a hint of breathiness that fits well among Stadler's piano and colorful, Celtic-flavored backdrops. Lisa Lynne makes an appearance as well, adding her enchanting harp melodies to the mix. Fans of Stadler's earlier efforts will feel right at home among these sweet, ethereal compositions - the music is serene and uplifting with an imaginative flair, much like the material presented on FAIRY NIGHT SONGS and FAIRY HEART MAGIC. And also much like those albums, DEEP WITHIN A FAERIE FOREST will capture your heart and fill your mind with vivid imagery of frolicking faeries in a shimmering woodland.

BSC Music
Of an impeccable make, this is a release that will surely be liked by a wide range of listeners. A pleasant melodic and very orchestral music where the keyboards and the fine arrangements have a fundamental presence. Beautiful melodies, perfectly intertwined, both with respect to the music and the lyrics, follow one another without ups and downs. And, the ethereal vocals provided by Wendy Rule contribute in a remarkable way to make this album a joyful musical journey.
   — Sarah Tomblin

The Pagan Review
This latest installment from Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule is excellent, extremely soulful and spiritual - an invitation to wander into a faerie ring and stay to live with the fey. This music beckons you to dance - the songs are dreamy and intriguing, inviting you to drift along with a feeling of reaching, a quiet grasping desperation, and a longing for more.., Stadler's Faerie CD series has always been one of my absolute favorites and I am pleased to be able to add this one to my collection.
   — Morgaine

All Music Guide
The music on this album is quite attractive - straightforward beauty - lovely Celtic-inspired tracts. Wendy Rule's voice, Gary Stadler's bass and keyboard, and guest appearances by harpist Lisa Lynne and percussionist Joshua Levin are very enjoyable. Recommended.

This collaboration between Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule yields captivating results. This album illuminates the mythology of ancient Ireland. The most stunning track is "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," that begins and ends with a soaring uilleann pipe melody. Another powerful song is "Are You Coming With Us?" featuring a kalimba pattern and reverberant vocals. DEEP WITHIN A FAERIE FOREST will resonate deeply with all those who enjoy entrancing music. -
Deep Within A Faerie Forest is lovely... the musicianship is sublime. I was entranced. Serve this one on a cold midwinter night by the fire with an open mind - a mind ready to accept the existence of a mystical faerie realm somewhere outside our reality... If we close our eyes and we open our minds, we just might very well be dancing with the wild faeries by the end of this night, as well.
   — John Dunphy

Daily OM
Fairies are alive and well in the music of Gary Stadler, an artist beloved for piano melodies that conjure delightfully inclusive magic rites hidden far from the day-to-day, in magic glens and old-growth forests. For Deep Within a Faerie Forest he has invited Australian vocalist Wendy Rule and Celtic-harp queen Lisa Lynne to join in the enchanted festivities. Delicate, haunting, playful, even mischievous, this is music that's multipurpose and evocative of the land between dreams and sleep, where mystical creatures dwell and romance blooms.

Wendy Rule can hit the deeply resonant heights of a Bulgarian women's choir sound as on "L'Pavane" or purr over Lynne's gentle harp playing for "Invocation." With a vocalist of her range and vision, Stadlar soars to wild, untamed new heights. An array of instrumental choices sparks up the various tracks on the album, a la the violins and fretless bass of "Midwinter" and its mix of dancing fairies and partying local Celts singing "spinning in a trance to the dances inside us." For more melodic, lyrical tunes, Rule shines like a young Sarah McLachlan as on the evocative "Fly Away," singing: "Fly away with me / Together we will find / The wisdom of the heart / The wonders of the mind." Noting also that "there's everything to see / And everywhere to go," Rule's voice leads us forward, guided by the gentle sparkling light from the harp, into the darkness toward the far-ahead light of the fairy fire.

The title track to "Deep Within the Forest" has a strange glow of dreamy, surreal sophistication, like finding a ghostly cocktail bar in the middle of a misty forest glade, with Rule's voice haunting and doubled in whispers: "And I'll stay here / Dancing endlessly / And I'll stay here / Dancing endlessly with you." One feels her pulling you inward as the giggles of fairy children percolate like a stream around you. That's the overall feeling of this marvelous album, though other songs prove more austere and melancholy and provide a rich emotional range. Stadler and Rule provide the sacred place, and the disc provides the time to stay. You'll be glad for the, repeatbutton as you may never want to leave.

Customer Comments

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Deep Within Song Uyll
I think it is fantastik, I love it. —  Gary Florence, KY, USA

Gary and Ms. Rule are a fantastic combo
I love the deep enchanting sounds of the songs from this album. I have listened to samples of other albums but this one has the Magic —  James Jacobs Sacramento, Ca, US

Among the many fairy albums that Stadler has created, this remains my favorite fairy music. It is enchanting, melodic and creates visions of the Faerie Forest that inspire me each and every listen! — Andre Nickai Tuscaloosa, AL, US

The Truly Secret Garden...
This is like a whimsical peek into the fairy ring. I can almost feel the fluttering at my shoulders of tiny wings. Thi s is a breathtaking and authentic album dedicated to the freedom and hope of the fairy. I truly feel a part of something secret. Plus - Wendy Rule is such an amazing vocalist. — India Sutton Mendocino, CA, USA

Love Gary Stadler!
Gary Stadler is the King of all that is Fae. Deep Within a Faerie Forest & Fairy Nightsongs are beautiful ventures into this land. — Breeze Gonzales SF, CA, US

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