Image of album cover, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Water by David & Steve Gordon Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Water
David & Steve Gordon

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Feel the energy and power of the sacred beat with these entrancing Shaman rhythms from around the world. Acclaimed drum gurus David & Steve Gordon combine beats from their amazing collection of ethnic drums and percussion with the sweet sound of Native American flute. To evoke the element of water, they have included water drums and actual sounds of water percussion. Master drummer Kim Atkinson and hand drumming expert Bobby Cochran join them to create one of the most engaging and infectious albums of shamanic drumming ever created. This drum music is much more than rhythms though, they will take you on a spirit journey to your innermost self, where you can be who you truly are. When you need energizing drums for dance, working out, driving, parties or while you are at work, this album will give you the boost you need. Allow your spirit and body to flow and move with these deep water rhythms and align with the ebb and flow of life!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Sunset Drum Ceremony 5:09
2. Guardian Drum Spirit 7:55
3. Flowering Tree Totem 3:50
4. Vision Drum Dance 10:24
5. West Wind Rhythm Call 8:14
6. Rhythm Reverence 7:10
7. Heart Drum Path 5:38
8. Sacred Water Rhythms 6:57

Release date: April 1, 2010

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Water is the second in a planned series of four "drum only" recordings from the prolific Gordon brothers. Joined by Bobby Cochran and Kim Atkinson, David and Steve Gordon lead the listener into a world of percolating, shamanic rhythms played on a truly dizzying assortment of drums, hand drums, and percussion. Despite this being an all-drum/percussion release, there is considerable variety across the album's eight tracks, due both to shifts in tempo/style and to the multitude of instruments that come into play. By turns hypnotic, sensual, and frenetic, Rhythms of Water complements all manner of physical activity, including drumming along to the album itself!
   — Bill Binkelman

Music Design In Review
Back in 2008, David and Steve Gordon presented audiences with DRUM CARGO - RHYTHMS OF FIRE, their most intoxicating drum album to date (and that's saying something given their illustrious output). Flash-forward to the present and the brothers are back with a fresh album of percussive grooves that takes their skills with rhythm to a whole new level. DRUM CARGO: RHYTHMS OF WATER, the next edition in their "Drum Elements" series, pulses with the exciting sounds of drums from all over the world. African djembe? Check. Native heart drum? Check. Peruvian cajon? Check again. The list goes on, featuring such a huge number of tribal drums that you will feel like you just embarked on a National Geographic expedition. The rhythms were created with an emphasis on maintaining a feeling of fluidity, and some of the drums actually contained water to capture the true essence of the element. Aiding David & Steve in their rhythmic explorations are fellow percussionists Bobby Cochran and Kim Atkinson, whose talents help to further flesh out this percussive environment. Throw in a bit of Native flute here and there, some kalimba, rainstick and guitar, and you have a drum album like no other. Great for spirit work, trance dance or simply pure enjoyment.
Honestly, if the new second album "Drum Cargo - Rhythms of Water" by brothers David and Steve Gordon is played in full, best at full volume, and it's still not raining outside, I do not know what help there should be. Where it really is not about drumming to bring the rain, but about the healing power of rhythm with the grooves of the drums and percussion instruments from around the world.

The hallmark of these multi award-winning musicians are the Sacred Drums of Native Americans and natural flutes and sounds of nature. Albums such as Sacred Earth Drums, Sacred Spirit Drums and Drum Medicine gained world fame as these two brothers are in the style of Native world fusion music some of the most successful musicians of the world.

In their Drum Element series, David & Steve Gordon on a hypnotic drum expedition, use their extensive collection of exotic percussion, which they used already on their recent world fusion albums. On Drum cargo they are supported by master drummers Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran. The American music magazine "Music Design" described the album as "a rhythmic tour-de-force".

This drum-trance adventure is suitable for dance and dance theater, but also for yoga or just for driving, relaxing at home, best under headphones, where you hear and feel the heartbeat of the earth at the best!

On Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Water, the Gordons play drums from their vast percussion collection, use water percussion, and employ the aid of master drummer Kim Atkins and hand drummer Bobby Cochran for a percussive experience that resonates in every fiber of your being. There is a distinct reminiscence of West African drumming in these shamanistic rhythms, and never more so than on "Flowering Tree Totem." The tune is subtly complex, with different drum tones playing different melody lines, for a richly layered sound, with a precision and unison that gives the impression of thousands of droplets of water dripping down a rainforest canopy.

"Sacred Water Rhythms" invokes the spirit of the Amazon running through a fierce jungle, rushing and flowing with an ancient energy that closely resembles that of blood coursing through your veins. The flute trills mystically behind mounting tribal rhythms, and each thump grows excitement and tranquil energy in both the body and mind. The album closes with "Rhythm Reverence," a tune that aptly pays homage to the power of beats and the strength of rushing water. Rain sticks add texture, while bass tones intersperse with tighter, hollower sounds for a musically percussive storm that escalates to reverential proportions. All the while, the Native American flute creates calls and echoes, simulating animals and birds in the wild, invigorating the senses.

Customer Comments

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Really Touch My Spirit
Being an avid Native American music lover, I just had to comment on how I was touched deep in my spirit with this music. This music gets you in the gut. It is energizing and awakening. This is for anyone who likes good music. —  Cameron Dailly Miami, FL,

Zoned Me Into Another Place
I recently “plugged” into this album while exercising on the recommendation of a friend. Best tip ever! I walked/jogged for about 45 minutes straight without thinking about anything else except for the beats of the drums and flutes! Really zoned me into another place! Never thought exercising could be healing. —  Devon Sarchese Bar Harbor, ME,

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