Drum Cargo - Rhythms of Fire by David and Steve Gordon Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire
David & Steve Gordon

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Connect with the healing power of the ancient beat with these entrancing grooves of drums and percussion from every corner of the planet. Award winning masters of rhythm David & Steve Gordon are renowned for their trademark blends of world drumming, Native flutes, guitar, keyboards and nature sounds such as Sacred Earth Drums and Drum Medicine. In this album they have created a mesmerizing drum expedition by using their extensive exotic percussion collection that were used on their acclaimed world fusion albums and then they added just the right amount of soaring Native American Flute melodies. They are also joined by drum master Kim Atkinson and hand drummer extraordinaire Bobby Cochran. This energizing drum trance adventure is great for dance and movement, working out, power yoga or any time you need a lift. Move to the deep resonance of primal world rhythms and unite with the heartbeat of the earth!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Shaman's Drum Dance 4:54
2. Eagle's Rhythm Gift 6:15
3. Rainbow Hoop Warrior 6:45
4. Four Direction Ritual 5:21
5. Earth Sky Totem 5:31
6. Empowered Fire Groove 6:54
7. Animal Ally Beat 6:39
8. Sunrise Fire Drums 6:30
9. South Wind Drum Call 10:09

Release date: February 1, 2009

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
The latest drum centered release from the Gordon Brothers is a trans-global adventure, exploring so many different cultural aspects of the titular instrument that running through the list of both instruments and countries would take this entire review. What impresses the most throughout Drum Cargo is not just the drumming itself, or the technique and artistry on the other percussive devices, but how David and Steve Gordon (and guest artists Bobby Cochran and Kim Atkinson) make each track so different from the others. One might think that an entire album of mostly high-energy drumming could get tiresome, but that is far from this album's reality. While sparse use of melodic instruments (flute, didgeridoo) does surface now and then, this CD is intended for those who solidly resonate to rhythms. The first in a planned series of four drum-only recordings, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire kicks off the series in grand fashion
   — Bill Binkelman

The Pagan Review
As someone who has recently started taking a serious interest in drumming, this CD is just completely awesome. I can drum along to my hearts content starting with easier patterns and working my way up to the harder ones, but I can also do it in the privacy of my home so that when I do go to drum circle I seem far more advanced than what I am!

Right from the cover of this CD you know you're going to love it as the cover is reminiscence of a Indiana Jones movie, so before you even hit "play," you already have a positive vibe going.

Once the music starts up, you are in drumming heaven. My favorite is definitely "Four Direction Ritual," however all of these tracks are also great for raising energy in spell work or ritual or just for sitting around the bonfire while joining in on your own drums - either alone or with a large group.

More great music and fun from the Gordon brothers.

DRUM CARGO is something of an unusual album for New Age pioneers Steve and David Gordon. Whereas the vast majority of their recorded output features soothing electronic murmurs laid over a tapestry of found sounds and ambient noises, DRUM CARGO is almost entirely percussion. The Gordon brothers have explored this territory before on albums like SACRED DRUM VISIONS and SACRED SPIRIT DRUMS, but rarely with such striking intensity of purpose.

Music Design In Review
DRUM CARGO - RHYTHMS OF FIRE is an album of pure, unadulterated drumming; the kind that sends a bolt of energy down your spine and fills you with the desire to move. David & Steve Gordon are masters of their craft, having become synonymous with quality rhythmic percussion music from their top-notch bestsellers like SACRED EARTH DRUMS and DRUM MEDICINE. DRUM CARGO picks up the groove where those efforts left off, featuring raw, multi-layered tribal drumming mixed with occasional flute calls and didgeridoo. This album differs from the pair's past efforts in the purity of the percussion - the music is much more focused on the invigorating sound of multiple drums played in dynamic ensembles than lush atmospheres. Throw in a wide range of drums from all corners of the world and the skills of fellow drum explorers Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran and you have the recipe for a rhythmic tour-de-force

Daily OM
Innovators in harnessing world music to western holistic effects, brothers Steve and David Gordon (joined by fellow percussionists Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran) create percussive webs that are ideal for work or play. The steady rhythm only partially hyponotizes the consciousness, so even just cleaning up the living room and kitchen becomes part of the beat; you can clink the pans in the sink like your own private Stomp, and dazzle the cat with your wild jungle shimmies as you move back and forth from kitchen to dining room. Ideal also for running and workouts, the tracks on Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Earth provide a control matrix for your nervous system, slowing things down or speeding them up to get to that ideal pace for body-mind-spirit health, where every movement becomes profound, pleasurable, and sacred. Working to the Gordon's drums is to feel like one is moving slower yet getting more done than you would racing at one's usual frazzled speed.

With echoing wooden flutes occasionally carrying the melody message overhead or didgeridoos carrying it deep below the ground, with sudden slows and changes that never feel like mere sprucing but come across naturally, the brothers nail a sense of indigenous ceremony momentum. "Thunder Drum Dream" is framed by the sound of an approaching storm, then rushing water, with the flute carried in the gusts of wind, and "Four Direction Groove" brings in four drums weaving an elaborate rhythm from all four directions, a sacred shamanic ceremony come to life. The natural purity of all assembled instruments˜no synthesizers and electric guitars, just wood and stretched skins˜has an immediate effect, bypassing conscious stress and switching on your parasympathetic nervous system.

Customer Comments

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Drum Cargo
This is just the style of music I had been wanting to hear but could never find until this week. This music is close to my heart and I love it! —  Ria

Shining and Hopeful
I’ve heard drumming albums, LOTS of them – and these are totally different – they are very much about the rhythm, the primal beat of the world – shining and hopeful… This is a great album. I'm having folks over for one of the first gorgeous days of spring, this evening, I know they will love this album. — Jennifer Brinker Magnolia, CO, US

This is great!!! Very, very deep and really cool. Took this on a road trip to Northern CA and totally immersed myself in it… I’m inspired to take up hand drumming, I love it. — Tyler Duncan San Diego, CA, USA

Like no other drum album I've ever heard
I am a big fan of Steve and David Gordon and love the new one! Rhythms of Fire isn't like any other drumming album I've ever heard. It's earthy and connected to drum lovers' inner rhythms like a friend instead of an enlightened one. It's like showing up at your friends party, you sit down, feel the rhythms, become entranced by the light of the bonfire and play, play, play, getting lost in the moment, getting found and feeling your whole body catch the fever. Thanks guys for creating such brilliant tunes for so long. —  J. Whitaker Phenonix, AZ, USA

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