Image of album cover, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Earth by David & Steve Gordon Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Earth
David & Steve Gordon

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Feel the solid support of the earth and let yourself be carried by the enlivening power of these deep earth tribal rhythms from every corner of the planet. Award-winning drum visionaries David & Steve Gordon have blended Shamanic rhythms and world percussion with enchanting Native American flute. Joined by drum masters Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran, they have created one of the most entrancing albums of deep drum music ever made. Much more than rhythms, these drum spirit songs speak to your inner soul and beckon you to live in harmony with your own connection to the earth and your spirit's path. Whether you need music for driving, for focusing at work, for parties, yoga, Shamanic journeys or exercising, this album of empowering drum music will give you the energy and Shamanic healing you are looking for. Once you hear these infectious drumbeats, you won't be able to sit still!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Medicine Drum Call 4:51
2. Rhythm Ritual Return 6:52
3. Four Direction Groove 6:09
4. Thunder Drum Dream 10:05
5. Sacred Beat Meeting 5:15
6. North Wind Rhythms 7:24
7. Lowerworld Drum Journey 7:35
8. Faithkeeper Earth Pulse 7:19

Release date: April 1, 2010

Published Reviews
On their 4th Drum Cargo CD, “Rhythms Of Earth”, David & Steve Gordon deliver one of the year’s most energized albums of uplifting trance and dance sounds. On “Rhythms Of Earth”, Native American drumming and occasional Native American flute makes for a powerful combination of spiritual and uplifting World Beat sounds.
   — Robert S. Silverstein

Music Design In Review
David and Steve Gordon's latest "Drum Cargo" expedition proves to be their most mesmerizing to date. Once again, the award-winning multi-instrumentalists offer up a selection of drumming tracks that focus on the purity of the drum, intoxicating the listener with its soulful pulse. This also means that the music avoids extraneous instrumentation and synthesizer work - elements that sometimes compete for the spotlight in drumming albums. Instead, this album puts the focus squarely on delivering an album that captures both the simplicity of the drum and the complexity of the rhythms it produces, creating an ambiance that conjures up imagery of tribal gatherings and drum circles. African, Australian and Native American influences play amidst these scampering soundscapes, with fellow percussionists Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran adding their talents into the mix. The result is an album that is spiritual, primal and yes… earthy. Give it a try for trance dance, to add an organic dynamic to yoga practice or for a burst of natural energy when doing tasks around the house.

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Calms Me Down
These drums really calms my nerves when I'm overwhelmed. Pretty deep and cool stuff. — Katie Elton Chicago, IL,

Peaceful Energy
You really feel the spirit in your inner soul. The drums and rhythm give you peace and yet so much energy! I’m ready to roll. — Jordon Marlen San Diego,, CA,

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