Music for Meditation - Inner Stillness by David & Steve Gordon Music for Meditation - Inner Stillness
David & Steve Gordon

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Enjoy deeply nourishing relaxation, zap stress and quiet your mind with this serenely beautiful meditation music. David & Steve Gordon have been meditating for 30 years and they have created some of the most popular music for meditation, healing and yoga available today. To create this album of calming music they drew upon their many years of experience in meditation, yoga and healing music. Studies have shown that meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress and increase happiness and contentment. All of the sounds, melodies and textures support your meditation practice by assisting you in relaxing more fully, connecting with your breath, quieting internal chatter and elevating your mind to a place of contentment and serene mindfulness. Using advanced sound design techniques; the Gordons have created a powerful sonic tool that helps make meditation effortless. This tranquil ambient instrumental music is also perfect for yoga, massage or anytime you want to experience relaxed mindfulness.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Bridge of Breath 15:08
2. Entering the Now 13:37
3. Wave on the Ocean of Mind 6:46
4. Flowering of Consciousness 14:16
5. River to the Sea 7:18
6. The Limitless Way 14:31

Release date: September 14, 2010

Published Reviews

Chicago Examiner
This exquisite music from David and Steve Gordon, is perfect for your meditation or even yoga practice. These soothing and refreshing songs will take you on a musical journey as you allow yourself to be swept away in their embrace.

With the different varying lengths, you can chose shorter songs for shorter meditations or simply allow the music to play to participate in one longer meditation.

This music is also great for helping you unwind and relax at night to get you into the proper mind set for a good night's sleep.

I particularly like "Bridge of Breath" with its occasional wind chimes and really look forward to a warm and dry spring day (hopefully really soon!) where I can use this song in an outdoors meditation.

I believe these songs would also bring an interesting aspect to any ritual if played as background music - most effectively with an outdoor late night full moon ritual.

Versatile and graceful, you are sure to find many different uses for this music.

   — Kerri Connor

Retailing Insight
In an email from Steve Gordon, he told me how excited he and his brother David were about the release of Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness because "this is the first totally ambient album we have done since the 80s!" Designed purposely to aid in meditation as well as yoga, massage, and relaxed mindfulness - the music is created through an assortment of instruments, including Elivia Melodey's crystal bowls. Cosmic spacemusic-style keyboards and ambient textures dominate the album, but some tracks also feature guitar. The album's six songs range from 7 to 15 minutes in length and offer surprising musical variety while still maintaining the intended meditative mood and serene evocation.
   — Bill Binkelman

Creations Magazine
There are many meditation music recordings available these days, and while tastes vary person to person, the best tend to be supportive but non-intrusive, without "musical ego" and generally, without performance virtuosity (i.e., more "nebulous" and "atmospheric" in quality). David and Steve Gordon fulfill these parameters and more in this useful and standout offering. I was reminded of the skill with which Brian Eno, years ago, constructed his album "Apollo," such is the skill the Gordon brothers have demonstrated in creating some of the cuts on this album. Recommended for what its title suggests - as an excellent meditation accompaniment.
   — Mark Maxwell

Daily OM
Brothers David and Steve Gordon have proven themselves the benchmark in the world of meditation music, filling the massage and Reiki centers of the world with calming, beatific sounds and healing energy. Their music has the power to brighten days, lessen anxiety, and smooth the ruffled fur of even the angriest and most frustrated souls. Music for Meditation: Inner Stillness is astoundingly effective in that regard. Ambient, still, and without percussion or overt melodics, the album benefits from the brothers' decades of meditation and music composition, making it one of their most meditation-ready and completely soothing albums. Put Music for Meditation on, close your eyes, and let the inner pictures conjured by their hazy, dripping third-eye panoramic drones and tones dissolve your stressed nerves into a calm warm sea.

Opener "Bridge of Breath" moves right into the heart of spiritual stillness with a rich, grounding blend of glacial passing drones that shade and effect each other to create new tones. These rise like three-dimensional mirages, with hazy guitar notes that coast in and out of drizzling chimes. "Entering the Now" continues the pulsing, sonically enriched feeling of perfect union with the larger self. Its flowing guitar accents and healing drones slowly pass across the sky like cottony streaks of stratus clouds.

Dramatic strums of an acoustic guitar commingle over the oceanic hum of Tibetan singing bowls and wordless vocal drones in "The Limitless Way," which winds up this very soothing and relaxing session with a sense of universal compassion and profound mystery. One can walk away from David and Steve Gordon's Music for Meditation without needing to know about the sound-healing tonality craftsmanship and electro-acoustic spiritual foresight behind it all. Instead, just bask in the glow this music brings, the feeling of completion, as if one's soul is a Monet landscape jigsaw puzzle, half-finished since childhood, now suddenly completed. The Gordon's ambient drones welcome you to float down the warm purple brushstrokes of the river Seine.

Music Design In Review
Music for Meditation - Inner Stilless is a rejuvenating dose of sound therapy from David & Steve Gordon - pioneers in the art of constructing sonic spaces that relax and soothe. To create this flowing fantasia of musical goodness, the pair made great use of their extensive experience in healing music, yoga and meditation, providing music designed to help the listener embrace calmness and let go off stress and anxiety. The music is very atmospheric and euphoric. Soft, harmonic synthesizers oscillate and flow through the recording, along with the sublime sound of chimes, singing crystal bowls, drone instruments, guitar and the light twinkle of keyboard tones. It feels both zen and spiritual, while at the same time hinting at the ambiance of daydreaming in a solitary garden on a summer day. David and Steve Gordon have made the ideal tool for helping one reach a meditative state. Simply press play and let yourself to drift into a state of clarity, focus and peaceful joy.

Customer Comments

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Full Night’s Rest
My wife told me to listen to this CD because I have been suffering from insomnia. The moment I plugged into this album, I found that it did relax me. I now listen to it every night before retiring. Best meditative therapy ever! —  John Crevey Boston, MA, USA

Much Needed Relaxation
Being a working mom, I really value moments of relaxation to clear my mind. I listen to this music on my drive home and it really fills me with a sense of serenity and peace. My stress level lifts. — Jennifer Levy Shreveport, LA, USA

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