Soothing Sanctuary by David and Steve Gordon Soothing Sanctuary
David & Steve Gordon

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Relax in your own peaceful retreat and experience blissful serenity. Envelop yourself in luxurious musical surroundings where your body, mind and spirit can refresh, replenish, and renew. Bathe in the serene sounds of gently cascading streams, birdsong, harp caresses, soft piano, classical guitar and the sweetness of a silver flute. This tranquil masterpiece from award-winning healing music visionaries David & Steve Gordon has been completely repackaged, remixed and re-mastered for a whole new level of listening pleasure. This extended length CD contains over 60 minutes of timeless perfection giving you all the time you need to clear your mind and fully surrender into deep relaxation of body and rejuvenation of spirit.

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 Track Title Time 
1. Soothing Sanctuary, Part I (Path of Renewal, Serene Oasis, Blissful Waters, Warm Stones) 30:00
2. Soothing Sanctuary, Part II (Secret Haven, Tranquil Pool, Glow of Rejuvenation) 30:00

Release date: February 1, 2006

Published Reviews

Napra Review
There are times when you just want to disappear in spirit, and Soothing Sanctuary can take you there. The Gordon brothers have mixed nature sounds of the Sequoia forest with heavenly synthesizers, piano, and flutes to create an archetypal sonic retreat. Although perfect for background music - let yourself go, let your spirit renew with the sounds of these sacred groves.
   — Carol Wright

Music Design in Review
Originally released in 1990, David and Steve Gordons album Soothing Sanctuary has proven to be a masterpiece of the relaxation music genre a sweeping soundscape rich with gentle tones and calming instrumentation. For the re-issue, the Gordon brothers decided to go back to the drawing board and not only re-master the album, but musically enhance it as well. The results are stunning the synthesizers have been updated to reflect current technology, additional instrumentation has been included and the clarity is astounding (24 bit remix and re-mastering to reflect current industry standards). All the while, Soothing Sanctuary still maintains the former albums blissful atmosphere of nature sounds blended with beautiful melodies, this time around performed on piano, guitar, harp, silver flute and keyboards.

YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide Inc
Enjoy the soothing sounds of this CD, perfect for meditation and yoga. May your find rejuvenation, relaxation and a sense of peace and calm that transcends your everyday life.
   — Beth Shaw

L.A. Resources
Soothing Sanctuary is a peaceful retreat from the world's tensions, a sacred space where one finds renewal. Gently cascading streams, elusive birdsong, gentle harp caresses and the lyrical sweetness of a silver flute create a timeless atmosphere of tranquil perfection. This serene environment evokes contemplative bliss, perfect for relaxation, massage or light meditation. A must have!

All Music Guide
Brothers David and Steve Gordon specialize in relaxing music and nature recordings, and Soothing Sanctuary is one of their best. The two half-hour tracks offer a luxurious balance of bird songs and gentle streams, with harps, flutes, angel voices, synthesizers. The melodies are present, yet abstract and not "intrusive" or distracting. The musical sanctuary is comforting, yet not too sweet. The perfect environment to relax into thoughts or let the gentle caresses of the music carry your worries away. This one will stand repeated playings to disappear in the background or as a vehicle for meditation.

Heartsong Review
Dreamy, delicate music, with a moderate pace that relaxes but doesn't stupefy the listener. It has a certain grandeur and mystery to some parts, but it never gets too heavy. The silver flute and harp create an angelic atmosphere, but the synth and nature sounds (recorded at Sequoia National Forest) keep it grounded. The music swirls like mist, little bursts of melody wandering and exploring, gentle loving sound. Breathy, fluttering flute and Oriental almost jazzy rhythms overlay softly rushing water and birds singing. Sanctuary also offers easy melodies on keyboard, with occasional sparkles from tiny bells, birds and synth chorus. Good for relaxing, especially for massage or slow movement and driving.

The Light Magazine
Beautifully recorded nature sounds (they are divinely fresh and real) are interwoven with tastefully performed silver flutes, wind chimes, synthesizer and acoustic keyboard lines., The music is clear, direct and easily pulls the listener into a deep state of relaxation. Each song is 30 minutes - a bonus feature for those of you who will find this an excellent amount of time to enter, experience and return.
Soothing Sanctuary, by David and Steve Gordon is, as the title implies, a safe haven and a rest stop on the highway of life. Indeed, life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a mystery to be solved. Steve and David embrace that concept and enhance it by giving deep listeners an energizing break. In the mad rush of today's society and corporate madness, this is similar to the power nap. These breaks, however, have their own purposes and become pieces of the journey rather than external elements. Thus, this haven is more enjoyment of the journey and not a break at all. It is a new age classic!
   — Jim Brenholts

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

I have issues with insomnia on a fairly regular basis. I can leave this in for weeks at a time to help get through those nights when sleep doesn't come easy. And it works. — Brandon Fayetteville, NC, United States

A pleasant surprise
I had no idea this was going to be so amazing. I have other Gordon Cds that I LOVE such as Oneness and Sacred Spirit Drums but this is by far my favorite. I feel totally relaxed, totally in tune and completely peaceful when I meditate to this. —  Aqua White

Pefect gift, but keep one for yourself!
This has been a standard gift of mine for the last two years, I seem to have given away at least a dozen. I love the experience that this new age music offers and Iíve loved sharing it! —  Charlie Hanneran Chicago , IL,

A classic in your relaxation library
I love this, very soft, calm and spiritual. Probably the most perfect relaxation music Iíve hreard. —  Richard Caicayn Evansville , IN, United States

Extended tracks are a plus!
The track lengths on Soothing Sanctuary are ideal for long meditations and visualizations. —  Iggy Dottson

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