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David & Steve Gordon with Sequoia Artists

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This serene collection from these award-winning artists will relax your mind, and soothe your soul. It features selections from best selling artists David & Steve Gordon, Gary Stadler, Stephannie, Zingaia, Deborah Martin and Sophia plus rare unreleased tracks. These beautiful melodies of flute, harp, piano, guitar, angelic vocals, and lush nature sounds create a stress-free atmosphere perfect for massage, yoga, meditation or any time you seek peace.

• 2001 COVR Visionary Award Best New Age Album - Finalist

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 Track Title Time 
1. Monets Garden, Part 2 (Edit) 4:44
2. Secret Fountain [David & Steve Gordon] 4:56
3. Ehsellyei 2:34
4. Twin Souls [Solaria] 5:05
5. Sanctuary, Part I [David & Steve Gordon] 4:39
6. Sweet Surrender [Sophia Roberts] 5:10
7. Dusk [David & Steve Gordon] 5:02
8. Ancient Power [Steve Gordon & Deborah Martin] 3:13
9. Floating Meadow [David & Steve Gordon] 4:59
10. Breath Of Passion [Zingaia] 6:16
11. Healing Passage [David & Steve Gordon] 4:20
12. Waves Of Bliss, Part II [David & Steve Gordon] 3:53
13. Wings At Rest [Gary Stadler] 4:26
14. Healing Ocean [David & Steve Gordon] 3:35

Release date: May 14, 2001

Published Reviews

White Swan
Delicate and lacey, like floating downstream with a forest canopy overhead - this music will take you away to a place of serenity and silence.
   — Parmita

There is a charming innocence and simplicity to this music that invokes a quiet stillness. As I listened to this album, I found that it triggered memories and images from my childhood of warm summer nights catching fireflies in jars with other neighborhood children. Throughout this album, there are various nature sounds from birds to water with a lot of piano and flute. This album would be good as environmental background music for those who work in the healing modalities, such as massage or Reiki.
   — Lee Stone

Awareness magazine
It is a well-known fact that music can nourish our souls and Spirit. In "Musical Healing" each composition is devoted to creating a meditative, relaxing state of being. Gentle, soft melodies nurture our weary ears, penetrating deeply beyond our senses, caressing our psyches and accessing the shadows of our subconscious. Music is truly the universal communicative, transcending all limitations of boundaries, affecting the very core of our existence. Great attention is being paid to cater musically to that sacred place within us, lightly removing layers of stress and anxiety built up over the years of gathering unwanted tensions. Floating synthesizer notes, ethereal strings, enchanting flutes, natural recorded sounds and soulful vocal chants combine to work their magic. Sit back, put your feet up, breathe slowly and deeply, and travel to the core of the love and light that we are. I just can't get enough of that feeling.
   — Chuck Diliberto

Latex Records
This is great music for not only the body but the soul. These serene sounds include music created with voice, flute, harp, piano, guitar and lush nature sounds. "Monet's Garden, Part II" has a bit of bird calls as the main atmosphere mixed with harp and other instrumentation. "Secret Fountain" is composed of what sounds like a babbling brook, pan flute, bells, chimes and harp.

The third track takes us to the wonderful vocals of Stephanie as heard on the Fairy Heart Magic CD. Her voice is nearly angelic, especially when combined with Celtic harp. "Twin Souls" is from a new Sequoia artist, Solaria. A very soothing and unique blend of guitar and harp which I hope to hear more from in the future.

The Gordons' works as well as those of their fellow labelmates continue to enchant throughout the disc. The Sophia track is comprised of piano and voice with what sounds like a quietly played sitar or similar instrument in the background along with tiny bells. Beautiful! "Dusk" is a combination of the birds of nature and piano mostly.

I love the flute used on "Ancient Power". It gives it an overall Native American feel but very ethereal in texture. The Zingaia track "Breath of Passion" is from their first release Beneath the Veil and while completely different from their most recent release reveals a bit of India's texture with a beautifully ambient soundscape. I love their use of finger cymbals and string instruments, hand drums and synthesizers.Something about "Healing Passage" reminds me of medieval music with environments that I can't quite place. "Waves of Bliss" is very spacey, while "Healing Ocean" is pure ambience.

Sequoia has put together a relaxing volume comprised of their best artists though this release doesn't even begin to reveal the capabilities of these artists. However I do believe that the tracks chosen very closely follow the theme of this release. Overall this creates a very gentle compilation of music which you will find very useful for the purposes described by the label. This is a wonderful collection of inspiring meditation music!

   — TG Mondalf

NAPRA Review
This compilation showcases selections that lend themselves to relaxation and the soothing power of music, with the addition of two previously unreleased tracks by David and Steve Gordon. Other contributors include, Gary Stadler, Zingaia and Sophia, as well as guest artists Deborah Martin, Solaria and Stephannie. The instrument list shows piano, flute, harp, and guitar, which are interlaced with nature sounds and ethereal voices. I also hear synthesizer and percussion in the form of chimes, gongs, and world drumbeats, though those sounds may be synthisized. Most cuts flow at a calming pace and exude dreamy, restful testures. Highlights are Stadler and Stephannie on "Ehsellyei", Zingaia's "Breath of Passion," and the Gordons on both "Waves of Bliss" and their new "Healing Ocean," which closes this collection.

New Age Retailer Magazine
This compilation album from the folks at Sequoia Records comes with several unexpected gifts, chief among them that the exquisitely sensuous singer Sophia has joined the Sequoia family. Her "Sweet Surrender" remains a particular favorite, and I'm delighted that it appears on Musical Healing. Other gifts include three previously unreleased tracks "Twin Souls" by Solaria, and "Healing Passage" and "Healing Ocean" by David and Steve Gordon.

Many of the tracks on Musical Healing include lushly textured nature sounds with bird songs, waves, and running water weaving in and out. Gary Stadler, Stephannie, Zingaia and Deborah Martin all have tracks on the album, making Musical Healing a great introduction to the softer side of Sequoia Records. Flute, harp, piano, guitar and angelic vocals join the nature sounds, creating a stress-free atmosphere conducive to massage, meditation, yoga, Reiki, and other healing modalities. Profoundly relaxing and spiritually uplifting, Musical Healing is a journey to the healing heart.

Daily OM
This beautiful compilation of songs from the Sequoia label concentrates its efforts toward something the brothers David and Steve Gordon have been working on all their lives: healing through music. With Steve's beautiful wooden flute alongside David's subtly passionate piano and the sound of happily chirping birds on the first track, "Monet's Garden, Part II," the stage for Musical Healing is set in style. Providing the golden setting, the brothers stud the album with an array of jewels from artists with a like-minded disposition, including Gary Stadler and Stephanie (she adds a haunting vocal to "Ehsellyei"), Zingaia, Sophia and Everstar.

"Sweet Surrender" features the gorgeous voice of Sophia Roberts under a canopy of stars, rushing-water drones, and bittersweet piano. Connected by drifting ambience or slow fade-outs, there's a floating feeling amid the tingle of chimes and gusting wind. In Zingaia's Arabian fantasia "Breath of Passion" divine female whispering ("Breath / of union / Breath / of passion") and a drifting Arabian flute are included. Fade-outs have never seemed so final or full of emotion, as if each track is a life that passes before our immortal ears, destined to win another new face just as we lose a precious friend.

Fortunately the friends are many in Musical Healing, making this the perfect gift or companion for anyone, from a child trying to sleep in the bumpy carriage home to an elderly traveler seeking solace as their final destination looms on the horizon. The brothers Gordon are excellent carriage drivers, their track record proven in albums that number by the dozens, so they know how to get you there with style, warmth, and the special feeling of flying first class. This time they've brought a bevy of friends to make the trip even more rich and relaxing. Whether used for healing work or just romantic moments by the fire with that special someone, Healing Music lives up to its title, and upward still, until the clouds part and golden angels reach out their hands to lift you up.

Customer Comments

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Can I buy wholesale?
My in-home spa guests are always well rejuvenated when this or Oneness is going during the guided relaxation. I should really sell copies! —  Jarra Ortiz

Great Connection!
A beautiful album! This is ideal for my yoga and meditations, it's hard to find something that fits the bill as well as this. The connection between the sounds of nature and of the instruments comes through brilliantly. Highly recommended. Also check out Chakra Healing Zone. —  T. Hendly Las Vegas, NV,

Thank you!
I use this or my visualization and relaxation music as a fitness professional. My students find this album really helps with their workouts. —  Misty H. Gramse

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