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The mystic-groove party continues as once again we pass beyond the velvet rope through portals of pure sonic pleasure and enter into the inviting atmosphere of Buddha-Lounge 2. Back by popular demand - the buzz is already on the streets that "the Lounge" is open for yet another enticing round of late-night multi-cultural grooves and world-trance rhythms. Sink into the smooth hypnotic sounds as our mystic DJ spins a whole new sensational set of the tastiest, invigorating down-tempo rhythms from beyond your imagination. Come on in, relax and chill out in the Buddha-Lounge. Features 70 minutes of tracks from proven-selling Sequoia artists David & Steve Gordon, Jaya Lakshmi and European favorites such as Karunesh, tya, Ginkgo Garden, Rudy K, Opera to Relax, and many more.

• 2003 Backroads Music Best Chillout/Electronica Album
• 2004 Backroads Music Best Album of 2003

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Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Coming Home [TYA] 5:32
2. Hidden Places [Karunesh] 6:21
3. Blossoms From India [Ginkgo Garden] 3:56
4. Cosmic Island [Rudy K. ] 4:12
5. Sundara [Jaya Lakshmi] 4:51
6. Baila Verena [Potosch Potschka] 4:00
7. Balance Dance [Steve Gordon] 7:34
8. East Meets West [Althea W.] 4:56
9. In the Clound Lodge [David & Steve Gordon] 6:44
10. Tali [Toires] 3:53
11. Indian Garden [Gleisberg] 5:32
12. Faithkeepter, Part 2 [David & Steve Gordon] 4:05
13. Hidden Forces All Around [Opera to Relax] 6:14

Release date: April 5, 2003

Published Reviews

All Music Guide
Intoxicating grooves, continuously mixed for maximum chill - an upbeat fusion of New Age and Indian styles suggesting accessible worldbeat pop.

Music Design In Review
The Buddha Lounge is jumpin' again! Or, maybe chilling would be a better word. Buddha-Lounge 2 picks up were the first installment left off, featuring eleven delectable slices of ethnic electronica tied together by a healing theme. Indian vibes open the album, but before long, everything from Gypsy Flamenco to Native American flute to didgeridoo comes into the mix, giving the album a wonderfully diverse feel. Once again, this excursion in the "Buddha Lounge" is a winner, and will surely gain the favor of world-beat aficionados and those who enjoyed the first release.

New Age Retailer
The inside of the liner notes for Buddha-Lounge 2 shows a 1950's-era photo of people gathered around a cocktail bar while a digitally inserted Buddha floats among the clouds outside the window. Although this struck me as hilarious at first, I eventually concluded that the illustration exemplifies the dilemma for spiritually minded folks who live in our fast-paced technological culture. This collection from Sequoia Groove attempts to create a place where these two seemingly disparate ways of living can meet. The variety of musical styles on this album is representative of a broad range of different cultures from around the globe. Favorites include the Eastern influences of TYA's 'Coming Home' and David and Steve Gordon's acoustic native-style 'Faithkeeper, Part 2.' Other artists making contributions include Ginkgo Garden, Jaya Lakshmi, and Karunesh. Add Buddha-Lounge 2 to your list of quality multicultural releases from Sequoia Records.
   — Mara Applebaum

New Witch Magazine
Crashing surf is the first thing you hear when you put on Buddha-Lounge 2, but before you have that "Oh gods! Not another relaxation tape!" reaction, Tya slides into some funky, cool and sophisticated grooves that can only be described as world lounge. Thus opens this gem of a compilation album, skillfully compiled by David & Steve Gordon and featuring European world-trance faves like Jaya Lakshmi and Gingko Garden, and David and Steve Gordon. Buddha Lounge 2 covers quite a bit of stylistic ground. The album is lush and sophisticated, but the individual tracks run from soulful jazz of Karunesh's "Hidden Places" to the sacred sutras of Jaya Lakshmi's "Sundara." Provocative instrumentation ranges from electronic samples and percussion to tablas, sitars and bells. You can hear influences from all over the planet, from Ravi Shankar and the Paul Winter Consort to Dead Can Dance and Afro Celt sound System and even hints of Kylie Minoque.

Such a diverse compilation is kinetic enough for dancing and workouts, but mellow enough for meditation, tai chi or yoga. It became an instant hit with my household, from my silence-craving mom to my two-year-old daughter. Sequoia Records donates a portion of the proceeds to the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists in health care and community development projects all over the developing world.

Buddha Lounge 2 is a gorgeous and stirring compilation of some of the most innovative "trance-dance" offers I've heard in a while. Treat yourself to a stay in the lounge.

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