Garden of Serenity II by David and Steve Gordon Garden of Serenity II
Inner Music Series
David & Steve Gordon

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Imagine the most peaceful garden ever created... filled with lush plants, fragrant flowers, and quiet pools. Natural sounds and tranquil music drift by, putting your mind at peace and inspiring your soul. Following up their bestseller Garden of Serenity, David & Steve Gordon now take you deeper into this serene garden. Return once again behind secluded garden walls where blissful Shakuhauchi and Silver Flute melodies intertwine with gentle harp, koto, temple bells, piano, wind chimes, flowing mountain streams and exotic songbirds, creating a healing stress-free environment. This album is used extensively by healing arts professionals for their sessions with clients.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Zen Garden, Part I (Stillness of the White Cloud) 30:00
2. Monet's Garden, Part I Variations on Reverie 30:00
3. Zen Garden, Part II (Soul-Bird in Infinite Blue) 4:49
4. Monet's Garden, Part II Further Variations of Reverie 4:44

Release date: November 1, 1996

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
Ahhh...Ten years after the release of their wildly popular Garden of Serenity, the Gordon's returned to this paradise and brought back stories of their journey, told with loving detail and exquisite beauty on Garden of Serenity II. The deeply peaceful sounds of flowing water and exotic songbirds graces this CD like beads of dew quivering and shimmering on a blade of grass as the dawn's sun shines gently down. Woven lusciously into the nature sounds are Shakuhauchi and silver flute melodies, temple bells, harp, Koto, piano and wind chimes, creating an earthy relaxing ambiance that is absolutely perfect for meditation, quiet contemplation, massage or as soothing background music while working or studying. Garden of Serenity II is divided into four parts, Zen Garden Parts I and II, and 'Monet's Garden Parts I and II'. Total time is nearly 70 minutes of music. Monet's Garden features several gorgeous variations on Debussy's Reverie, which will be instantly recognizable to many of you. I think I can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that Garden of Serenity II really ought not to be listened to while operating heavy machinery, it's that relaxing. The expertly and lovingly played instruments dance so precociously with the sounds of nature that it all seems to flow into one harmonious, healing whole, offering a welcome respite from the rigors of our days. No track stands out from the rest, they all work equally beautifully, offering another instant classic that is destined to do even better than Garden of Serenity.
   — Steve Ryals

All Music Guide
Brothers David and Steve Gordon were pioneers in composing relaxing music set to nature sounds, and with Garden of Serenity II, they return to territory charted ten years earlier, music which mixes environmental recordings (their own) with silver flute, shakuhachi flute, harp, piano, temple bells, koto, and wind chimes. This recording alternates between two calming "Zen Garden" variations and a pair of romantic arrangements of Claude Debussy's "Reverie," inspired by paintings of Monet. The Zen series, with its shakuhachi flute and refreshing brook, inspires images of the solitude of a formal Japanese garden. The "Reverie" variations on piano are even more relaxing, like floating down a gentle stream overhung with trees of songbirds. Thirty-minute cuts are included for full relaxation benefit, while those on a time budget can sample the five-minute versions.

The peaceful balance that is so much a part of Zen Buddhist meditation is woven into the very fabric of Japanese identity. The daily world is approached through the quiet contemplation of the essence of an object or action. It is then reflected back out into the culture with such direct simplicity that everything, even backyard gardens with stones strategically placed in streams to create harmonics in the sounds of a waterfall, can help us remember the quiet stillness of the inner worlds. David and Steve Gordon bring this wisdom to their CD album Garden of Serenity II.

This album's first arrangement "Zen Garden" is variations on "Reverie" by Claude Debussy. It is played out on piano, harp, and flute accompanied by singing birds and midway through, a gentle rain shower in the background.

No matter what the weather outside is, note by soothing note, you will be led into your own private paradise and re-experience your own inner stillness every time you listen to Garden of Serenity II. This albums is unusual in that it presents the healing musical styles from the Orient and our own Western Traditions offering opportunities to appreciate both the differences and similarities.

   — Lee Stone

The New Times
A temple bell signals the beginning of the reverie, then the listener is gently carried along on a tide of focus and healing-inducing adventures. The bird and brook sounds truly become one with the music, rather than the cloying distractions so often found in the recordings of lesser practitioners of this art. Here, it all fits. David and Steve Gordon have done it again.
   — David A.Young

New Age Journal
The mixture of harp, flute and the serene sounds of nature combined to provide a relaxing, soothing sound. Great CD for meditation, reiki, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Moving Words
Step into a serene garden, filled with lush plants, fragrant flowers and quiet pools. Go to where Shakuhauchi and Silver Flute melodies intertwine with harp Koto, temple bells, piano, wind chimes, songbirds and mountains streams.

Massage Magazine
One of the albums you have probably heard in your massage therapist's office over the last few years is David & Steve Gordon's Garden of Serenity (Sequoia). Well, they're back with volume 2, and it is every bit as pleasing a mix of nature sounds, flute, harp, bells, synthesizers, guitar as volume one. The Gordons evoke the aura of a relaxing visit to a garden, helping to ease the muscular stress so therapists can reach tissues and tendons easier. These are the same musicians who gave us Sacred Earth Drums, Sacred spirit Drums, and Music of the Tarot (all on Sequoia). You may be interested to know that they donate part of each sale to the Rainforest Action Network. By the way, if you are one of the people who have not yet discovered the joy of massage, there are many excellent therapists. But if it isn't time for you to do that, you can still enjoy relaxing to he Gordons' music.

New Age Voice Magazine
Yes, we have no rhythms. The Gordon brothers have temporarily left the groove (their Earth Beat Music series) to return to their roots ---environmental recordings (their own) with silver flute, shakuhachi flute, harp, piano, temple bells, koto, and wind chimes. This recording alternates two calming "Zen Garden" variations with a pair of romantic impressions of Claude Debussy's "Reverie," inspired by paintings of Monet. The Zen series is like having a formal Japanese garden all to your self ---no tourists, no tearoom - on a balmy spring day. The stream throws off a refreshing mist, feet dangling allowed. The "Reverie" variations are even more relaxing like floating down a stream, -- nowhere to go and no time to be there; overhung with trees of songbirds. There are even a few moments of dynamic tension and release. Thirty minute cuts are included for full benefit, while those of you on a time budget in radio land can sample the five-minute versions. Garden of Serenity I was released ten years ago. Happy anniversary, Gordon brothers!

Time and a Word Magazine
While the lush pastel colors on the front cover beckon you onward, the Gordon brothers invite you to experience the blissful sounds of their secret musical garden. The sequel to their best-selling classic, Garden of Serenity, recorded 10 years ago this recently released follow-up album is easily one of the most enjoyable meditative, New Age music recordings of the year. David and Steve made quite a few music fans very happy with last year's tribal World Beat extravaganza, Sacred Spirit Drums. The pulsating, upbeat sonic joy of that last album has now yielded to the peaceful, harmonious sounds of music and nature. Like a musical hourglass filled with beguiling flute melodies, harp, temple bells, piano and wind chimes, the entire 70-minute album is magnificently enhanced by a plethora of natural sounds, vividly recalling the majesty of mother nature. The babbling brooks and bird songs adds an apropos touch to the Gordon's timeless, elegant melodies, clearly making Garden of Serenity II the perfect album to bliss-out with, wake up to, or unwind with after the pressures of reality become too much.
   — Robert Silverstein

Wind and Wire Magazine
On this "sequel" to their earlier recording, Garden of Serenity, David and Steve Gordon again use a meditative, restful approach to creating a musical mood for rest and relaxation. Combining unstructured melodies played on Shakuhachi and silver flutes, harp, Koto, piano, bells and wind chimes with ambient nature sounds (streams and songbirds), this release will appeal to those who prefer their back-ground music to be traditional "new age" in execution. Personally, as I played it, I found myself concentrating less on the music and relaxing more as my mind started to wander. It was a very pleasant experience. The recording quality is excellent, the two main pieces on the album are thirty minutes each (perfect for massage), and engineering is flawless. If you like this kind of recording, it's a solid bet.

Customer Comments

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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and my clients love this album! The music flows so well creating a feeling of being in a beautiful garden and sense of well being. —  Teresa Elyria, Oh, USA

Relaxing and rejuvinating
Garden of Serenity II is relaxing and rejuvenating. From the bells to birds it seems like each note is so delicately placed. I have created a sacred space in my home and this fills it with calm and inner quiet. I keep it near always. — Joy Moses Modesto , CA, usa

My friends agree! This is wonderful!
This has created a depth to my meditations previously unmatched. I have shared and shared this relaxing music since I first discovered it and my friends agree, it is wonderful. — Dana Zuantico Post Falls, ID, USA

I am a certified massage therapist and I enjoy sharing Garden of Serenity II with my clients. — Sandi Boone, CMT

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