Peaceful Evening by David and Steve Gordon Peaceful Evening
David & Steve Gordon

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This soothing music surrounds you with the deeply calming moods of a perfect sunset. You experience the warm, quiet feeling of a grand piano, acoustic guitars, and the wooden flute along with the sounds of early evening in the country. The music and nature sounds transport you to magical places of serenity under painted twilight skies. As you listen, the music brings the quiet majesty and healing relaxation of nature's most cherished moments into your life. The New Age Music and Nature Music classic!

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 Track Title Time 
1. Dusk 5:08
2. Changing Hues 4:02
3. Under a Painted Sky 7:54
4. Amethyst & Amber 4:14
5. Deepening 2:48
6. Circle of Warmth 8:17
7. Nightflyer 11:02
8. Gentle Breeze 5:09
9. Radiant Sea 5:56
10. Healing 6:20
11. Evenglow 4:50

Release date: October 1, 1982

Published Reviews

All Music Guide
Songbirds bid farewell to the day to begin this relaxing album of free-form music and nature sounds. David and Steve Gordon play guitar, flute, and piano, lyrical improvisations based on the rhythms of bird songs, crickets, and owls rather than standard beats. It's easy to let go and enjoy the resonant tones, the echoes of sound, and the carefree symphony of nature. These eight pieces flow together with ease. The brothers record all their own nature sounds; this 1984 album predates the availability of most sampled sounds by several years.
   — Carol Wright

Voices of Wellness
In Peaceful Evening, as with all their albums in the Music & Nature Series, these two musicians expertly blend the sounds of dusk in the forest with original compositions for the piano, guitar and wooden flute. While these instruments are the cliche' of meditative music, the Gordons are able to make music which is fresh and new, yet serene. As a background to meditation, love-making or work, this album is an open window through which nature enters and under which traveling troubadours pass.
   — Mark Abouzeid

Psychic Guide
These sounds are a pleasant mix of natural environments and grand piano, classical guitar and flute. The artists say this mix "reflects the beauty and healing properties of these environments". We say this is great music for relaxing, relieving stress or to simply enjoy. We played it in the Psychic Guide offices and our ad department didn't argue once with production that day!

Customer Comments

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Relaxation Best Buy
What a peaceful blend of instrumentals and nature sounds. This is the best music for relaxation money can buy. — T Mickelson

Not just nature sounds
Extremely peaceful. I’ve spent money on other “nature” Cds and have repeatedly been disappointed. This is worth every cent. —  Chainy Kadell MD,

Transported to the country
This album, along with Garden of Serenity, has become the background music of choice this summer. We don’t live in the country, but with this…we can pretend. — Rosemary Evans

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