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Welcome to Le Spa Sonique where you can treat yourself to luxurious relaxation anytime. Indulge your senses in these blissfully smooth grooves that are both relaxing and hip. Master of mood, renowned composer Jens Gad, co-creator of ENIGMA and visionary of ACHILLEA brings you this sublimely soothing set of sophisticated lounge music with a distinctly sensuous European flare. From his state-of-the-art studio in Ibiza Spain, Jens Gad has created an entrancing new sound where healing ambient textures combine with hypnotic modern rhythms. Let yourself escape fully into this magically serene music where you will experience your very own personal spa retreat. Here, in this exclusive spot, far from the demands of day-to-day life, you can ease your mind and let your spirit fly. Le Spa Sonique is chill-out music for the soul - music to live by - it's the ideal soundtrack for dining, yoga, intimate nights or just relaxing at home.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Introduction 1:28
2. El Momento 6:02
3. Navajo 4:43
4. The Orbiting Suns 4:42
5. Blueshift 3:19
6. Silver Sands 4:13
7. Les Eaux Verts 6:11
8. Cape Blanc 4:50
9. Glass Palace 5:34
10. The Miracle of Illusion 3:35
11. Aureole 5:47

Release date: May 3, 2006

Published Reviews

All Music Guide
In the early '90s, a band called Enigma made an international name for itself by combining laid-back club beats, Gregorian chant, and whispered French sex talk into a massive dance music hit called "Sadness." Founding member Jens Gad is working on his own 15 years later, exploring a more specifically meditation mode. Le Spa Sonique offers exactly what its name implies: smooth, soothing music designed to help you relax and experience your own personal spa retreat. Notice the heavily distorted vocal that brings a welcome edge to "Navajo," and the beautifully arranged female vocals that are layered lusciously throughout "Cape Blanc." Le Spa Sonique does a good job of balancing meditation music with the more visceral attractions of pop music.

The music by Jens Gad (co-producer of Enigma) is a fresh combination of elementsa pleasant collection with a romantic aira very attractive work that will enthuse the aficionados of Atmospheric Pop.
   — Alejandro Hinojosa

Music Design In Review
Best known as one of the co-creators of ENIGMA and the man behind ACHILLEA, Jens Gad is well skilled in the art of conjuring mood. LE SPA SONIQUE displays that in spades. Flowing with some seriously chilled grooves, the album mirrors the sort of restful atmosphere you might find at a spa. However, it's worth noting that it would be equally well-suited for a cocktail lounge as well, especially one with Mediterranean themes. The rhythms are slow and steady, paired with guitar, piano, sensual vocals (hushed tones and vocalese, rather than full lyrics) and synthesizers float through the tracks with the lightness of a spring breeze. Although much less pop than Gad's material with ENGIMA, fans will no doubt be right at home with the album's similar mood and melodic style.

Sounds From the Ground
Le Spa Sonique is a musical overindulgence of the relaxation senses. A sublime set of lounge pieces with a Euro-cool feel. This album transports you to a state of relaxed bliss and dreamy relaxation. Le Spa Sonique is an intense digital experience and a headphone treat. A must-have for fans of Enigma and Achillea.
   — Peter Manzi

Le Spa Sonique presents a series of moody downtempo arrangements built around velvet chords and smooth synth washes enhanced by various shimmering effects and highly polished digital production. Jens Gad's music has a strong percussive side, utilizing the kind of seductive beats perfected by Jens and Michael Cretu. There are slight tribal hints at times to the rhythms, but always serene, lush and deep. Chimes, pianos, strings and voice effects broaden the sound palette and the vocal contributions of Luisa Fernandez and Helene Horlyck. Fans of [Achillea - The Nine Worlds] will surely enjoy Le Spa Sonique as Jens' trademark sound is clearly evident once more.

Daily OM
Best known for his work as guitarist and co-producer for Enigma, Jens Gad goes solo for his 2006 Le Spa Sonique, taking Enigma's atmospheric dance-floor grooves one step further into the realm of soothing New Age. Recorded and produced at Gad‚s studio on the Spanish island of Ibiza, Le Spa Sonique is rich with acoustic and electronic instrumentation, as well as the hypnotic accompaniment of ephemeral female vocals. Preserving a natural flow, ocean waves connect the tracks and sometimes influence them, as in "The Orbiting Suns," where Gad beckons his listeners on a calming walk down the Ibiza coast to watch the wet sand glisten and the seagull's song softly transform into a synthesized melody.

Gad explores an impressive array of emotions with a heavy emphasis on beats and bass levels. Piano, synth textures, and Gad‚s soulful riffing on electric guitar all gradually fade in and out and back in again, forming a foundation over which they all take turns with equal importance. Le Spa Sonique straddles the line between meditative journey music and chill-out party music. These songs are as perfect for falling asleep as they are for getting your groove on, but that‚s what Gad does best, creates the atmosphere in which to do both.

The use of voice effectively enhances the experience throughout Le Spa Sonique, adding a sense of temporal location, guidance, and deepening mystery, as in the case of "Navajo," where an old man talks of the blues, while in "El Momento" a woman speaks soothing Spanish. Voices flow above and beneath Gad's steady current of alternating synth tones, piano, and guitar, all set to slow and steady rainy-day beats that freshen the spirit and body like a spa massage where the masseuse is saying something to you, but you're so relaxed they sound very far away. Le Spa Sonique works precisely the way it‚s named and makes a great background to yoga or meditation under a sunny window, or sun lamp, with a little coconut oil in your hair to create the full island sensory effect. Gad helps you open the doors on your inner cabin to let in some of that breezy morning island air; and after all, if your senses think you are there, there you are. And as for Gad, based on this album, I hope he wants to spend the rest of his life making peaceful music in the Spanish sun.

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Enchanting Music for the Romantic Soul
I own hundreds of compact discs of the world's most elegant and beautiful music played by the most accomplished artists, but Le Spa Sonique is one that I cannot remove from my cd player. It has left me searching for more of Jens Gad music made since he worked with Enigma. —  Ray A North Scituate, R.I., USA

Sundara makes me feel amazing and exotic. Bolo Sri Krsna is absolutely beautiful. This whole CD is the best Electronica around. —  Feather Halle San Ramon, CA, USA

Can't get enough of this!
Le Spa Sonique is a feast for the ears and soul. I don’t think I’ve taken it out of my player since I got it. Each and every track is unique and absolutely FILLED with rhythms that gets into my soul and gets me inspired - This is recommended to anyone looking for some upbeat yet soulful and chill electronica. ***** — Rebecca Marin Medford, NJ, USA

I am in love with this album! — Alice Johnston

I am always excited when he collaborates to create new world music and this disk is awesome! Totally chill very mellow and good vibin’. Nine Worlds is another amazing cd. — Brenda Kaul Sunriver, OR,