Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia Chakra Healing Chants

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Embark on a journey through the power of the Chakras on a river of sacred sound with legendary 'Song Healer' Sophia with David Gordon on shaman drums and native flutes. Eastern practitioners have worked for centuries with drawing in vital prana or 'breath of life' into the body via the seven chakras to vitalize and heal themselves. Sophia uses pure vocal tones, which have a direct correspondence with the Hebraic Sephira on the Cabbalistic Tree of Life. Particular key frequencies help activate and send soothing and subtle energies into these body energy centers. Sophia and David are joined by special guest artists- Hans Christian (Rasa) on cello and exotic string instruments and Raphael with keyboard orchestrations. This is the perfect soundtrack for Yoga, Tantra and meditation for creating a sacred space. Produced by David Gordon.

• 2003 Backroads Music Best Vocal/Chant Album
• 2004 Backroads Music Best of 2003

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 Track Title Time 
1. First Chakra: Gaia Shekhinah Nama Om 8:46
2. Second Chakra: Uma ... Jai Ma! 9:25
3. Third Chakra: The Orbit ... Nam Myoho 5:37
4. Fourth Chakra: Heart Of Earth 7:54
5. Fifth Chakra: Thy Song 6:31
6. Sixth Chakra: Infinite Wisdom 8:27
7. Seventh Chakra: Be Still 5:37
8. Integration: The Beginning 5:24

Release date: February 1, 2003

Published Reviews

Gabrielle Roth
This is one of my favorite releases from the Sequoia catalog. Sophia, in conjunction with the Gordon brothers, is really terrific as she sings and chants her way up the chakra scale, from root to crown. Each track takes on the whirling nature of each chakra. This is a perfect selection for working with clients on their individual chakras, or simply for wonderful background sounds for a standard massage. 'I love this album. It feels like a universal lullaby, it cradles me, it moves me, it transports me - within. This is the music Sophia was always meant to create.
   — Author of "Sweat Your Prayers" and "Maps to Ecstasy"

Backroads Music
Sophia is a "songhealer" who has been making music for over 20 years. From her earliest love songs and uplifting originals to her deeper healing sounds, such as "Hidden Waters, Sacred Ground," to recent tribal releases like "Return," she has evolved and grown artistically to meet the changing times. With her long-awaited new CD, she delves into true healing journeys with this treatment on the chacras through a river of sacred sound. Serene vocal tones surround the ancient chants from the inside out, to soothe and purify the body's energy centers. She has the gift to make foreign sounds friendly, to bring the ancient wisdom into intimate settings, and to offer these gifts in soothing, serene, and uplifting ways. Sophia attracted some major musicians to support her vision on this beautiful new CD: David Gordon, Hans Christian, Raphael, Schawkie Roth, Girish Gambhira, Gary Stadler, Wayne Perry, Kim Waters and others all lend their expertise and shared vision to these planetary emanations.
   — Lloyd Barde

Dr. Jean Houston
Sophia sings songs of the Earth and of the Sky and, in between, a new humanity is born.
   — Author of The Possible Human and A Mythic Life

Yoga Basics
Splendid vocals of ancient chants intertwined with lush eastern instrumentation for each chakra center.

Massage Magazine
In the 25 years since I first heard Sophia perform at Northern California healing events, her beautiful voice has grown more soulful, empowering her with even greater ability to convey the spiritual essence of song and prayer. There is a sacred quality to her artistry, one that enables the simplest of melodies to assume profound dimensions.

In her fifth album, the first to be released on the well-known Sequoia label, Sophia offers seven chakra healing meditations. Each incorporates principles of "sacred sound," phrase that refers to Sophia's fusion of shamanic chants, pure vowel sounds, God/Goddess names, the seven levels of the charkas, and the principles of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. [Singing in Sanskrit, Hebrew, and English, Sophia tunes her progressive meditations according to the Tibetan system of A to G. As an example, the first chakra meditation, "Gaia Shekhinah Nama Om, is based on "malkuth - we are one," "Gaia - Greek living Earth Goddess," "Shekhinah" - Hebrew Creation Goddess,- the Sanskrit "nama om" I honor the Sacred Name, and the vowel sound "uh."

Lest this sound prohibitively esoteric, rest assured that there is an eclectic Western, space music feel to this recording that simultaneously bridges and homogenizes cultures and belief systems. The first chants include a wide variety of percussion, played softly enough to energize without jarring, while the concluding seventh chakra song "Be Still" and final song "Integration" quiet down. Joined by ten musicians, [including Raphael, Schawkie Roth, David Gordon, and Hans Christian,] Sophia supplies the main vocals, overtone chanting, tamboura, and zither. Add in everything from synthesizer to sarod, and you've got an outstanding album that will please many practitioners.

   — Jason Victor Serinus

Daily OM
A self-proclaimed "song healer," Sophia has been releasing albums that mix sensual song and movement with spiritual elation since 1978. When the joyous but stately orchestral swirl of drums, chimes, drones, and bells signals the beginning of Sophia's Chakra Healing Chant, you'll know instantly that her song healer title is well-earned. Overdubbing her voice in a sweetly tempered roundelay of devotion, Sophia invokes spirits past and present to her beck and call, summoning the diving prophet within herself and within each one of us. With the help of David Gordon on percussion and Rasa on cello, this music wanders freely through the terrain of the spirit, with the pure, soul-awakening tones of Sophia's chanting creating a sure and sacred space every step of the way.

After the intro, Sophia settles down to work each chakra through her gifted musical abilities. The first chakra finds her intoning against a droning background of Tibetan throat singing and oceanic rattles; gradually operatic arias waft up from the primordial pool, and from this we segue into melodious and joyous cries of celebration. By the time we reach the heart chakra we are in exalted territory. Eyes closed, you can see the clouds and healing light gather around you as her "hallelujahs" and devotional chants ride forth on soul-stirring cello arrangements. She brings you deep into the mystic for the sixth chakra, "Infinite Wisdom," wherein alpha-wave-inducing sonic frequencies blend imperceptibly with deep monk-chant/drones and Sophia's ethereal, operatic high notes.

Wordless (for the most part) strong, deep, and resonant, Chant infects the listener with a calling to all that is joyful and true. How can it not? It's a spiritual awakening in a box; it's pure love that starts in a place of joyful focus and release and never stops moving outward and upward. For "Be Still," the final crowning chakra track, Sophia enters a space of pure sonic grace. It's part devotional secular radiance and transfiguration, part devotional welcome to the egoless state of pure awareness. With Sophia's music in your headphones or speakers, the release of self will toward something greater becomes - instead of something to force yourself to try at the end of a hard day as effortless as surrendering to the allure of a beautiful song or the arms of an enchanted lover.

Don Campbell
Sophia continues to bring a magic to the world of music, sense and soul. She wraps us in a refined mystery of beauty. No matter your musical tastes, this is a splendid journey through East and West, voice and heart.
   —  Author, The Mozart Effect

Customer Comments

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Purely inspired music that changed my life!!
I am an avid music lover and percussionist and have grown up appreciating all genres of music. For the past 10 years I have evolved into listening to chakra and healing music almost 100% of the time. When I heard "The Orbit / Nam Myoho (Third Chakra)" come on Pandora it brought me to tears. The drums, flute and vocal arrangement of this track touched my soul...deeper than any music has before. I've had several sessions of releasing and detoxing my body and mind with this album. It is TRULY an inspired work of art and has incredible healing energy and intention. I recommend high quality speakers and full volume to get the full sense of this work of art. One Love! — Rev Rhythm St Petersburg, FL, US

Chakra chants
This album is so beautiful while teaching my yoga class. I also use it at home for my meditations on my chakras. Love this. — Sacredsoul Gulfport, Fl, US

Definitely recommended:
Sophia's Chakra Healing Chants are absolutely amazing. This CD is a MUST BUY. I purchased two copies so that I could send one to my friend in BC. Perfect for guided meditation and chakra work. I am definitely a member of her 'fan' club. — Naomi

Breathtaking voice
Sophia has a beautiful soothing voice on Chakra Healing Chants. More please! — Brenda E. Rostescu

I just bought "Chakra Healing Chants" and I absolutely LOVE it , what an awesome piece of work !!!!!!!!!! I thank Sophia and everyone that had a part in its production ... it is truly a beautiful work of art — Ron M

It works!
I could feel the difference and the change in me listening to Chakra Healing Chants! — Richard L. Meyers

What a difference this makes!
This is a fabulous CD! Incredibly soothing and healing! — Susan Robinson

I am grateful
Chakra Healing Chants helped me to discover myself! — Jessica Velazquez

Chakra Healing Chants a beautiful CD, truly relaxing and rejuvenating. — Karen Jones

Sophia and The Gordon Brothers are a great team.
This is one of my favorite releases from the Sequoia catalog. Sophia, produced by David Gordon, is really terrific as she sings and chants her way up the chakra scale, from root to crown. Each track takes on the whirling nature of each chakra. This is a perfect selection for working with clients on their individual chakras, or simply for wonderful background sounds for a standard massage. — Robert Pheonix

A gift of musical healing
I just purchased your new CD. It has brought tears and a release to me. Just wanted to thank you for your gift of music and healing. Thanks again. — Rebecca

I just bought the Chakra Healing Chant CD and I can't stop listening to it! Thank you for your wonderful music and inspiration! — Justina Cesari Rome, NY, usa

These comments are from the MP3 Download version of the album:

I have not purchased the CD yet but I have listened to the samples and they are amazing. I can only anticipate how good the entire tracks are! —  Frequency

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