Sacred Spirit Drums by David and Steve Gordon Sacred Spirit Drums
David & Steve Gordon

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Native-American Flute and Incan Pan Pipe melodies soar over Tribal Drums from around the world, Guitars, Keyboards and Nature Sounds (with Wolf, Eagle, Coyote and Humpback Whale). Following up their bestseller Sacred Earth Drums, the Gordons take you deeper into their healing Shamanic journey to the heart of rhythm. Feel the compelling beat of Mother Earth - move your body and join the dance for the reverence of life! The musical story that unfolds on this album reflects David & Steve Gordon's inspiration from Native-American spirituality and global indigenous shamanism. We offer this fictional story as an archetype of a shaman who journeys into the spirit world seeking healing for the Earth and its people. Sacred Spirit Drums is a musical representation of such a shamanic journey. Each song uses particular instruments, melodies and rhythms which evoke the experience of the different parts of the journey and the wisdom found there.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Sunrise Ritual 6:09
2. Calling The Sacred Beat 5:42
3. Shaman's Dance 5:46
4. Path With A Heart 5:52
5. Within The Cloud Lodge 6:56
6. Spirit Vision 6:31
7. Mother Earth, Father Sky 6:11
8. Gift Of The Eagle 7:56
9. Flowering Tree 4:39
10. Rainbow Hoop 8:08

Release date: August 1, 1996

Published Reviews

New Age Retailer
Perhaps you remember my review of the Gordons' previous release, Sacred Earth Drums that I did last year. I was, to put it bluntly, wildly enthusiastic about how they translated their vision of a Shamanic journey into a melodic as well as joyously percussive soundtrack. Well, they're back, this time with an even more melodic, magical, danceable story about a Shaman who journeys into the Spirit world to find a way to heal the Earth and its people. While there are elements of Sacred Earth Drums, you'll hear more trance/dance beats and a lot more acoustic and electric guitar. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, Sacred Spirit Drums is better than Sacred Earth Drums. Not only did they compose all the music, David and Steve both use many types of drums and indigenous rattles, Native American Flutes and Incan Pan Pipes. David adds keyboard orchestrations while Steve plays classical, steel string acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and various electronic instruments. Finally, the copious nature sounds were recorded and various National Monuments and Parks.

The ten tracks, which are detailed in the liner notes, takes the listener on a mystical Shamanic journey in search of a healing vision. Each superb track flows seamlessly into the next, and I can say without hesitation that if you're willing to sit (or better yet, lay down) and really get into Sacred Spirit Drums, you will come away with a vision or two of your own.

Each superb track flows seamlessly into the next. Evocative, mysterious, sensual, profoundly healing, you are going to love Sacred Spirit Drums.

Music Design In Review
SACRED SPIRIT DRUMS marks the 17th release for the musical team of David and Steve Gordon. This eagerly awaited follow-up to their best-seller SACRED EARTH DRUMS delivers you to an ancient landscape where Native American flute, Incan pipe melodies, guitars and keyboards surge over the irresistible rhythms of tribal drums from many different cultures. This invigorating musical journey is punctuated with the primal sounds of the wild cries of the wolf, eagle and coyote and will have you dancing with joy for the reverence of life. A portion of the proceeds of each sale will benefit the United Nations Indigenous People Fund.
   — Steve Ryals

All Music Guide
Sacred Spirit Drums by brothers David and Steve Gordon is the sequel to their bestselling Spirit Earth Drums. With these two albums, the brothers begin to acknowledge their separate musical contributions (admittedly, they play many of the same instruments, but Steve adds guitars to the mix) and offer extensive liner notes, which in this case offer the story of the rituals of a shaman. Although the brothers play many African drums, the beats for most tracks are either basic Native American (4/4 or 1/1), with just slight embellishments; or, once established, the drum patterns remain a constant and "easy groove." Native American flutes and jaunty Incan pan pipes provide the "song," while guitar (the Spanish guitar on "Path with a Heart" is lovely), mandolin, electronic instruments, vocals, and nature sounds (birds recorded at Anzo Borrego National State Park) provide expansive musical depth. Sacred Spirit Drums is an intoxicating musical experience, accessible on many levels. The shaman's story is wonderful.

Aquarius News
Sacred Spirit Drums from David & Steve Gordon mines the same vein as their previous album, Sacred Earth Drums. Native American flute, drums, Incan panpipes, guitar, synthesizer and nature sounds are women into a smooth pattern, with a Shamanic type of energy that ebbs and flows. The brothers create an alluring sound that lets us feel like we are outdoors listening to a group of musicians play from a campsite across the forest. This album manages to be both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

NAPRA Review
This follow up to the highly successful Sacred Earth Drums is sure to be just as big. The Gordon brothers bring a variety of drums - djembes, tars, ashikos, boudrans, gathering drums - to this Shamanic excursion that embraces the Native American (cedar flute) and Incan (pan flutes) cultures. The drumming is joyous as it breathes and pulses with an engaging lilting cadence. Nature sounds (the Gordon's specialty) add mysterious and sacred spaces to the music. I've played the album several times, and the musical presence maintains, even at background volume levels. A bonus: some proceeds benefit the U.N. Center for Human Rights to aid the world's indigenous peoples. That's the spirit!
   — Carol Wright

Real to Reel
Following up on a hit album can be a daunting prospect for artists but it doesn't seem to be a problem for David & Steve Gordon. While their Native American inspired Sacred Earth Drums continues to be a best-seller, its sequel Sacred Spirit Drums once again combines the earthy monochromatic beats of Native American frame drums with the polyrhythmic color and excitement of African and Middle Eastern percussion. Native American flutes, breathy Incan panpipes, and guitars ---both acoustic and electric - carry the melody lines, while abundant atmosphere is provided by hissing rattles, background synthesizers and such nature sounds as songbirds, howling wolves, coyotes and whales. Conceived as a musical representation of a shaman's vision quest, most of Sacred Spirit Drums is played at a dynamic mid-tempo, encompassing the subtle insistency of "Mother Earth, Father Sky", the urgent potency of "Gift of the Eagle" and the lyrical meditation of "Path with a Heart." With its perfect blend of rhythmic excitement, melodic appeal and rich atmospherics, Sacred Spirit Drums is destined for instant and lasting success.

Billboard Magazine
The Gordon's have juiced up the tribal groove. Their melodies are prettier and their rhythms more compelling!

Magical Blend Magazine
The Gordon's are back, this time with an even more melodic, magical, danceable story about a shaman's journey into the spirit world to find a way to heal Earth and its people. While there are elements of Sacred Earth Drums here, you'll hear more trance/dance beats and a lot more acoustic and electric guitar. As hard as it may be to believe, Sacred Spirit Drums is even better than Sacred Earth Drums. These ten tracks take the listener on a mystical shamanic journey in search of a healing vision. Each superb track flows seamlessly into the next. I can say without hesitation that if you're willing to really get into Sacred Spirit Drums, you will come away with a vision or two of your own. Evocative, mysterious, sensual and profoundly healing, Sacred Spirit Drums is a release to love.

Nationally Syndicated Music Columnist
A healing shamanic journey to the source of all tribal rhythms, this excellent release is a seamless blending of music, nature sounds, and deliciously creative hand drumming that will have you dancing in your seat. World, Eagle, Coyote, and other powerful indigenous voices lead one ever closer to he beating heart of Mother Earth. Bridging the natural world and human existence is the Gordons musical gift, and here their evocative instrumentals transcend even their own benchmark recording Sacred Earth Drums, which has become a perennial bestseller.
   — P. J. Biroisik

New Age Voice
David and Steve Gordon are back with a follow up to their popular Sacred Earth Drums. Once again we find a sweet mix of nature sounds, drums, flutes, and synthesizers. The set easily lends itself to meditation, or as background music for gentle exercises such as tai chi, stretching, or low-impact movements. Could be used as background music at work, and its also pleasant enough to enjoy while engaged in some pleasant social activity such as dinner or conversation with friends.

Innerchange Magazine
David and Steve Gordon bring an astounding sensitivity and truth to their Shamanic drumming - a new fusion of spirituality between the essence of Native American music and New Age ambient that has it's own kind of originality with emphasis on the trance inducing drumming. As I listened to this music, I repeatedly had the image of Indians dancing together in a long snaking column through a deep primordial forest... who knows what ancient truth this magical music will stimulate for you.

Time and a Word
The multi-instrumentalist musical team of the Gordon brothers follow their success of Sacred Earth Drums with another winner featuring more innovative "Earthbeat" music. Fusing the essence of Native American Indian music with sophisticated New Age electronics, their latest exotic excursion is highlighted by an inspiring percussive word beat. Between the two of them, a wondrous array of musical instruments effortlessly merge and compound into a sonic tribal brew. The brothers fascination with rhythmic compositions of Indigenous Peoples is directly linked to their solid reputation as successful proponents of a wide variety of meditative sound environments. And the beat goes on.
   — Robert Silverstein

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Love it!
This is my new favorite album. Love this music. Very calming. —  Vickie Omaha, NE, usa

I love Steve and David's music. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I have Drum Medicine and Sacred Earth Drums and I would love to get more of their music. When I listen to it I think about being out in the wilderness with all of God's creations! I recommend this music who loves being one with nature and Gad. This is my first review of any kind so I hope this makes sense. Thank you Steve and David for making such wonderful music. —  SUSAN AMELIA MCALLISTER-SAAB TUPELO, MS, US

Heart Path
Path With a Heart is my favorite on this album, I have played it so much, It is also the one song I want played at my passing. It takes me from being conceived, born, school, first love, all time love, birth of child, to my last breath on this land. Thank you, —  whitebuffalosab Garden City, Ga, USA

Calming Rhythms
Very calming and I was able to clear my mind when listening to Sacred Spirit Drums. — Rebecca Johnston

Great for all your calming needs
This is great music for work, for relaxation and for meditation. —  Amparo Varela Kacius

So glad I found this…
Sacred Spirit Drums is a great album! The more drums the deeper it is for me! —  Sandy White Jackson, MS, United States

This album takes me on a cosmic journey where art flows into magic! —  Janet Cass

Everyday Bliss
I play Sacred Spirit Drums all of the time. It keeps the peace in me! It’s awesome! —  Bonnie Keiser San Luis, AZ,

I love this slow, haunting, ethereal music of Sacred Sprit Drums. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. —  Margaret Horn

Children love it too!
I have twin sons that are 2-years old that love to dance and play their drums along with Sacred Spirit Drums. —  Jacelyn Young Twentynine Palms Base, CA,

Green Friendly
I am ecologically oriented and applaud your donations! —  Eugene C. Jordan

Blessed be friends and thanks!
For people of eclectic and nature based spirituality, your music is a portal to beauty and magic of all kinds. —  Susan Oller-Moorman Dexter, NM,

Its at the top of my play list, great, relaxing and mind clearing. —  C.J. Whitney Fresno, Ca,

You guys cover it all.
I love their music and how I thank God for such highly talented people who think enough of themselves to be able to share their gifts with the rest of us. —  Judi Mead Shreveport, LA, US

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