Shaman's Vision Journey by David and Steve Gordon Shaman's Vision Journey
David & Steve Gordon

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Experience the sacred wisdom and peace of shamanic healing - This soothing-trance music invites you to remember your own inner peace. Award-winning artists David and Steve Gordon (Sacred Earth Drums, Drum Medicine) combine the authentic Shaman drums, shamanic drumming and reverent Native Flute melodies they are renowned for with relaxing atmospheres, ancient Lakota chants, guitars, sounds of nature and the healing resonance of Crystal Bowls. The album consists of four serenely hypnotic 20-minute movements that correspond to the Native-American four directions and the four sections or worlds that make up a Shamanic Journey. Extras inside the booklet include "How to Take a Shamanic Journey" - plus "Empowerment through Sacred Chant" which explain how to use this extended-length recording with its gentle heartbeat drums as a sonic tool for your own Shamanic journeys. This peaceful music will nourish your Massage, Meditation and Yoga as well as being the perfect music for starting your day or unwinding at night.


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 Track Title Time 
1. East Wind Awaken - Dream Body 17:40
2. South Wind Meeting Spirit Animal 17:14
3. West Wind Receiving Sun Blessing 17:08
4. North Wind Renewal - The Upper World 17:05

Release date: April 3, 2006

Published Reviews
Brothers David and Steve Gordon express their mystic emotions in this album, whose title refers to the themes they have drawn their inspiration from. The result is a meditative album, wrapped in the sounds of nature, ideal to let imagination soar through the beauty of the Earth. The sweet, slow rhythms of the exotic percussive instruments are combined with soft melodies that evoke the peace of green grasslands.
   — Hector Jordan

Music Design In Review
Primal rhythms and Native Flutes once again intertwine in the percussive panoramas of David and Steve Gordon. Past releases from the Gordons, like SACRED EARTH DRUMS and DRUM MEDICINE, have proven their mastery of shamanic sounds in a healing setting and became top sellers in the genre. SHAMAN'S VISION JOURNEY takes things one step further with the introduction of some fascinating instrumentation choices. Crystal bowls, uncommon for a World percussive album, are used with great effect in the music, adding a mystical glow to it. Subtle ancient chants (Tibetan, Sanskrit, Aboriginal, Mayan & Lakota) and Indian drone instruments provide additional Eastern influence in the music, and make an intuitive counterpoint to the haunting Native American flute. The most striking thing about the album is the rhythms, which are rich, earthy and invigorating.

Sounds From the Ground Up
New from the popular brothers David Gordon and Steve Gordon, the godfathers of tribal drumming, is Shaman's Vision Journey - a soothing trance-based musical journey that invites you to discover your own inner peace through a shamanic journey. The duo has exerted considerable energy into finding authentic shamanic material to work with and has incorporated chants from several mystical traditions, including Lakota, Sanskrit, Aboriginal, and Mayan. The four instrumental tracks are laden with soft melodies underlined with layers of gentle drumming and relaxing atmospheres. Shaman's Vision Journey is a great extended soundscape to enhance your massage or spa session and is a clean and wonderfully engineered recording to get lost in your headphones with.
   — Peter Manzi
Brothers Dave and Steve Gordon got started with shamanic music via their love for the Sequoia Forests, which they visited as youths studying music together. They recorded the sounds of those woods and incorporated them into their music. It's been documented as medical science that certain drum timbres and rhythms can lull a listener into a trance, and a whole rediscovery of the art of shamanism has merged around this, connecting the science of biorhythm with the spirituality of modern trance, reconnecting the modern era with the underworld. Shaman's Vision Journey is another chapter in the Gordons' amazing contribution to this field. It's a trek homeward, a galvanizing and evocative progression of incessant, hypnotic shaman drum and shaker beats, accented by voice, synthesizers, guitars, and flutes and, of course, the mysterious and soothing sounds of the great forests they love.

Each track is approximately 17 minutes in length, making them all ideal for single sitting meditations, or - if you're going all the way to the center - you can just play the CD through to the end and never look back (until the final bells). Each track winds down to cricket noises or running streams, helping you move back up out of the center of the earth where you meet your "spirit animal"-the creature within your unconscious who can bestow gifts and information. Each track reflects this mystery with coiling, sinuously smoky atmosphere. Percussion and wooden flutes conjure rattlesnakes below and strange birds in the distance. "Dream Body" builds upon a basic shaman heartbeat-style rhythm, adding birdsong, whip-poor-will flute, voice, slide guitar, and otherworldly reverberations.

"The Upper World" fuses the dangers of a rattle and drones below the seen topography of the gentle, insistent percussion, with the delight of the upper regions of sky. On the ground, the steady beat of the relentless march through time. Through the mists comes a female voice almost audible around the fringes of the long, drawn-out flute notes. Are you just imagining that vocal presence? By the time you reach it, it shouldn't matter whether this was something "real" or "just" a dream. So long as it feels right and true, it can set you free to wander into the space between where there is no difference between the two. The Gordons know the way.

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Meditation Sensation!
This is beautifully rhythmic and meditative music, I’ve incorporated it into many of my daily rituals along with Sacred Earth Drums. —  Regi Winn Houston, TX,

It takes you on a journey…
…and what a beautiful Journey this is. —  Amber Thompson Cincinnati, OH,

Loved your awesome CD, Shaman's Vision Journey, with the trance-like selections! Everything blended together beautifully - a great meditative enhancement to my shaman journeys and training! —  Pamela

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