Garden of Serenity by David and Steve Gordon, Garden of Serenity
Inner Music Series
David & Steve Gordon

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Visualize the most tranquil garden there has ever been... nestled behind high stone walls, completely secluded and calm. It's filled with exotic flowers, plants, birds, and trees. There is a small brook. The sounds of bubbling water and singing birds intertwine with the quiet tinkling of wind chimes, harp, temple bells, and gentle Shakuhachi flute melodies. A wonderful feeling of peace and joy drifts through your mind - this is the Garden of Serenity. The meditative interplay of natural sounds and enchanted music creates a healing, mentally cleansing and stress-free environment.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Secret Fountain 30:00
2. Nature Spirits 30:00

Release date: May 1, 1987

Published Reviews

All Music Guide
Garden of Serenity by brothers David and Steve Gordon offers two half-hour pieces combining music with nature sounds. "Secret Fountain" features a very active stream (I can almost seen the placement of the rocks), with shakuhachi flute, tinkling wind chimes and resonant gongs. Birds, accents from a koto and the magic of the synthesizer pulls the whole experience together. "Nature Spirits" is a delightful musical glen that seems to dance with fairies. A warm flute echoes casually through the forest, while nature spirits flit around with crystalline glee. Birds and river sounds complete the experience. Both are charming, and the sound quality is excellent.
   — Carol Wright

Over the last few weeks, this album has played over and over in my massage office, with many clients commenting and asking about it. A sure winner, this composition captures the essence of the magical High Sierra Mountains, and expresses tranquility and perfection. This mindful, quiet musical composition is perfect for mediation, driving (de-stress rush hour!), reading, soothing a child or yourself. This recording is a seamless piece of music, with no breaks to interrupt the mood. Bubbling water, singing birds, wind chimes, harp, temple bells and the Shakauhachi flute drift and float an intertwine. The pace of the pieces is very consistent, and the tempo just right for creating a deep relaxed state. A great find.
   — Karla Linden

Daily OM
Hearfelt Music
   — This mindful, quiet musical composition is perfect for meditation, reading, soothing a child (or yourself!). A great find!

The Book Reader
Soothing meditative sounds that take us past our troubles into ancient visions where life passes and eternity swirls around us.

Daily OM
Musicians David and Steve Gordon are established icons of New Age music, and Garden of Serenity is one of their earlier and most beloved collaborations. The premise is simple: ambient nature sounds, running water from open springs, the faint hum of insects in the distance, the calls of birds intermingle with Steve's bewitchingly tranquil shakuhachi flute and bother David's soothing beds of synths, chimes, temple bells, and singing bowls. Over two long tracks the garden opens up like a slowly unfurling map of terrain, widening that which is explored in an ever expanding and contracting flow. Listened to as aural wallpaper, it's soothing and relaxing. Listen deeply and the sounds keep intertwining, the natural world's rich tapestry of sound weaves down to the smallest molecular levels of interplay.

"Secret Fountain" opens with burbling brooks and a cycling series of faint chimes that conjure temple bells being played in the distance, perhaps at a monastery neighboring your lush garden. Play this outside around your pool and you'll probably wake the birds who won't know they're not being courted, and if you don't have a pool, close your eyes and watch it magically appear. The second track, "Nature Spirits," opens with cascades of wind chimes and synthesizer notes over soothing, mossy beds of birdcalls and tranquil water surface-reflection bells.

As the tracks roll along, the mystical frequencies gradually seem to cohere into an ethereal union. The glissandos of bells and whistling synthesizers create a nebulous stillness within the soothing rush of water and ambient nature noises. It becomes hard to tell which sounds belong to nature and which to the Gordons. Are you in some enclosed aerie or greenhouse in the personal botanical gardens of your inner soul? Well, yes, if you want, and there's nothing you need do except close your eyes and maybe put some hyacinth or jasmine oil in your misting spray as you moisten up the air of your meditation sanctum. Find a meditation spot by a window so the sun can hit the backs of your eyes, and then let the rest just happen. The Gordon brothers know what your stressed-out soul needs and with Garden of Serenity they invite you in for a long, long stay.

Heartsong Review
Lie on the quiet, sun-dappled forest floor beneath a brook. This is the image created by Garden of Serenity, a skillful blend of the natural sounds of running water and birdsong, and magical Shakuhachi flute melodies that whisper, "This is not an ordinary place." There are other whispers; a fluid, sweeping harp, tinkling temple bells, wind chimes to portray the breeze. These compliment the flute well, neither drowning it nor becoming lost in its melody.

Side one, Secret Fountain, begins with running water only, and gradually the music starts. The slow, ambling flute tells us the enchanted beauty of the fountain, and the harmony it evokes within us. Occasionally affected by the touch of melancholy that goes with any secret, Secret Fountain is quiet and undemanding. Side two, Nature Spirits, begins with birds and running water. Then the Nature spirits enter, delicate notes dancing just above the water like dragonflies, full of mysterious loveliness. The meandering music flows below them, like the water, filling the forest with rich sound. Use this quiet, instrumental music for any purpose from going to sleep at night, to driving, reading, or just thinking. Recommended.

   — Esther Park

EER Music
Garden of Serenity is a deep sonic treasure from David and Steve Gordon. By combining gentle melodies, enhanced overtones, smooth drones and pastoral samples, they have captured the essence of the meditative new age. The atmospheres move lazily through the garden as David and Steve reach into the depths of holistic healing and tap into the neuro-pathways and souls of deep listeners. Relaxation is not optional with this album. It is essential!
   — Jim Brenholts

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

Best music CD ever for Massage
Hello there, I was very happy to come across this CD once and I bought it immediately. I am a Licensed MAssage Therapist and when I play this CD (and others from the Gordon Brothers) my clients leave very happy. This CD creates for the perfect ambience needed for a a client to relax to. This is a must have collection! —  Teresa Elyria, Ohio, USA

Many thanks for this fantastic stress reliever
I was introduced to ""Garden of Serenity"" by a co-worker in the late 80's and I loved it! I wore out two cassette tapes and when I found it on CD I was ecstatic. I'm your typical, mid-income, married, college educated woman in my 30's and I recommend this CD to most everyone who complains of being stressed out as there is something in the music and sounds that cannot help but relax you. Of course since then, I've gone on to buy a few other CD's by David & Steve Gordon (as well as Gary Stadler), but ""Garden of Serenity"" will always be my favorite. I just wanted to express my thanks to you, the artists, for creating such beauty that anyone can enjoy! — Shanan

Makes a perfect Gift!
I liked Garden of Serenity so much I went back and bought five extra copies of this CD to give to others! — Pat Fisher

Great massage music
Garden of Serenity is one of the best CDs we have for massage therapy sessions. — Stress & Pain Management Alexandria, KY, USA

Thank You!!
Thank you for adding peace to my life with Garden of Serenity! — Janet Vinson Seattle, WA, US

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