Sound Peace: The 25th Anniversary Collection by David and Steve Gordon. Sound Peace: The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 2
The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 2
David & Steve Gordon

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Discover how easy it can be to relax, with soothing music for meditation, relaxation and spas from legendary sound healing pioneers David & Steve Gordon. Since 1982, their serenely beautiful music featuring grand piano, acoustic guitar, harp, flutes and nature sounds have helped millions of listeners let go of stress and experience peace of mind. In addition to featuring highlights from their award wining career, this 25th Anniversary Collection also includes three new songs and one previously unreleased song. Find out what leading spas and healing arts professionals worldwide already know; the Gordon Brothers music is powerfully effective for meditation, healing, yoga, Reiki, sleep and relaxation. There is a certain quality of peace in their music that people notice as soon as they hear it. Your breathing slows, your heart relaxes and you begin to feel serene. Give yourself the rejuvenation your body, mind and spirit need with this powerfully relaxing music.


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 Track Title Time 
1. Ocean Sound Healing 6:58
2. Soothing Sanctuary, Part II (Edit) 5:09
3. Peace in Every Step 7:13
4. Monet's Garden, Part 1 (Edit) 5:07
5. Sonic Massage 5:40
6. Nightflyers (Edit) 6:01
7. Plane of Forgiveness, Part 1 (Edit) 5:02
8. Timberline (Edit) 3:50
9. Secret Fountain (Edit) 5:06
10. Out of the Mist (Edit) 6:02
11. Soothing Sanctuary, Part 1 (Edit) 5:14

Release date: February 1, 2009

Published Reviews

Steve Ryals, Syndicated Music Reviewer
David and Steve Gordon started Sequoia Records over 25 years ago. As part of their 25th anniversary celebration, they recently released Sound Peace, the 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 2. Both amazing musicians as well as studio wizards, David and Steve have released a wide variety of music styles, their own as well as others, gifting the world with an amazing discography. Sequoia Records has a great website with lots of music samples, so check them out when you have a chance.

From deeply relaxing spa music such as that found on Sound Peace, to Native/world beat, Celtic, Chill-out/lounge, Sacred Chants, compilations and much more, Sequoia Records affords the discerning listener a veritable cornucopia of wonderful titles from which to choose. One of my favorite record labels for my entire 15 years of music reviewing, Sequoia Records always seems to have something new to offer even a jaded listener's weary ears.

Sound Peace is a splendid compilation of deeply relaxing tracks, guaranteed to soothe and calm the heart as it uplifts the spirit. Comprising a full hour of uninterrupted bliss, the 11 offerings on Sound Peace include three new songs, including "Ocean Sound Healing," "Peace in Every Step and" "Sonic Massage," along with the previously unreleased "Timberline." The balance of the songs comes from previously released titles including Soothing Sanctuary, Peaceful Evening, Garden of Serenity and more. A brilliant introduction to the Gordon brother's wonderland of peace-filled music, Sound Peace is an investment in your own healing.

In addition to David and Steve's musical prowess on acoustic guitar, flutes, grand piano and, harp, Sound Peace includes exquisite nature sounds recorded at Sequoia National Forest, Big Sur State Park and Joshua National Monument. Bobby Cochran, a friend and musician (whose evocative new CD, Hands Upon Black Earth, I'll be reviewing next month), also plays keyboards on three tracks. For slow form yoga, massage, meditation or just chill out, Sound Peace is every bit as sweet as its evocative title suggests.

Music Design In Review
With part one of their illuminating 25th anniversary retrospective series, EARTH DRUM, David and Steve Gordon compiled some of their most inspiring and innovative rhythm pieces from their influential Native-Influenced World albums. Part two, SOUND PEACE, changes the focus to the music of their serene meditation albums. Here, listeners get the opportunity to revel in the aural bliss that highlighted albums the SOOTHING SANCTUARY and the GARDEN OF SERENITY series, offering soft ambient textures alongside the comforting sounds of nature. Wind chimes sound along with harp melodies and graceful flutes; guitar chords meld with synthesized atmospheres. It's music that was specifically designed to heal and soothe, making it a perfect complement for yoga practice, Reiki, massage and other forms of therapy. Includes several new and previously unreleased compositions.

Daily Om
To celebrate 25 years of their Sound Peace music label, composer-producer-musician brothers David and Steve Gordon collected some of their best, most blissful tracks for the celebratory album Sound Peace: The 25th Anniversary Collection, Vol. 2. Soothing flutes, water running over rocks, gentle calls of morning birds and evening crickets, wistful piano melodies, and grounding synthesizer pads all ebb and flow around each other in beautiful patterns that suggest the "same page" kind of mental connection shared by two like-minded brothers. The Gordons' "Sequoia Records" label has been calming minds, soothing souls, and gentling hearts for a quarter of a century and the 25th Anniversary Collection Volume 2 follows up, of course, Volume 1, with even more of the brothers' best work, creating an environment that makes stress and resentment all but impossible as it weaves the listener into a calming cocoon.

With ambient nature sounds recorded in U.S. locales like Big Sur, Joshua Monument, and the Sequoias, there's a comforting yet eerie stillness to this survey of the brothers' best work, including several previously unreleased tracks. One of these is the haunting "Peace in Every Step," with its serene wooden flute calling as if for a long-flown mate as the country passes by underneath the shadow of echoing electric guitar and calming drones. It's the sort of track that draws you in while remaining slightly aloof; it warms and comforts while always leading you forward into the mystery of the deeper realms of self. "Sonic Massage," another previously unreleased track, is as its namesake suggests - a gentling instrumental of flute, acoustic guitar strums, electric guitar echoes, and the ambient sound of a meadow at night, all working perfectly to make any massage or meditation a thing of profound peace and beauty.

The previously released tracks are also essential, such as "Planet of Forgiveness" and "Soothing Sanctuary," but it's the unreleased stuff that will appeal most to Gordon brothers devotees, and make the acquisition of this collection a must, such as the achingly lovely "Timberline," which consists of a simple, calming piano line over a rushing ambient stream - so simple and yet so profoundly effective, like Steve and David Gordon's work in general. A superbly understated celebration of 25 years of making blissful, calming music, Sound Peace: 25th Anniversary Collection, Volume 2 is something you can grow old with, gently and peacefully, for decades to come.

Chicago Examiner
This 25th anniversary album from the Gordon Brothers, not only includes a great collection of songs – some from their first recordings back in 1982, they also included in the insert (of the CD version only) "16 Ways to Benefit from Relaxation Music" – a listing made from letters and emails listeners have sent in over the years. Though descriptions of each are given, to keep it short – the listing goes like this:

  1. Reducing stress
  2. Easier and deeper meditation
  3. More fulfilling yoga
  4. Relax your body
  5. Healing and renewal
  6. Balance your life
  7. Fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply
  8. Mindful meals
  9. Calm airplane travel
  10. Soothing babies and young children
  11. Reducing pain
  12. Better concentration at work
  13. Intimacy and tantra
  14. Morning inspiration
  15. Reading and studying
  16. Rejuvenating baths

All of these are of course great ideas, and most of the Gordon Brothers' music can also be used for ritual and spell work along with energy raising or grounding depending on the song of course.

Flowing and trance like, this album is sure to benefit you, whether for one of the reasons listed above or if you come up with something on your own. This is another can't miss album from Sequoia Records.

All Music Guide
Though this collection offers a survey of the quarter-century-long career of New Age pioneers David & Steve Gordon, it functions as a cohesive album in its own right, thanks to the group's enviably consistent sound. These tracks feature impeccably balanced recordings of simple, repetitive piano and guitar figures overlaid with ambient sounds, burbling water, whistling wind, and the cries of animals. SOUND PEACE is tasteful minimalist ambient music intended for reflection and relaxation.

Customer Comments

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Great Great CD!
The track lengths are perfect for mini meditations…I’m a mom of two and short meditations seem to be all I have time for… and the music is so soothing and peaceful-THANKS!!! — Karen W. Dakota City, IA, USA

On my new Journey
I had to get online and express my gratitude for this CD. I now realize there are tons of great relaxation CD’s by the Gordon Brothers but this is my first one and I absolutely love it. I have been listening while doing everything from the dishes to sleeping and have a different kind of calm than I used to. I recently shut off the TV and began a journey of propaganda removal and inner solace. I am so glad to have had this CD as one of my newest choices on my journey. —  Christina Patricks MT, US

10 Stars
If someone can’t relax to this, there is a serious problem! I got this as a birthday gift a while back and haven’t stopped listening since! — Sophie McKay Columbia, MO, US

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