Relaxing Rainstorm - Nature Sounds for Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep Relaxing Rainstorm: Nature Sounds for Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep
David & Steve Gordon Nature Sounds Collection

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Discover the amazing power of rain sounds for relaxation, meditation and sleep. There is something very relaxing about the sound of rain. The hypnotic and consistent sound of water coming down as rain soothes and comforts us on a deep level. To create this MP3 download album, David & Steve Gordon carefully choose just the right rain sounds that would be best for relaxation and sleep from their many years doing field recordings of nature sounds. The result is an hour of serene sounds of rain and storm sounds that will help you relax or go to sleep easily. Unlike other recordings of rain sounds and rainstorms, these recordings do not have any rain or storms sounds that are jarring or too strong for relaxation. All of the rain sounds are serene and peaceful so you can let go of stress and relax completely. Listen at bedtime and you will never hear the end!


Listen To Samples:

 Track Title Time 
1. Relaxing Rainstorm, Part 1 30:04
2. Relaxing Rainstorm, Part 2 30:14

Release date: August 8, 2008

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Great Recording
The Gordon Brothers have a true talent at finding the core of what makes water or nature in general so beautiful, recording that peace and sending it to us. This is pure rain sounds. I love listening during my afternoon nap - ahhh nothing is better than that. — Michael Stevens Cleveland , OH, USA

VERY Relaxing!!!
Great for staying calm in stressful situations, studying, meditation, gardening, yoga. I've found this album useful and true to it's title: Very Very relaxing. — Sarah Lenko Honolulu, HI, US

Great Quality
Rain is, for me, the biggest parallel I can find for spiritual renewal. I'm swept away by it. I have listened to seems like hundreds of albums all claiming to be the best. I've found a few that will do but this goes far beyond that. This really is top quality and honest rain sounds. I will definitely be recommending this to friends. — Danika Love Sedona, AZ, US

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