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The mystery and beauty of the feminine voice combines with intoxicating electro-organic beats in this super-chilled set of lush downtempo electronica. Today's finest female vocalists in modern electronica - Helene Horlyck, Irina Mikhailova, Suzanne Sterling, Sophia, and Darshini are featured in these entrancing ethereal tracks. Artists such as Achillea (Enigma co-founder Jens Gad), Artemisia (Buddha-Lounge co-creator Steve Gordon), Hands On Black Earth, Sophia, and Karmacosmic & Darshini take you on a mesmerizing ethereal journey.. Expertly hand-selected and compiled for yoga, dance, relaxation and late-night listening by Yogafit founder Beth Shaw and perfectly sequenced and mixed by our award-winning DJs the Gordon Brothers (Buddha-Lounge, Hotel Tara, Cafe de Luna). The pulsing synthesizers, atmospheric electric guitars, hypnotic grooves and earthy world percussion in these mystically beautiful grooves intermingle with and weave around dreamy alluring feminine voices. Let these sensuous vocals and hypnotic beats entice you to dance, trance, and relax.

• Mixed by the Gordon Brothers
• Compiled by YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw

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 Track Title Time 
1. Cape Porcupine [Achillea] 4:26
2. Raknarok (Twight of the Gods) [Achillea] 5:54
3. Odin's Hill [Achillea] 7:02
4. The Seeress Prophecy (Daydreaming) [Achillea] 4:13
5. Aroha Eternal [Hands Upon Black Earth ] 4:53
6. The Star & The Snake [Hands Upon Black Earth ] 6:59
7. Her Infinite Variety [Artemisia] 5:54
8. Perfumed Garden [Artemisia] 5:53
9. The Faerie Muse [Artemisia] 5:44
10. Staraja Ladoga [Achillea] 4:44
11. Sivananda Namah Om [Karmacosmic ] 5:32
12. Integration: The Beginning [Sophia] 4:58
13. Othila - The Rune Masters [Achillea] 2:54
14. HiFi Rendezvous [David Gordon] 6:04

Release date: September 1, 2007

Published Reviews
The incomparable producing team of brothers Steve and David Gordon bring their talents to Angels Voices, a collection of chill-out electronica tracks that specialize in ethereal vocalizing. Part of a series that includes the Buddha Lounge CDs, Angels Voices flows together with soft, beguiling beats and hypnotic electro-acoustic instrumentation, making it an ideal disc to keep handy for everything from yoga and meditation to dancing. Achillea contributes, with vocals by Helene Horlyck. On "Raknarok" her operatic vocals mix in with a playful but subdued rhythm, evocative Nordic synth washes, whispers, and cascading chords. Hand Upon Black Earth is another outfit represented, here aided by the sultry vocals of Irina Mikhailova. Structuring Angels Voices with a sense of cinematic scope and sweep, there's a feeling of resolution and atonement present, proof positive that music can not only heal and rectify, but comfort the soul for whom healing is done.

Music Design InReview
Sequoia Groove, the label responsible for the popular "Buddha-Lounge" and "Hotel Tara" albums, is back with another set of entrancing soundscapes for those looking to dance, chill or stretch. ANGELS VOICES was created to highlight the sublime vocal talents of some of today's hottest new female singers, featuring songs by Sequoia favorites like Achillea, Artemisia, Hands on Black Earth, Karmasonic, Sophia and David Gordon. The album was compiled by Beth Shaw, Founder and President of Yogifit, Inc., who ensures that the music has the right feel for yoga and movement activities. Rounding things out is the deft touch of David and Steve Gordon on the mixing boards, who give the music smoothness and proper flow. Close your eyes, move to the rhythms and experience the joy of these angelic voices.

Customer Comments

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Excellent relaxation music
My yoga instructor uses this for our class and I loved it so much that I had to buy it. I keep it in my car to help me de-stress and relax while driving around. — Becca C Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Brilliant Electronica
I think I’ve listened to Angels Voices about 1000 times. I never get tired of it, it has so many wonderfully subtle yet perfectly vibing rhythms and sounds. — Shellea Doma-Grayer Evansville, IN, USA

Great for all occasions
I love the versatility of Angels Voices. It seems to be perfect world music for any occasion: dinner party, chilling-out, dancing… — John Meyer Seattle, WA, USA

The feminine here is divine!
The power of the feminine is so clear on this CD. I can’ stop listening! This and The Nine Worlds CD rock! —  Janice McNally Athens , GA, USA

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