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Explore and transform your inner world - Retreat from the busyness of life and enter a mystical inner temple where you will discover the seven glowing jewels of consciousness known as the Chakras. Master sound healers Sophia, Shajan, David & Steve Gordon, Win Meyerson, Robin Silver and Karmacosmic contribute serenely beautiful music which evokes the vibration of each sacred energy center. From deeply meditative soundscapes of Indian sitar and tamboura, enchanting flutes to vocal chants and hypnotic drumbeats, this ultimate Chakra music will enhance your meditation, sound healing, yoga and massage. Emerge with clarity and depth, better in touch with yourself and the wonders that surround you. "The ancient medium of sound combines with crafted artistry and modern technology to create music that will massage your soul and transport you to the inner dimension of each chakra." - Anodea Judith, Ph.D. (Wheels of Life - A User's Guide to the Chakra System)


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 Track Title Time 
1. Transformation - Return [Sophia] 6:22
2. 1st Chakra / Muladhara [David & Steve Gordon] 8:15
3. 2nd Chakra/ Svadhisthana [Robin Silver] 7:18
4. 3rd Chakra / Manipura [Win Meyerson] 7:03
5. 4th Chakra / Anahata [David & Steve Gordon] 5:51
6. 5th Chakra / Vishudda [David & Steve Gordon] 5:40
7. 6th Chakra / Ajna [Sophia] 7:38
8. 7th Chakra / Sahasrara [Shajan] 5:33
9. Transcendence/Kundalini Rising [Karmacosmic] 6:48

Published Reviews

Music Design in Review
Anodea Judith, an author and speaker whose work with the Chakra System is considered definitive, describes the music on CHAKRA HEALING ZONE as "music that will massage your soul and transport you to the inner dimension of each chakra." And that pretty much sums up this album of inspiring music to a tee. Compiled by David and Steve Gordon, CHAKRA HEALING ZONE offers an hour of mellifluous, soothing music designed to energize and balance your chakra centers. Most of the cuts are lightly rhythmic with gentle synthesized ambience, Asian instrumentation (bansuri flute and drone instruments are common), guitar and vocal chants (on some tracks). Beautiful through and through, this album would work well for yoga or meditation, given its mystical, contemplative feel.

After listening to this release nearly nonstop for the past week, I can sink slowly into the very mellow, ambient instrumentals infused with nature sounds and soft resonant bass beats. As a Sequoia junkie, I really enjoy balancing out my musical tastes, and since I also love my dose of 80s dance, upbeat trance, and deep house, I'll buy that Chakra Healing Zone is "balancing your inner mythical world" with its melancholy yet uplifting mix of ancient and modern sounds. A very nice addition to any chillout collection...
   — Claire Maxwell

The Pagan Review
I like everything about this CD right down to the way the songs are listed in their corresponding chakra color. Author Anodea Judith, Ph.D. even includes a brief introduction on what chakras are and what they do, and how this cd can help you gain, "...ever-deeper access to the mysteries of awareness." This is the perfect CD to use while doing a meditative chakra cleanse. I recommend setting the time aside so you can meditate, cleanse and recharge, while listening to the CD the entire way through...

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