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Welcome to the Cafe... Step in and enjoy the warm Mediterranean evening and sweet downtempo grooves in the Cafe de Luna. On the menu today are delicious world-trance dishes from outstanding European DJs and artists, plus global music producers, David & Steve Gordon. Savor the serene vibe in the Cafe de Luna, as you indulge in some of the most sublime sounds this side of Ibiza.

• 2004 JFP Music Awards Best Compilation Album - 1st Runner Up

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 Track Title Time 
1. Djambee [Althea W. ] 4:41
2. Voices from the Past [Ginkgo Garden] 4:09
3. Aqua Acclivis [Eroc & Urs Fuchs] 4:08
4. Spiritrunner [Steve Gordon] 6:25
5. Magdine [Alquimia] 7:22
6. Guardian Spirit [David & Steve Gordon] 8:50
7. Cheerweed [Roedlius] 4:20
8. Give Wings to Your Dreams [Opera to Relax] 4:21
9. Flowering Tree [David & Steve Gordon] 4:39
10. Saying Save the World [Roykey] 5:45
11. Yahoo City [Eroc & Urs Fuchs] 5:43
12. Soul Spaces [Opera to Relax] 7:38

Release date: June 1, 2003

Published Reviews

Circle of Stones Magazine
Hot! Hot! Hot! I absolutely love this CD! An incredible mix by some very talented artists that know how to feel the rhythm and pull you into it, along with them. This one is definitely for the more exotic and sensuous listeners. My absolute favorite song is "Voices from the Past" by Ginkgo Garden. It is just NOT possible to stand still while listening to this song as your body will get caught up and begin to sway with the beat. This is a beautiful mix, screaming of hot summer nights. Just listening makes me want to have a midnight pool party!
   — Morgain

Creations Magazine
This will give you the warm feeling of a summer evening in the Mediterranean. The sounds of ocean waves, birds and streams are combined with keyboard textures and guitars. It's great for yoga, de-stressing, healing or rejuvenation.

Music Design In Review
This exotic Mediterranean excursion is filled with delectable treats from start to finish. Tantalizing world trance is dished up from popular European artists which goes wonderful with savory tunes from David & Steve Gordon. Filled with sensual backbeats, enticing world instruments and enchanting vocals, the CAFE DE LUNA features some of the tastiest sounds you'll hear this year.

Sage woman Magazine
If you're looking for an anthology of music with a Mediterranean flavor, look no further! In Cafe de Luna, Sequoia Records brings together some of their most popular performers. This album has a strong, cool ambiance. Listen to world-trance tracks from European and American artists, primarily synthesizer and other electronic instruments. My favorite tracks are Voices from the Past by Gingko Garden (4:09), Spiritrunner by Steve Gordon (6:25), and Give Wings to Your Dreams by Opera to Relax (4:21). Cafe de Luna would make good driving music, or background sound for a party. Recommended.

Innerchange Magazine
Put this disc in your CD player and roll yourself into a smooth groove. Here is another compilation of music for multiple occasions. I want to call this world rhythm lounge music. The tracks on this album have a unique quality of making me either want to dance or sit back and relax. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it has an upbeat pace that is so smooth, it is easy to do either while listening to this CD. I would recommend this as the perfect party music. You know, some people want to get into the music and others want to sit and talk. This CD will please both crowds. There is distinct Mediterranean flavor to most of the tracks, but it mixes Native American, African and some down-tempo sensual sounds here and there throughout the album.

New Age Retailer
David & Steve Gordon have created a great niche with Sequoia Groove. This label imprint highlights down-tempo artists from around the world and Cafe de Luna emphasizes Mediterranean-flavored tracks. The album starts off right with "Djambee," a super-funky mix by Althea W. that is both club and conversation-friendly. The rest of the album follows suit. These selections are simultaneously soothing and energizing. Cafe de Luna is perfect for in-store-play or as background sound for an evening's gathering of friends.
   —  Mara Applebaum

All Music Guide
Sequoia's Cafe de Luna presents a dozen global fusion and world trance tracks from artists including Ginkgo Garden, Opera to Relax, and Roykey. Highlights include Roykey's "Saving the World" and David and Steve Gordon's "Flowering Tree" Fans of the Buddha Lounge series - which Sequoia also releases, will enjoy Cafe de Luna.
   — Heather Phares

Cafe De Luna" is a sensual mix of the most enticing downtempo world-grooves this side of Ibiza, from a variety of European DJs and artists. After the success of two "Buddha Lounge" CDs, we now enter "Cafe de Luna".
   — Lloyd Barde

Daily OM
Brothers David and Steve Gordon are key figures in the new age and world music scenes, thanks in no small part to their acclaimed Sequoia label and its roster of forward-thinking artists. For the chill-out mood compilation Cafe de Luna they create a smooth-flowing fruit cocktail-by-the-Mediterranean vibe, with outfits like Ginkgo Garden, Opera to Relax, Steve Gordon, and Roedelius and Althea W., as well as the brothers themselves, who remix their own "Guardian Spirit," among other songs. The overall effect is as warming as a day at a sun-drenched outdoor spa, and as cool as you feel dressed to the nines that evening, out to slink through the tropical breezes in search of romance along the beach cafes.

Eroc and Urs Fuchs' "Aqua Acclivis" opens the album, with guitar lines cleanly skirting around interwoven percussion. "Saying Save the World" by Roykey broadens the scope with roaring wind and an African male voice bringing the ghostly echo of a global message: "Look at the scope of the world today / Many broken families without hope / People dying of hunger and diseases, others fighting tribal war." These concerns are voiced but the album stays joyous, for experiencing life as beautiful is the key to unraveling these horrors, and "Give Wings to Your Dreams" takes that further, with animal-growl fretless bass and a lilting female voice, along with hazy saxophone, drifting over a sandy percussion, and some effective piano and ambient splashing.

With the presence of Latin percussion and whispery Brazilian bossa nova style vocals mixing with saxophone and fretless bass, there's a distinctly tropical San Paulo vibe that makes itself felt over Cafe de Luna as a whole. By the time of the closer, Opera to Relax's "Soul Spaces," you should, with the help of some cocoa butter and a chilled beverage, sense the joyous happy hour beginning to form in the late, blazing red-and-pink afternoon. It may be a long night ahead but you can't imagine feeling any less ready, any less relaxed, or any less grateful for your time spent in the hands of brothers David and Steve.

Customer Comments

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Very Beautiful and Fresh
The amazing thing about this electronica CD is just how beautifully different each song is and yet they flow brilliantly together like different chapters of a story. I recommend this and Hotel Tara. — Neve Smithson LA, CA, US

Free & Chill
Aqua Acclivis is AWESOME! The whole CD is. It’s a super cool journey to another place where the Coronas flow freely and the tunes keep the mood totally chill. I very very highly recommend this music! —  Janice Ho Detroit, MI, USA

I Love This!
Café de Luna is wonderfully, free spirited music! — Paul Harverly

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