Image of album cover, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind by David & Steve Gordon Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind
David & Steve Gordon

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Make contact with empowering Shamanic rhythms from the world over. Master drummers David & Steve Gordon have blended the sounds from their extensive collection of Tribal drums and world percussion with uplifting melodies of Native American flute. Along with renowned drum wizards Kim Atkinson and Bobby Cochran, they have created an enlivening Shamanic drumming MP3 download album that will set your spirit free. Feel your body and soul move to the global beat as your mind is centered and clear. Listen while driving, for concentration at work, for yoga, for an eclectic soundtrack for parties or working out or any time you need an energy boost. Drum music has been used for thousands of years to cultivate personal power, to center the mind and fortify the spirit. Get in the groove and let these rhythms of wind clear away blocks and connect you with the pulse of the planet!


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 Track Title Time 
1. Eagle Drum Dance 6:09
2. Faithkeeper Wind Pulse 6:14
3. Spiritwalk Drums 6:09
4. East Wind Drum Call 10:12
5. Cloud Lodge Rhythms 6:10
6. Spirit Vision Wind 6:03
7. Sunrise Wind Ritual 4:35
8. Ancient Drum Way 10:09

Release date: April 1, 2010

Published Reviews

Music Design In Review
While David & Steve Gordon have been exploring the earthy goodness of Shamanic rhythms in their music for over two decades, they've reached new levels of percussive joy with their "Drum Cargo" series. These albums are solely about the drumming, showing how the raw, primal nature of the drum translates into music so infectious it's impossible to sit still. DRUM CARGO - RHYTHMS OF WIND, the latest in their elementally themed quartet, focuses on a literal smorgasbord of different drums. Taos log drums, dun duns, frame drums, conga drums, djembe, dumbek, cajon, bongos - these drums come from all corners of the world and lend to the rich percussive sound present here. Being wind-based, the album also features subtle tones of Native American flute wafting in the backdrop. Great for focus, trance dance, yoga or simply any time you need a boost of invigoration and adventure in your day.

Retailing Insight
Drum Cargo-Rhythms of Wind is the third in a series of drum/percussion-only recordings from David and Steve Gordon (with guest stars Bobby Cochran and Kim Atkinson). Listing the dizzying plethora of exotic hand drums and ethnic percussion on this CD would take the rest of this review. Instead, I'll focus on the energizing power unleashed while listening to the album's eight tracks (with considerable variety between songs). Accented by sparse, yet lovely Native flute melodies and judicious use of nature sounds, the Gordons' expertise on the cavalcade of rhythm making instruments coalesces into an intoxicating and heady mixture of primal forces linked to state of the art recording technique.
   — Bill Binkelman

An Angel's Kiss
Another gem from Sequoia Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind is the fourth of a four drum-only series by the legendary Steve and David Gordon.

Joined by Bobby Cochran and Kim Atkinson, Rhythms of Wind is sure to awaken your entire being ... including any part of you that may have been sleeping for awhile. Intense and amazing shamanic rhythms will delight the ears and the spirit, with uplifting melodies of soul-soothing Native American flute. Enlivening, inspiring and energizing, expect to get into the groove and stay there. Perfect for shamanic journeying. Rich percolating percussion with an array of different drums, Rhythms of Wind will induce altered states and deep meditation. If you want to take a shamanic journey, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind will take you there and be your friend and guide on the shamanic road of truth and wisdom. The large assortment of drums is dizzying at times, an amazing, sensual experience ... hypnotic ... with an exceptional display of talent. It is fun to drum along with, especially if you are a drummer yourself. Everyone could learn from this talented duo, even if you are already a success. Great for yoga, meditation, parties or simply to create a great atmosphere at home.

Amo la Musica
For those who already know the series "Drum Cargo" of the duo David & Steve Gordon, this new episode called "Rhythms of Wind" will be only a confirmation of the particular kind of music that the two artists are able to compose and make known to the whole world. For those, however, does not yet know this series will just be a pleasant surprise.

As the title suggests, this album revolves around the desire to present the percussion in a particular key, showing on the one hand all the harshness of primitive tribal rhythms, on the other desire to transform this link with the beginnings in a type of music relevant, engaging and catchy.

So, what we can hear in "Drum Cargo - Rhythms of Wind" is a collection of a variety of percussion, from every corner of the world: from bongos to congas, passing for more details log taos drums and dumbek. But it is an album consisting of only tribal instruments ... The title refers to one of the natural elements, the wind, and in fact the drums are accompanied by subtle and delicate melodies in the background, made with the help of the pads and the unmistakable flutes of the Indian's America.

Just listen to the first few seconds to realize that we are faced with a relaxing music, very useful for meditation, to do yoga, or, why not, to study and to receive quite a bit of energy in the morning, before going to school, at university or at work.

Moreover, in the past, the drums were used mainly to rejoin the man to the ground, fortify his spirit and put him in touch with the deepest instincts of the planet ... For sure this album will help modern man to find some harmony ...

   — Nicolas Best

Customer Comments

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These comments are from the Compact Disc version of the album:

A Five Plus Rating
I love drum music, all kinds of drum music. With this album I find that my spirits lift to the point that I get up and dance to the rhythm. feeling completely invigoragted and alive when done. wonderful music. A 5 plus rating from me. keep the music rolling David and Steve. I am a great fan of your compositions. all of them. Blessings Carol Roestorf South Africa. — Carol Roestorf Midrand, Slouth Africa

Completely Captivating
No other words can describe this music!† Itís the BEST!† Itís haunting, itís got rhythm and the flutes and drums just make you feel alive.†† —  Jackie Numes Taos, New Mexico,

Get Your Spirits Moving
Whenever I need to get "pumped up" before work or even a party, I put this album on while driving and Iím ďreadyĒ by the time I get there!† Cool drums and flutes that get my vibe and spirits moving!† — Brandon Meyers New York City, NY,

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